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A low cost, open source, wireless, 3D printed, Scratch programmable Hexapod Robot designed for games, education, and FUN!
A low cost, open source, wireless, 3D printed, Scratch programmable Hexapod Robot designed for games, education, and FUN!
224 backers pledged $38,355 to help bring this project to life.

Add-Ons Now Available

Posted by Steve Pendergrast (Creator)

Hello backers and potential backers!

We were so excited to see the project pass the 150% mark yesterday! Thanks to all our backers for making this project a reality!


Today a backer (Jarrod S) made a great suggestion: he asked if he could add to his pledge and get additional servo motors.  While one spare already comes with the kit, some of you may want to use them in your other projects, add a grip-arm to Vorpal, etc.

There are a couple of other items I have plenty of, so why not add them too?


  • Any backer who has ordered any kind of kit or fully assembled robot may add-on to their order.
  • Simply increase your pledge by one of the amounts shown below,  multiplied by a number from 1 to 9. I can tell from the amount what you want.


  • $3:  Mini Servo (MG90s style)
  • $11: Factory paired set of two HC05 bluetooth modules (two modules that auto-pair on boot)
  • $13 Vorpal Hexapod T-Shirt (sizes available shown in campaign wording)
  • Note that these prices are quite a bit below what retail will be on our store when it opens post Kickstarter, as our thanks for your backing!


  • You want 2 added mini servos. You would use MANAGE MY PLEDGE to increase your pledge by $6.
  • You want 4 servos plus a t-shirt. You would add $12 for the servos and $13 for the t-shirt for a total of $25.

If what you want is ambiguous (it is possible even though I used prime numbers) I will message you to confirm.

Thanks again for your support!

Steve Pendergrast
Vorpal Robotics, LLC

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    1. Jarrod Selsmark on

      Thanks for the add-ons Steve. Updated my pledge with some extra spares.

    2. Steve Pendergrast Creator on


      Ha Ha! Guilty as charged!

      You can construct some combos that would force me to message the customer to disambiguate (example: 2 BT modules = $22 which is the same as 1 t-shirt + 3 servos = $22). But yeah, by limiting quantity to 9, there should be no need to ask the great majority of the time.

    3. Joshua Johnson on

      Using prime numbers as item costs to determine type and number of items from the total. I love it. You are the truest of engineers!