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History at your fingertips: 12 of the best games the world ever forgot. In suede leather pouches, with marble and wood pieces!
History at your fingertips: 12 of the best games the world ever forgot. In suede leather pouches, with marble and wood pieces!
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Status update - Week 7

Happy Updateday everyone! *smiles*

First, thank you to everyone who responded to our last update. You provided us with a ton of great, real-life information on shipping (receiving) packages. We'll put to use everything we can for the remainder of Reliquary, and make changes to our process in the future! Yay! *smiles* You rock!

Unfortunately, we were not able to ship the INT'L Full and Custom Collections as early as we had hoped. BUT....

Drum roll please....

We have entered game board production! (and we'll be here for another week or two, there sure are a lot of them! *smiles*)

Yay for boards!

In honor of finally reaching this (almost final) stage, we've compiled the first game board video (Awithlaknannai and Brandubh)! Yay! (about time, right?! *smiles*)

So we'll speed this right along so you can get to the video! *smiles*

In Review

The past week was spent:

  • Finishing the Coins
  • Creating the Full, Custom, and Accessory Box Tops (YAY!!!)
  • Starting production on the game boards! Wahooooo!

The upcoming week will entail:

  • Shipping INT'L Full and Custom Collections on MONDAY (sorry, tracking is not possible)
  • Making more game boards
  • Making more game boards
  • Making more game boards (did we mention that we have a LOT of games to make? *smiles*)
  • and, hopefully shipping all USA Full Collections as well! Yay!

So, lets get right to it!

Video time! *smiles*

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    1. Bibelot Games (deleted) 9-time creator on July 22, 2012

      @ Kristen: ....35 minutes times ~ 470 games equals 16,450 minutes for the leather boards and assembly alone (275 hours BTW *eek*). Plus Box Tops, Mini Games, Coins, Pouches, Stones, Lots, Dice... and oh my everything else!
      So, if there's no rest for the wicked... does that make us wicked???? *wink*
      @ Cbc: We are using USPS Priority for _everything_! So USA items will arrive within 1-5 Business Days (International within 6-10 Business Days, plus possible customs delays). This applies to Collections, and every other reward tier! Yay! *smiles*
      We anticipate shipping your reward this week, so it should be arriving BEFORE August 8th! Yay! *smiles*

    2. Missing avatar

      Cbc on July 22, 2012

      What method of shipping are you using for the USA collections?

    3. Kristen on July 21, 2012

      X how many games?!! Workity, Workity! :-)

    4. Bibelot Games (deleted) 9-time creator on July 21, 2012

      It _IS_ soooo close! We've had some delays, but we're ALMOST done! Yay! *smiles*

      When not making videos, we etch by game (30 Brandubh, 12 Hyena Chase, etc...) and usually two at a time. Ordering is just a matter of preference though, as the LASER saves around 20 files in it's memory, making _any_ system fast. Doing batches of games helps to keep us organized so we know how many of what are etched, where they are, and what stages come next for them.
      After the LASER, each board is put through the next round of processing (super secret) to remove the char and odor from the burning. Then they are ready for lacing, pieces, rules, and boxes! Wahoo! *smiles*
      So... each single game takes (roughly): 2 minutes to rough cut from the hide, 10 minutes of etching and LASER cutting, 20 minutes of super secret stuff, 1 minute to lace, and 2 minutes to add pieces, tie, and attach the rules. Making the entire process (aside from creating the pieces and rules) ~35 minutes from start to finish!

    5. Kristen on July 21, 2012

      Beautiful! I can't wait until I get to hold these myself. :-)
      When you're not making videos for us, is it easier to do all of one kind of game board at a time? Or is it better for the LASER to spread out the patterns it is burning?
      Is anything else done to the leather after this step?
      Do you thread the cord as you go, or will that be done as it's own step?
      It feels so close!!!!!