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Simplify smartphone actions with one tap on nfcTack, quick and easy nano suction NFC automation. Removable, customizable, and reusable!
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  • Check updates for latest news about nfcTack & nfcPad
  • FAQ below has more details about NFC, nano suction pad and nfcTack.

nfcTack and nfcPad for NFC enabled smartphones, tablets, Androids and Windows

What does it take to go from office mode to car mode on your smartphone?

Unlock the screen. Turn on Bluetooth, voice command, mobile data, GPS, and the navigation app. Turn up the sound level and change brightness to automatic. Turn off office WiFi, vibration, and auto sync.

In short, it's an extensive process.

But what if you could make all these changes to your smartphone with one simple tap on a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that you can remove, customize, and reuse?

nfcTack and nfcPad

nfcTack is a uniquely designed, patent pending, small NFC chip embedded in a flexible nano suction pad. nfcPad is a larger nfcTack for mounting smartphone on flat surfaces like fridge, tiles or glass window.

What's the difference between nfcTack and nfcPad and other NFC tag solutions?

Nano Suction Power

nfcTack utilizes a nano suction pad instead of a sticky adhesive. Nano suction pads adhere to most hard, flat and non-porous surfaces as long as the surfaces are not non-stick material like silicone, Teflon or polyethylene. Nano suction pads use microscopic suction pores to grip onto surfaces. They do not use any adhesive, yet their adherence is very strong and they leave no residue.

nfcTack is a durable polymer NFC tag with nano suction pad that can be removed and reused. nfcTack utilizes nano suction pad from an original manufacturer who developed nano suction technology. It is an acrylic foam structure and non-Gecko type, manufactured through a proprietary process.

When the nano suction becomes soiled with dust or grease, it can be easily cleaned and its suction adhesion revived. The prototype nano suction is durable; we have tested nano suction for two years. The nfcPad can hold a device up to 2 lbs (1kg) under good conditions, but the rated safe-working load is limited to 7 oz (200 g).

nfcTack and nfcPad, a Better Solution

We wanted to simplify our smartphone use. After some research and trial and error, we found NFC tags and apps met our need. But there were still issues. NFC compatibility was poor, and many NFC tags used messy stickers. NFC incompatibility was an easy fix: use only standardized compatible NFC ICs available now.

But messy stickers were a problem. When you want to change NFC tag location from a car dashboard to an overhead console you have to remove the old tag and it gets destroyed. Sometimes it even leaves surface damage (the damage left on wooden furniture is unthinkable).

So we found nano suction to be a superior solution.

Nano suction pad on the NFC tag allows for easy clean peel-ability. It makes the tag reusable for easy-to-change NFC tag locations as smartphone use changes.

nfcTack & nfcPad Applications

  • Car/Driving: Turn on 4G/LTE, GPS, BT with car mode, voice control and launch navigation. Turn off WiFi. Pair BT, Turn Brightness to Auto
  • Office: Turn on Sync, connect WiFi, low volume or vibrate, turn off 4G/LTE, launch office suite, printing and email apps
  • Home: Connect WiFi, turn off 4G/LTE, normal vol, TV remote and pair B, turn off Screen Lock
  • Outdoors: Turn off WiFi, BT. Turn on 4G/LTE and GPS, display off 3 minutes
  • Meeting/Church/Theater: Turn on airplane mode
  • Airplane: Airplane mode or normal mode depends on your airline regulation
  • Small business: Coupon special, product Information link to website
  • Simplify use of smartphone for older generations

* See FAQs for more details on the why and how of smartphone automation

Repositionable, unobtrusive product information webpage link via NFC
Repositionable, unobtrusive product information webpage link via NFC

NFC Basics

nfcTack utilizes NFC technology as do many smart credit cards, transportation passes and event tickets. nfcTack uses passive NFC -- no battery necessary. It is an internationally growing standard. nfcTack is very compatible, utilizing a NFC Forum Type 2 Standard chip specified by the NFC Forum to be compatible with past, present and future NFC technologies.

The list of known NFC smartphones and tablets include Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Motorola Moto X, Razr, Google Nexus, LG G2, Optimus, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumina and the iPhone with the optional NFC case. The complete list of NFCmobile devices can be found at

* See FAQs "NFC in Depth" for more information on NFC

Product Development

We wanted a simple yet robust solution - a single trigger that can change your phone settings wherever you are AND evolve with your needs and smartphone technology.

We evaluated many NFC form factors including NFC stickers, NFC cards, NFC rings and NFC bracelets; but the NFC sticker with nano suction pad was the most versatile for our multiple applications. It took us almost two years from concept to final design. We have tested various NFC chips, many adhesives, production processes, and other NFC solutions for nfcTack. nfcTack required the most compatible NFC chip with the best performing nano suction pad from a high quality manufacturer.

App Solutions

Developing nfcTack and NFC app integration was a fun but time consuming process. Integration with a good, stable and robust app with good support was difficult to find. All but one successful NFC project on Kickstarter developed their own app successfully. So we focused on top apps and integration with Android smartphones. Our automation examples shown on our video will be published and shipped with nfcTack. This is an ongoing development due to the fast changing nature of Android apps evolution. The selected apps will be stable and mature apps with ongoing support.

* App Solution Guide will be based on Samsung Galaxy S4 with Verizon Wireless
* App Solution Guide will be based on Samsung Galaxy S4 with Verizon Wireless


Stretch Goals

Basic nfcTack is comprised of NFC IC between a single layer of nano suction pad and permanently attached cover substrate. nfcTack can be improved with double sided nano suction pad to make nfcTack used like a miniature nfcPad, providing the option to use custom replaceable labels, too. Optional anti metal layer for use on metal surfaces is another possible stretch goal. Stretch goal levels allow us to offer optional features, so click on the share button above and tweet about this project!

The first stretch goal will be three colored nfcTacks. This allows us to differentiate functions of each nfcTacks and better suited for surrounding color schemes for color coordinated users. It is a three separate production run, so this is another huge stretch for our low funding level.

Edited 2-21-2014:  As we close our project funding period, we are still exploring possibility to use NTAG213 and find some way to reward our loyal backers with multi-color nfcTacks even though we didn't reach our first stretch goal amount. We appreciate your continued suggestions, encouragements, and sharing our project on social media sites.

Funding Needs

Our nfcTack and nfcPad designs is complete, and our manufacturers are waiting for our order. We need your support to raise the capital to meet our minimum order quantity and shipping your rewards.

We want to introduce nfcTack and nfcPad as soon as possible and at the best possible price. Our funding goal is set very low for the basic feature nfcTack and nfcPad utilizing a small quantity production. The stretch goal will add additional features to the rewards.

We hope you agree that the nfcTack and nfcPad improve the smartphone experience! Help us achieve our funding and stretch goals!



All domestic US shipping will be FREE. All international shipping will be $5 USD. International shipping may require customs processing at receiving country according to local regulations by recipients. The shipping does not include tracking and insurance. Request them if your locality deems necessary, we will accommodate best we can through fulfillment service contractor. We are not shipping experts, so please be understanding.

Backer Support

Pledges are very important and we cannot launch our project without them, but what we really need is your support in promoting nfcTack.

We need our backers to help spread the word! Let your favorite website, media, forums or blog know about nfcTack and nfcPad. The more backers we get, the more features we can add to nfcTack and nfcPad. We would love to reach our stretch goals and deliver full featured nfcTack and nfcPad. Share about nfcTack and nfcPad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or the social media outlet of your choice.

We welcome any suggestions that can help us deliver the best quality product to you. We want to know what you think about the nfcTack and nfcPad, good or bad, and any questions or any ideas you have.

We appreciate all your support. Thank you!

* Above contents are covered by Copyrights and Patent Pending intellectual properties.

** The items shown here are beta prototypes. The final nfcTack and nfcPad may differ visually and dimensionally based on final design, production process and other factors beyond our control. Any difference shall be minor and we are sourcing our material from US and manufacturing them in US for maximum quality control. There are overseas content from Japan, Netherlands and China. Anti-metal material is made in China.

 Please support Kicking It Forward.

Risks and challenges

We have built several iterations of functional prototypes and extensively tested nfcTack and nfcPad with all of their key technologies. We have established relationships with an experienced contract manufacturer in the US and a back up contract manufacturer. The product is ready for manufacturing.

This is a project for nfcTack believers at the requested funding goal, therefore this project will not have production risk at current funding level. However, even with decades of experience in design engineering, working with domestic and overseas suppliers and working with logistics, even the best production plans can face obstacles.

Delays seem to be a fact of life in Kickstarter. Most projects have a difficult time scaling production and shipping. If there is any unplanned delays, we will be transparent and inform our backers. Whatever happens, we will be here to provide what we have promised. Our rewards are limited production to minimize delays.

Edited 2-25-2014: Since many of you wanted NTAG213 if we can get them in time for our reward production, we are doing all we can to accommodate our backers. There is some risk of utilizing first production batch of new product. But new features are so tempting, we will be communicating more on NTAG213 through Updates so stay tune. You have been warned of potentials, both positives and negatives.

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