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Shot in the ARM for 3D printers, CNC machines and Laser cutters running on RAMPS Controllers.
Shot in the ARM for 3D printers, CNC machines and Laser cutters running on RAMPS Controllers.
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    1. Missing avatar

      David on

      Are there any restrictions to the SD cards?
      I can't get my SD Card working. I have a Kingston 8GB microDS HC class4.
      I don't see the Card on my PC connected to USB. And it seems that the config.txt isn't loaded.
      Because the Network module and the Display aren't operating, too.

    2. Missing avatar

      Pasi on

      Now i started to change my old printer to Re-arm everything else is going quite ok. M80 command give me some kill switch message, but that not so big problem.

      Biggest problem is i dont get my Inductive sensor working smoothie at all. My mechanical endstops work ok on x and y axles. But z axle induction probe not working. I attach that on 1.28 or 1.29 and try to use z azle min ja max slots on ramps. But i dont get any changes z endstop state on M119 gcode. My induction sensor works realy well on marlin firmware. I measured that induction sensor give 3.3volts positive on mainboard when not triggered and 0.2volts when triggered.

      But i dont get any changes to firmware state.

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Gerken on

      I got mine today, 7€ customs due (nice that you did not send with UPS or DHL Express, they add a 10€ charge on top). I need some tome to install it on my Trium3D (another kickstarter) Thanks!

    4. Andre Seitz on

      Got someone a config for me for a core xy?
      I tryed many things but the axis moves where ever they want and my Bed Temperature ist
      constant on -25°C ... I'am not living in a Freezer. :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Pasi on

      Thanks Roy, board is arrived today. Not have time to start installing that now. But want to ask Roy @Roy Cortes or @all are they some tested or best microsd cards to that use. microsd card is needed to change and do settings on firmware on smoothieware if i am right?

      I dont use microsd anything else only that firmware settings. I use octoprint to do all printings.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Gkatzias on

      @Hideo Kobayashi
      Thanks that was very helpful

    7. Georg Mill on

      1st basic tests worked fine.
      Ethernet: o.k.
      RRD Full Graphic Smart LCD: o.k
      see more on

    8. Karolis Borkertas on

      It runs only Smoothieware ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Hideo Kobayashi on

      @ross placing I mean delivered package won't include a SD memory card.

    10. Missing avatar

      Hideo Kobayashi on

      @John Gkatzias You may find a clue for DIY Cooling Fan MOSFET Driver at And, RepRapDiscount has RepRap Ramps 1.4 Fan Extender At least 1 of 2 fans will work. Try online searching "RAMPS fan MOSFET" if you want more info.

    11. Missing avatar

      John Gkatzias on

      @Hideo Kobayashi
      It would be nice that someone who knows what he is doing makes a how to guide about that external mosfet.

    12. Missing avatar

      ross placing on

      question, should the rearm boards have a tf memory card with them?

    13. Missing avatar

      ross placing on

      backer 201, australia, just received the boards, they look very good, will get around to the upgrading in the next week or so, btw tracking still shows in los angles

    14. Georg Mill on

      The board arrived today. It looks nice and works ... well, I'll test it tomorrow ;-)

      @Creator Thanks for that fine piece of hardware.

    15. James Babcock

      Backer #509 received my pledge board today in Alberta, Canada. Nice looking board, well done. Installing soon in my Robo3D Kickstarter edition!

    16. Jon Raymond on

      Are the DipTrace design files for the board available now?

    17. Missing avatar

      Hideo Kobayashi on

      @John Gkatzias Yes, D4 pin at SERVOS header will be able to drive a DC12V fan with an external N-MOSFET attached.

    18. Missing avatar

      John Gkatzias on

      @Hideo Kobayashi
      Do you mean that it could work as a setup with two extruders, a heated bed and a cooling fan for the printed part?

    19. Missing avatar

      Y on

      Anyone else having issues with thermister reading INF right across the board?
      M105: ok T:inf /0.0 @0 T:inf /0.0 @0 T:inf /0.0 @0

      Using pin 0.23 0.25 and 0.24 for T1 T2 and T3 (extruder bed extruder)
      Tested the resistance across T1 T2 and T3 on the pins on the side of the rearm and get 44.5k resistance right across so they do seem to be connceted!

    20. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hoffman on

      ive got RRD cables coming for mine, has anyone got any experience with OLED panels?

    21. Missing avatar

      Y on

      Seems I incorrectly responded to the survey specifying other and missing the RRD display So no cable for me :(

      Is there a way to get the modified cable? or what is required to splice it myself?

    22. Ax Smith-Laffin on

      Btw, I managed to sort the fan out, I'd forgotten to switch the fan module on in firmware *facepalms*

    23. Ax Smith-Laffin on

      Right been playing and I've got an issue with the layer fan. Fan has been tested as working, it's 5v shifted voltage on the Re-ARM on pin 2.4 but I'm guessing it's a knock off 'fet so the gate voltage is too high. Will replace it and see what happens.

    24. Ax Smith-Laffin on

      Arrived just now - UK based. It looks awesome, will get to playing in a bit

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hoffman on

      I've got mine for Jan shipping. No movement yet but glad anyway.

      Converting a wanhao i3 and two tevo tarantulas eventually :)


    26. Roger Kolasinski on

      Hi. Seems like people are getting shipping notifications now - whew - didn't get my notification yet, at least this means all hope is not lost! (I'm still waiting for the Plastc card I backed two years ago! Lol

    27. Jeff Koo on

      I received my January shipment, East Coast USA.

    28. Missing avatar

      ross placing on

      received my shipping notice, now just waiting, and WHEN I get the re-arms I will start converting three printers a kc, robblebot basic, and a prussa i3 clone, as my diamond headed printer is on a rambo, it will not be converted

    29. Missing avatar

      Hideo Kobayashi on

      I figure out that Re-ARM can swing full of MOS-FET inputs (5V level each on genuine RAMPS) using quad level converter MC74VHCT125A (14 pin device marked U2 on prototype, U1 on delivered board). Three channels are dedicated to drive MOS-FET, rest one channel seems connected with one of SERVOS header pins, D4.

    30. Chuck Stuart on

      Received my shipping notice yesterday afternoon. Now to decide which printer the Re-Arm with grace...

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hoffman on

      Jan delivery and no updates/shipping notices yet...

    32. Jon Raymond on

      @ Don Atwood
      It's possible that your RAMPS board has the heated bed issue because the gate voltage for the mosfet is too high for the 3.3v logic of the Re-Arm. This would explain why the 5v level of the Mega board is able to turn the bed on while the Re-Arm won't.

    33. Toby Harper on

      I'm in the January deliveries and received shipping notice yesterday

    34. Missing avatar

      Don Atwood on

      Sorry everyone, I meant Re-ARM not Re-RAMP in my previous messages.

      Don Atwood

    35. Missing avatar

      Don Atwood on

      Quick update

      I switched to a new RAMPS board and now the heated bed does seem to work. Don't understand why the first RAMPS board works with Arduino but not RAMPS, but the new board is working as expected. Sorry for any inconvenience. Will let you know if I figure out why old RAMPS board was not working with Re-RAMPS.

      Don Atwood

    36. Missing avatar

      Don Atwood on

      Received Re-RAMP board in December as promised. Using Jim Wagner config file as well as the example from Roy Cortes I have everything working except the heated bed. Using 12V input to both the power in lugs on the RAMP V1.4 board. LEDs light for fan and extruder (as well as voltage on the output plugs). But no LED or voltage on D8 for heated bed. Have tried bang-bang and PID settings. Using pin P2.7 for the output pin. Any ideas of what else to test? Everything works including heated bed with Arduino/RAMPS setup using the same RAMPS board.

      Thx Don

    37. Missing avatar

      Pierre Lauret on

      still waiting for my tracking number :')

    38. Ken "KaTZWorld" Stewart

      Got tracking number woohoo

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hoffman on

      Tight/won't fit with the Ethernet module.

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hoffman on

      No shipping notice yet but I'll recheck tonight.

      Has anyone seen or designed a case to print for these yet ? I assume some mega2560 cases would be too tight?

    41. Ax Smith-Laffin on

      Rah shipping notificaton!

    42. Ax Smith-Laffin on

      @Jon, thanks for the post, I've been champing at the bit to get my grubby paws on mine, good to know they're starting to ship.

    43. Missing avatar

      Edward Simpson on

      I've written up my experience with installing the Re-ARM on my Mini Kossel:

    44. Jon Raymond on

      I received a shipping notice.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirsten on

      It is not to late to cancel the credit card payment.
      Just tell them you never received anything and they will put your payment on hold until the other side can prove different.

    46. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hoffman on

      Also looking for an update on the Jan deliveries, I have to replace a mega2560 and really not looking to bother as I should have my boards soon?

    47. Jon Raymond on

      Any update on when January tier rewards will ship?

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Kuhlmann on

      Thanks Benoit.

      I copied the config, loaded my values and the LCD won't work and I can't seem to get this up and running. Not sure what the issue is now so I opened a support ticket on the panucatt site.

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirsten on

      Hi there,
      I just startet building a Kossel mini printer.
      I am on the January batch in germany.
      How long do you guys think, it will take until the january rewards are on their way ?
      I do not want to fight with Marlin and the getting my Re-Arm Board to start all over again with smoothieware then.

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