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The Mural Project is a multinational social empowerment project, which uses the Arts as a therapeutic enrichment tool.
The Mural Project is a multinational social empowerment project, which uses the Arts as a therapeutic enrichment tool.
73 backers pledged $7,000 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Look for you Mural Project GIFTS..coming soon!

Hello Mural Project supporters,

We have officially landed back in the USA and phase ONE of the Mural Project is complete. The journey, as many of you know, was incredible and inspiring in so many ways.

We are already looking into next steps and new ideas for the continuation of the project.

But FIRST, be on the look out for your Mural Project GIFTS, they are coming soon. We need addressed from some of you who should all have received a survey email asking for your home address.

Hopefully you all had a chance to follow the blog throughout the trip at

More soon! And of course, as always, thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. You were with us every step of the way. Thank you from our hearts.

-Chantal and Marianne

The Mural Project Israel on TV!!!

Hello to everyone from the Mural Project Israel. We have completed our final mural in Arad, Israel and are in the final days of this first phase of the incredible journey that it has been.

Our final blog post with the completed Israel mural will be posted in a week.

Until then, please enjoy this interview that an Israeli TV channel did on the project. We are very happy to have the more press and visibility coming to the project.We can only grow from here. And its thanks to all of you that we have come this far.

See the video here: 

All the best from us to you,

Chantal and Marianne

Prints for sale by DonatioN

Greetings from Awassa, Ethiopia!!

We have begun the second mural and are excited to be taking on a new set of challenges including more twice the amount of children we are working with as well as a much larger canvas (a huge corrugated metal fence!)  LOVING it.

The latest from The Mural Project is our new fundraising round (!!!) We are selling original prints made by the children of Fursa Children's Centre in Kenya. We selected some of the best portraits from one of our art classes and, as you will see, there is some serious talent among this young group of children.

All print sales are by donation and 20% goes back to Fursa. Many people have become acquainted with some of the kids through our posts and videos and now we are offering our supporters a way to have a piece of the project all to themselves.

Check out the prints at our website: 

We are excited to be offering a piece of the project that everyone can enjoy. The work is truly beautiful. My cousin bought a goat for a villager in southeast Asia once as a Christmas present; this is kind of like that but more palpable  :)


Chantal and Marainne

The Mural Project

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Check out the New Video :: Mural One Complete!

Greetings from the Mural Project,Mural One is complete!

We just finished a video which sums up the project along with clips from our rockin' final party with the kids at Fursa Children's Center.  We hope you LoVe it! Find it here:

We are now in Ethiopia, having arrived about a week ago in Addis Ababa and are now in the town of Awassa, where the second mural will be created with Awassa Children's Project. It is lovely here; we are staying at a place right on Lake Awassa...monkeys, birds and hippos galore.. I even had my toast stolen and juice glass broken by a very crafty little monkey this morning..very cute. Doors and Windows are opening all around for The Mural Project. Sending this message with JOY and gratitude..Keep tabs on our website posts...there are lots of great pics and some stories too.  The video is a special treat as well. LOVE,Chantal and MarianneThe Mural

Sawa Sawa Kenya

Hello to all of our backers...Habari...from Kenya!

The Mural Project Kenya has been a wonderful experience. The first mural in Isiolo, Kenya is complete. We are in fact back in Nairobi now and will fly to Ethiopia tonight.  

For those who have not yet visited our website, please do at the link below to see whats been going on. We just posted a new blog last night. The pics of the finished mural will be up in a few days. 

Throughout the trip, Marianne and I have talked about how we would not be here without all of you. Our gratitude is infinite and we have shared about the generosity of our community to the children we have worked with. this project blossoms daily..moment by moment. A strong wind is behind us. They have made some truly beautiful postcards for you all as well...look forward to those for sure!

More soon - we will have a new video up within the week hopefully.

All our love and our best,

Chantal and Marianne