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Two artistic styles – Op Art and Woodcut – come together to create one completely original playing card deck.
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Posted by Uusi (Creator)

Hi  Everyone!

Hope your week has gone well! We want to thank you all for your awesome response to our red Royal Optik deck – we are so excited to be printing both colors for you!! To celebrate we decided to create one more special box that commemorates this project –  our Royal Optik six deck box.  Made from reclaimed, old-growth cypress salvaged from the same source as the redwood cases and deck stand, this case comes with six Royal Optik decks of your choice. The sliding lid has a screen print of our Royal Optik tiger on it and the box can be filled with six of the limited edition black decks or any color combination you choose.  Besides holding six decks there is a compartment in the box to hold dice, poker chips, or other small items used in games such as poker. Each box will be signed and numbered. This reward is limited to twenty boxes. *Please note: dice not included in box. 

Because these studio pieces are unique to our projects and designed to accompany each deck we produce we wanted to share a look at how they are made at the studio.  The video below gives you a peak at just some of the work involved in these hand-crafted items. In this video, Peter is in the Uusi shop going through some of the stages involved in making the incredibly popular, 2 deck redwood card case.  

Finally, for those of you who pledged for the redwood collector case, Peter has added handles to the drawer fronts that refined the overall design. You can check out an image of it on our home page.

Enjoy your weekend! Linnea & Peter

The Making Of The Redwood 2 Deck, Swivel Case Video

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Posted by Uusi (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

We promised you that if we got 700% of our goal that we'd introduce a red Royal Optik deck and make it available to you – but we, like you, just couldn't wait! We're making that deck available NOW! As a trade-off, in order to make this happen, we've had to make a few little changes, none of which I think you'll be entirely unhappy about.

The first change is that the custom brick box is now an overfunding goal at 700% instead of the red deck. The second change is that, rather than promising that exactly 5,000 Black decks will be made, we will make NO MORE than 5,000 – and quite possibly less, depending in part on the demands of the people pledging. The more black decks you pledge for, the more we'll make, up to the 5,000 deck limit. The red deck will be printed in whatever quantities are needed though it is very unlikely that we'll be ordering more than 5,000 of that deck as well.

Please note that the red deck will be offered ONLY AS AN ADD-ON. Any orders for decks in the reward tiers are for the black deck only. If you simply want to addd red decks to your existing reward tier, just add the required amount for the quantity you want. If you have more than one deck in your reward tier and want to swap out some black decks for red ones you can message us your changes to your reward tier. We will get back to you only if there is a problem with your swap, (ie, you've added more decks to your pledge than you have funding for). 

The Add-On Chart below will also be appearing on the project home page and will be made as clear as possible. You'll be able to add other items as well, including black decks. In order to comply with Kickstarter rules, only 12 decks total per backer please. 

Hope you enjoy the new red deck and please keep spreading the word on Royal Optik!

Linnea & Peter

*If you are an international backer, please refer to the shipping chart to calculate your final shipping cost. For example: If Tom has a pledge for three decks and wants to add three more decks, he needs to look up his new deck total on the shipping chart to get his shipping cost. Tom's original shipping cost was $10, by adding 3 decks to his pledge he now has six decks and his new shipping cost is $17, so he simply needs to add $7 to his original shipping cost.


Posted by Uusi (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a look at our "Friends of the Family" Collector Card Case. Only five of these were originally offered and immediately sold out. Since then we've had backers contacting us asking if there was any way we could make more cases available. Like the Uusi two-deck playing card case, this case has a tremendous amount of handwork that goes into it. We cannot offer these studio pieces in unlimited quantities at this price, but we have decided we can add five more.  Although please note that the new cases we added will not come with the Blue Blood deck, (we only have 10 left ourselves!), we are replacing it with four Royal Optik decks and a red & blue seal Bohemia deck.  

Each box is made from reclaimed, old-growth redwood that was salvaged from Chicago water towers built at the turn of the 20th century. Each case will be signed and numbered.  The case is sized to hold 12 standard poker size decks and makes a great companion piece to our Redwood Playing Card swivel case.

We hope you enjoy the case and your weekend!

Linnea & Peter


Posted by Uusi (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

As promised, we have a look at your Royal Optik seal! We also wanted to show you the Spade Court which features one of the most important cards in any deck – the Ace of Spades.  

Also, because we are getting so many inquires for the Royal Optik uncuts, we are making 20 more available.  For every deck we produce we create a very limited number of uncuts. These sheets are a one-time-only print run pulled from the press at the time the deck is printed and will never be printed again. With Royal Optik we are printing 120 unucts, 20 of which we keep for our archives and the other 20 will be available on our website. We just wanted to make a few more available for you at the Kickstarter price.

Thank you again for all your support and please keep spreading the word on Royal Optik!

Linnea & Peter

Royal Optik Seal

Royal Optik Spade Court


Posted by Uusi (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Hope your weekend is going well! We wanted to thank you for helping us hit our first stretch goal – we are 300% funded!! This means...

Seal only on Royal Optik Kickstarter decks.  We are working on the artwork for the seal and should have images to show you next week. Very cool!

BIG NEWS! To add to the exclusivity of this deck, we have decided that the black Royal Optik deck will not be available for wholesale. This is our thanks to our loyal backers who have helped us create this collection so far and for all of our new backers who have joined the club! 

And on the topic of exclusivity...we have decided to release our gouache rendering for the Royal Optik Joker –  this is the first time we are making original artwork from one of our decks available. The Joker card is always a favorite for collectors and is, along with the Ace of Spades, one of the signature cards in a deck. The artwork also comes with two Royal Optik decks, one of which will have a signed Joker card. This signed, original piece of artwork was just added as a reward for one lucky backer out there :)

Thank you again for your wonderful support and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Linnea & Peter