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Hansel and Gretel explore new territory combining large scale puppets, 3D animation and swing music.
46 backers pledged $2,105 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by The Columbia Marionette Theatre (Creator)

We are finally getting rewards out, so people in the $25 and $50 brackets can expect to see mail in the next week or so.

If you're higher up on the donation bracket, just know it only takes longer because your rewards include hand made things.

Also, everyone has been mentioned on an image on our Facebook page as a thank you. Feel free to tag yourself so it can be linked to your page. This does not mean you will not receive a handwritten thank you if you asked for one. In fact, everyone will get that too that gave $25 or more.

Thank you,



Posted by The Columbia Marionette Theatre (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I sent out the surveys requesting your information so we can get you your rewards. We plan to get them to you by the end of the month stated under your reward bracket (so, by Halloween if October, by December 1st if November, by New Years if December, etc).

Please send them back as soon as you can so we can get the rewards out.

Thank you!



Hansel and Gretel opened this past weekend! Hopefully we will get a final update on here soon with a few pictures.

Finally... an Update

Posted by The Columbia Marionette Theatre (Creator)

Helloooo everyone!

As you may very well know, we reached our goal! This update is coming late, but trust me when I say that we are very excited about this accomplishment at CMT.

And really that's all this update is about. Thanking you- our backers, anyone who supported us through spreading the word, etc. Making our goal means we can pay our outside artists what they really deserve to be paid for their work- and as you may know, in the arts, that's a wonderful and sometimes uncommon thing.

Things are really hectic right now with only twelve days until Hansel and Gretel opens, so we can't promise many updates between now and then. I will do my best to post pictures when we finish though- that way anyone not able to come see the show will have an idea of what they supported.

Also. Your rewards are not forgotten! Most of the delivery dates are not until after the opening of Hansel and Gretel, so be patient with us until then. As soon as we open, we will get onto sending you wonderful people all of your cool rewards! Be on the look out though- you should receive a survey in the next couple of weeks requesting your information so we can get those to you.

Once again- thank you! I know everyone at the theater appreciates the support and we know we couldn't attempt anything as unique as Hansel and Gretel without it.

Your Puppeteer and Reporter,


Reward Updates!

Posted by The Columbia Marionette Theatre (Creator)

Jenny Mae Creations has offered to create a Gretel Dolly for anyone donating $100 and more (picture below). In all rewards from $100 up, there will be an option for you to choose between an original Lyon Hill drawing or the doll.

We have also edited the $1000 reward so that the backer will receive an original 12" marionette by Lyon Hill. This will be made in the style of the Hansel and Gretel production, but not necessarily be a character from the show. Please see the second picture below to get an idea of what this puppet will look like

Also, we would like to note to anyone not friends with us on Facebook that we have many pictures on our page we have not posted here. Most of them are process shots, while the things posted here are closer to being finished.

New Artist

I would also like to note that we are going to collaborate with a third artist, Jeffrey Shroyer. He will be animating things to go into the 3D environment Wade Sellers is making. This means your donations will further help us!

Again, thank you everyone!


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Crunch Time

Posted by The Columbia Marionette Theatre (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to get at least one more update in before our deadline on Thursday night (September 6th).

On a Serious Note

In more than one way, it is crunch time for us at CMT. The most obvious pressing matter here is that we have less than five days to raise just under $1000 and if we do not meet the $2000 goal by the deadline, we will not get any of the funding. Believe it or not, the more important deadline is September 22nd. That's when Hansel and Gretel opens. And while we're in pretty good shape, there is still tons to do. There will be more on that in a minute though.

Some of you may be wondering what will happen if we do not reach our $2000 goal. The fact is, the show will and must go on. The only difference will be that we cannot pay our collaborating artists Wade Sellers and David Drazin the full amount of money they deserve for their work.

Regardless of if we make our goal or not, we want to thank you- anyone backing the project, anyone supporting us through comments, likes and shares on Facebook or Twitter, etc. It all takes effort and we appreciate it. Plus, it always feels good to see people like what we're doing.

The Fun Stuff

Lyon and I made a long night of it at the theater this past Friday (we didn't leave until midnight). It's tiring work, but also so much fun. Below is a picture of the massive progress we've made.

Ta da~ Hansel and Gretel! They aren't quite finished, but here they are in their test-strung glory. The costumes are just mock ups too, so they will change by the time we open the show. The other puppets are mostly parts at the moment.

John has been busy making a puppet and props for the set. The props include beds, table surfaces, an outside toy for Hansel and Gretel to play on- and he still has more to make! Kimi Maeda is helping out with the witch's candy house. Lyon is pulling together voice talent to record the soundtrack- and the script is close to being finalized! We've been using the miniature puppets shown in a previous update to act out the scenes and make sure the puppets are able to do what we want them to.

Those sessions of playing through the script with the small puppets are also being recorded. Lyon is sending them to David Drazin and Wade Sellers as reference material.

So, is there any particular aspect of creating the show you're interested in? There's so much to talk about, I don't want to go on and on...

Again, thank you everyone! Please keep spreading the word about our project. There is still time to meet the deadline.

Your Reporter and CMT Puppeteer,


P.S. Kickstarter does not believe I have already rotated this picture!

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