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Why? cable is an easy to use, and intuitive way to charge and sync your iOS devices in parallel to support a clutter free lifestyle. Read more

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Why? cable is an easy to use, and intuitive way to charge and sync your iOS devices in parallel to support a clutter free lifestyle.

About this project

Why? cable is an easy-to-use and intuitive way to charge and sync your iOS devices in parallel, meaning you can actively charge and sync two devices at the same time! We have developed the Why? cable as an alternative charging/syncing method to support a clutter-free life style.

The Why? Cable is an exciting new take on a familiar product, one that will allow you to streamline your experiences with your devices.

Why the cable? Because that battery won’t last forever!

What it does:

- Charges two devices simultaneously ( any two iOS devices iPad included )

- Syncs two devices to iTunes simultaneously

- Works with any USB port

- Reduces clutter/replaces tangled mess

- Makes people happy!

What it doesn't do:

- Transfer data from device to device (NO Peer to Peer sharing)

- Slow you down!


Next steps

Here is a rundown of exactly where we stand today and were we want to go...

Over the last 3 months, we have developed the schematics and PCB layouts as well as tested multiple versions of the design and arrived at a fully functional prototype that works!!

By “working” we mean that, when 2 iOS devices (using Lightning connectors) are plugged into a computer’s USB outlet,  they will both charge and sync to iTunes at the same time, every time, all the time! No matter what! Our internal goal is has always been to make a project that just works... not sometimes works, but one that is unquestionably reliable!!

Currently, we are doing more electronics testing and working to refine how the electronic circuits work with computers. 

We have started and are well under way in regards to brand design and website development. We want to engage the kick starter community to refine not only the brand identity of Why?, but also the product industrial design. Over the course of the 30-day campaign, we plan to show multiple design concepts, take feedback and retool the design, while continuously posting the progress and encouraging the community to  give more feedback and get involved. 

Near Future, We will be working with factories in Asia to set up production and we will be workign with apple and the chosen Contract Manufacture to pass the apple testing and apple approval processes. We will be workign very closely with them on this step.

We will also be planing our marketing campaign and planning events and trade shows to attend to prompt the why? Brand.

After the near future, We have a lot of ideas for new and exciting products that plush the limits of technology and function... we are excited to build the why? brand and continue to develop products that make a difference..

Link to the article:

Risks and challenges


Our team at Why? is well versed in consumer electronics product development. With years of experience in the design field, we have established a series of processes to mitigate risk and optimize development efficiency.

Although there are risks associated with any project, we have little areas of major concern, but the core obstacles of product cost, quality and delivery time weigh heavy on our minds. We have planned a tight development schedule that should have us into the production stage by October with shipment for November.

Currently, we are deep into the R+D process and have tested multiple working prototypes to prove the concept and feasibility.
We are very to happy to report that our testing has proved that not only can we sync two devices simultaneously, but charge them, too.
With funding, we can continue our R+D effort to maximize the efficiency of the circuit.

Product cost+ Quality: Cost and quality go hand and hand. While we want to keep the costs as low, we also aim to deliver a maximum quality device... Some items like Lightning connectors have fixed industry costs that won’t change, while the manufacturing process and cable costs can vary greatly depending on the final design. It is our goal to provide paramount products at an affordable price using the best quality materials!

Firm-ware changes and ios Updates by Apple: There is a potential that these type of updates by apple can cause raise issues with connectivity. While we have not seen any significant issues during our testing, a more exhaustive examination period is currently under development so that we can weed out and fix any potential issues ahead of time.


The Why? team draws from a wide background of skill sets and capabilities, from industrial design and mechanical engineering, to electronics and schematics design. We even make our own websites and write our own code in-house!

We love a challenge!! Navigating the complex web of apple requirements and developing the cable in a way to not only pass apple testing but improve the use of apple devices, is a tall order. We have never been more driven to making turning this product into reality!

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