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Street art meets Baroque in this luminous, hand-painted deck. A juicy mix of risk and art, "Bohemia" is a Limited Edition Original.
Street art meets Baroque in this luminous, hand-painted deck. A juicy mix of risk and art, "Bohemia" is a Limited Edition Original.
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    1. Kouture Crochet on

      I love my decks... Only regret not getting the standard edition!

    2. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the compliment - so glad you are happy with the case and decks! And thanks for being so patient waiting for it to arrive. Yes, there were 50 cases made in total for the Bohemia KS project as limited editions. We are about to launch our third deck and will be offering only 20 2nd edition cases this time, made from the same old growth redwood.

      Best regards,


    3. Mark Sweetman

      My redwood case and decks arrive to me in Malaysia today and I am most impressed with them. The case in particular is awesome! Definitely looking forward to the next deck and maybe another card case in a different wood type?
      It has a number on the base 50/50 - is that a limited edition number?

    4. Lee Alley on

      Love my deck of cards. One of my favs!

    5. razamataz on

      The decks are stunning. I'm looking forward to any possible future projects you may launch. Just one tiny quibble, and that is the boxes that the decks come in. They aren't quite as sturdy as some I've seen, meaning the decks will outlast the boxes. Which is a shame, as the boxes are very nice to look at.

    6. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Thanks Gavin and Ananth! We're thrilled that you are so happy with Bohemia - we are looking forward to coming out with our next deck in the late spring.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      Got both my decks awhile back. I checked in today to see if another project was started by Uusi because these decks are amazing. My wife collects cards and I dare say these are the gem of the collection.

    8. Ananth Rangaraj on

      Got both my Kickstarter decks as the Bohemia poster here in India. All arrived in perfect condition. The decks are absolutely stunning! Absolutely love them! Thanks guys.

    9. Tim on

      Hi guys, are orders still being shipped?

    10. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Hi Kelsey,

      Thanks for the compliment! I think in regards to the seal on the tuckbox, most people just slit or break the seal at the opening and leave it on the box. Card collectors consider seals part of what makes the deck collectable - only the red decks sold through kickstarter have seals.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kelsey on

      Cards just arrived; they're beautiful! My only quibble is that there was a sticker sealing the box, and now that I've opened it, the card box is sticky in those spots.

    12. Moa Benjaminsson on

      Two decks arrived a couple of days ago in my mail here in Sweden. A nice surprise at the end of a work day :) They look amazing and the quality is awesome! Thank you for making these!

    13. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Sorry to hear about the customs tax, Danny, but good to know you are enjoying the decks! And Dimitry, that comment about the packing was awesome! Peter worked for an art mover in college and learned a few tricks for packing and crating valuable items. He was very happy you appreciated his efforts :)

    14. Danny De Vylder on

      À perfectly wrapped package with 6 decks arrived in Belgium today, with an additional € 24,- customs ticket. But the decks make up for it. Gorgeous quality. Thanks for this fantastic project.

    15. Dmitry Titarenko on

      Today I received parcel with Bohemia decks. I've never seen such a good packaging before. It's the next level. You're amazing people, thank you very much!
      P.S. Decks are awesome!

    16. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Hello, I got an email about a week ago asking for my shipping address but never got a tracking code back. Has it shipped yet or is it still in the process?

    17. Brit Masters on

      Got both my Kickstarter decks as well as two of the misprinted ones. Absolutely love them! The hand-painted everything just really makes these cards stand out.

    18. Isaac Layton on

      My decks just came, finish is just right, and they look great!

    19. Julien St-Laurent on

      Got my decks in the mail today and they look fantastic. Great job to you and your team!

    20. Ed Mayhall on

      Got my decks and print today. OMG these cards look amazing! They are going to be one of my favorites so far in the collection. Great job!

    21. Santiago Performs on

      Still waiting for my package,cant wait :D

    22. Uusi 11-time creator on

      LOL!!! The incredibly lovely, Annie, who works here brought a lavender plant to work with her last week - she snipped off pieces of it to put in all the packages that were packed up on Valentine's Day. We thought it was very romantic. We also realized 80% of our backers are men and they would have the same, hysterical, 'What the wa?" moment when they saw it - but probably dig it. Glad you enjoyed it!

    23. Charles Alvis on

      I just got my tube. Great job on packaging. Items are outstanding. BTW, what was that nice smelling plant you included in the tube? Curious people are asking me. Being in Washington State I thought someone was trying to play a joke on me.

    24. Allan Rousselle

      Received my decks, and they are truly remarkable. They are genuine works of art, and the quality just shines through. I will also note that when I had to contact Uusi regarding an issue with the delivery, they were quick to help resolve the issue. I tip my proverbial hat to the team at Uusi. They certainly have my support for future decks, as well.

    25. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Thanks so much, Tom!

    26. Tom Kraus on

      Received mine a couple of days ago and I have to say this is another great deck from Uusi! You have my support on your future decks.

    27. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Thanks, Eddy!! Glad you are also enjoying that limited Bohemia poster ;)

    28. Eddy Sugihartono on

      Hi Linnea,
      I have received the package today. It is gorgeous deck!!! Love it!!!!!!
      And also love limited poster bohemia... Good Job!

      Can't wait your next project! :)

    29. Missing avatar

      marcoskhzouz on

      Hello, I was wondering about the delivery date. Do you have and approximate day for the delivery?

      Ps.: I live in Brazil


    30. Missing avatar

      Astraea on

      Received my cards today, and I agree with everyone else, they're beautiful. Great work!

    31. Atemus on

      So have all domestic orders shipped?

    32. Missing avatar

      Junming Lim on

      Thanks for clearing that up Uusi!

    33. ProfessorPlum on

      Thank you so much!!!

    34. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Hi Junming, your decks have not shipped out yet. We are processing international orders in the next few days. All orders sent have a tracking code, so no need to request one. As soon as your package ships out you will be notified. Looking forward to sending your decks on to you soon!

    35. Missing avatar

      Junming Lim on

      Hi Uusi, may I have a tracking code for my shipment? Thanks!

    36. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Ah! You guys are awesome!! So great to read these after a looooooong day of packing. Thank you!

    37. David B on

      I got mine today as well and they are simply stunning in every way. Love the linen finish box. The artwork is even more amazing in person than on-screen. I think I murmured "wow" after I fanned through each court card. Congrats on another home run deck.

    38. Missing avatar

      Luminous on

      Just received my cards. I am thrilled with them! Glad you insisted on the linen finish box. It somehow seems sturdier than the regular boxes do.

      I'd just like you to know, this is third deck I have backed on Kickstarter (well, third received; two more are in the pipeline yet) and this one is hands down my favorite. The cards are both beautiful AND utilitarian — nice big numbers and big, recognizable suit symbols. Sometimes card designers get wrapped up in making a design appear unique, sacrificing legibility and thus playability in the process. No so with Bohemia! I look forward with joy to actually USING these lovely cards regularly.

    39. The Faro Playing Card Company on

      Received the decks today. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite non-antique deck so far...

    40. Brit Masters on

      Any updates? We haven't heard anything since pretty much the project ended....How's production? Logistics?

    41. Darren J. Gendron on

      I love that this deck kept so many of the traditional small touches from classic decks.

    42. Charles Jarvis on

      I would love to change my Pledge to the "Pledge $48 or more" 1 blue and 1 red deck with a Uncut sheet. Sadly I cant find a way to change my pledge.

    43. Twix on

      I like George N. idea for a wallpaper background, if it is possible.

    44. Tony on

      Added $17 to my pledge for two of the new/blue decks. Thanks a bunch :D

    45. Missing avatar

      David Fry on

      I just added $9.00 to my original pledge for one of the new blue decks. Thanks for the great work! ;)

    46. Missing avatar

      George N. on

      @Matt - I think they're already in production, so it would be hard to change anything physical. Maybe desktop wallpapers?

    47. Matt Shelton on

      With just 3 days left, any prospect of a 400% reward/ stretch goal?

    48. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Thanks for the heads-up Sam!

    49. Sam Simmons and Monica Lenk on

      Added $17 to my pledge for two of the new/blue decks! Thanks!

    50. Uusi 11-time creator on

      Thank you, Docmac! We'll make a note of your added decks :)

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