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A low cost, open source, wireless, 3D printed, Scratch programmable Hexapod Robot designed for games, education, and FUN!
A low cost, open source, wireless, 3D printed, Scratch programmable Hexapod Robot designed for games, education, and FUN!
224 backers pledged $38,355 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping has Begun! And Paypal Add-ons Still Possible

Posted by Steve Pendergrast (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Things have been enormously busy these past few days as we ramp up production. We're all set up in a new commercial workspace and we have actually shipped a bunch of orders already and prepared many more to ship this week.


Be sure to fill out your survey! All surveys were sent out last Wednesday morning. If you did not get it, you can fill it out by logging into Kickstarter.

How Do You Know If Your Order Shipped?

When we ship orders, we will send you your tracking number via the Kickstarter messaging system. So, if you didn't get a message yet, we didn't ship your order.  We will be shipping a lot of kits this week, and we are on track to meet or beat all our estimated dates.

How To Upgrade and Add-on Via Paypal

I've been surprised to find that a bunch of backers have asked about upgrading their orders either through add-ons or adding additional kits, or upgrading from a basic to full kit, etc.

If you want to have more items added to your shipment, or upgrade to a higher level kit or assembled hexapod, all you have to do is send me the added amounts via paypal and indicate what you're ordering via the paypal message area. Send paypal payments to

Summary of Upgrade and Add-on Prices

I am still honoring the Kickstarter Prices that were in effect at the end of the campaign for upgrades and add-ons from my Kickstarter backers. I am also adding several new add-ons today for the first time.

  • $3   MG90 Servo, tested
  • $11 Pair of pre-configured Bluetooth modules
  • $17 T-shirt, please indicate size: S, M, L, XL, XXL  or Ladies: S, M, L
  • $5   Upgrade electrical system to JST connector with both 6xAA and 2x18650
  • $4   Arduino Nano (ATMEGA328P, 16mHz, 5v, CH340 serial)
          (flashed with hexapod or gamepad, or not flashed, at your option)
  • $3  HC-SR04 rangefinder module with 20cm jumper cables
  • $99 Extra Bare Bones Kit
  • $119 Extra Basic Kit
  • $159 Extra Full Kit
  • $199 Extra Fully Assembled Hexapod

To upgrade from a lower level kit to a higher level kit, simply pay the difference. Example:

  • $20 Upgrade from Bare Bones to Basic Kit (adds sensors, SD card, magnets)

One caveat: if I've already shipped your package, it will be too late to include new items of course. So if you are thinking of taking advantage of this, please message me ASAP so I can hold your shipment until the paypal transaction comes through. Like I said, orders are now going out and the number going out per day will accelerate greatly this week!

Thanks again to all my backers!

Steve Pendergrast
Vorpal Robotics, LLC

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    1. Steve Pendergrast Creator on

      We do test every servo before we send it out. It takes time and costs money, but we want everyone to be successful with this project!

      That said, it is possible to wear out these servos, for example by overstressing the motors during rough activities. We once did some public demos and a little toddler walked up to the hexapod which was on the floor, and leaned down on top of it with all her weight, killing 3 servos in about as many seconds. Obviously these little servos were not meant to handle 20 or 30 pounds of force.

      So yeah, stuff happens and having some spares is not a bad idea.

    2. Dave Leiner on

      After hearing concerns about failed servos, I just ordered a couple of extras. Hopefully it won't hold up my main shipment; I'm really looking forward to assembling it. Thanks for doing this Steve!