The Vorpal Combat Hexapod

by Steve Pendergrast

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    1. Dave Leiner on

      After hearing concerns about failed servos, I just ordered a couple of extras. Hopefully it won't hold up my main shipment; I'm really looking forward to assembling it. Thanks for doing this Steve!

    2. Steve Pendergrast Creator on

      We do test every servo before we send it out. It takes time and costs money, but we want everyone to be successful with this project!

      That said, it is possible to wear out these servos, for example by overstressing the motors during rough activities. We once did some public demos and a little toddler walked up to the hexapod which was on the floor, and leaned down on top of it with all her weight, killing 3 servos in about as many seconds. Obviously these little servos were not meant to handle 20 or 30 pounds of force.

      So yeah, stuff happens and having some spares is not a bad idea.