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The AmbientOne is a new type of table lamp that uses green LED technology for its light source!

The AmbientOne is a new type of table lamp that uses green LED technology for its light source! Read More
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About this project

Hello! And thanks for checking out this Kickstarter project!

The AmbientOne LED Table Lamp is the first product to be designed and produced by Highlight Design, a small innovation studio based in Omaha, Nebraska.  We started with lighting design because it's a great challenge. Our goal was to create a lamp that could seamlessly fit into a wide range of contemporary settings and produce clean and inviting light.

Design + Features

The AmbientOne is designed to be an environmentally conscious alternative to incandescent based table lamps.  Its uses sixteen outwardly facing high brightness LEDs to create an omnidirectional output that is capable of filling living and work spaces with warm, inviting light. While the AmbientOne only draws 19 Watts of power, it has a light output comparable to a 75 Watt incandescent bulb! 

The AmbientOne's custom hardware that powers and controls the LEDs is specially designed to maximize brightness while maintaining energy efficiency. The hardware also incorporates a full range sliding dimmer, giving the user total control of the light output.  A custom heatsink attached to the LEDs allows for consistent heat removal, ensuring optimal operating temperature and longevity.  The installed hardware is designed to last the lifespan of the LEDs, which is estimated at over 30 years!

Locally Made + Environmentally Conscious Construction

The AmbientOne is made locally in and around Omaha, Nebraska, by skilled craftsmen and machinists. Each lamp is hand assembled, numbered and signed.

Great care has been taken to choose materials that are high quality and durable, while still being environmentally responsible.

Why LEDs? How are they different? 

LEDs have been generating a lot of buzz, but what are they? An LED or Light Emitting Diode, is a small semi-conductor that produces light when a voltage is applied across it. So why would you want an LED lamp? LED light sources use significantly less energy than a conventional incandescent bulb. In addition they are projected to last 30 times longer, and LEDs produce very little radiant heat.  What this means is that with the AmbientOne's LED based light source, you will help preserve the environment by using less energy, never have to replace the bulb (at least not for a really long time), and can sit under the lamp all day without it heating you or the surroundings up!  Pretty sweet right?

Your Support:

By donating to this Kickstarter project, your generosity will directly help bring to market the AmbientOne LED Table Lamp! The money raised will be used to complete a 100 unit production run and pay for related upfront manufacturing costs. (A breakdown of the costs is listed below)


To thank you for your support, we are offering AmbientOne lamps from the 100 unit production run in two finishes:

$495 - AmbientOne LED Table Lamp - White Powder Coat Finish

$495 - AmbientOne LED Table Lamp - Polished Aluminum Finish

We're also offering equally awesome incentives for a lower pledge level:

Each of the following incentives have been specifically designed for this campaign and are hand made by the designer!

$20 - Thank You Card - Engraved Cherry Veneer w/ Aluminum sheet backing

$35 - Personalized Bookmark (choose up to 22 characters) - Engraved Cherry Veneer w/ Aluminum sheet backing

$60 & $90 - Engraved Coaster Set - Mahogany

$150 - Cable Caddy - Cherry + Mahogany

$295 - Thank You Package

Cost Breakdown:

  • 100 Unit Production Run: $39,000
  • Shade Molds + Dies: $2,000
  • Shade Assembly Fixture: $1,000
  • LED Hardware Testing: $4,000
  • Stem Die + Assembly fixture: $1,000
  • Final Prototypes (to confirm production accuracy) - $,3000

Additional Details

16 High Brightness LEDs
Power Usage: 19W
Light Output: 1600 Lumens
Color Temp: 3000k
CRI: 80


Shipping within the continental United States is included. We will ship to AK, HI, and Canada for an additional shipping charge.  We are not ready to ship internationally.


  • The AmbientOne's dual shades are made out of paper with a polymer substrate. The paper diffuses the light and creates a soft glow while the polymer substrate acts as support and gives the illusion that the shades are floating in space.

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  • Really nice! We use top of the line LEDs that produce warm, familiar light! Gone are the days of the harsh blue LEDs!

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  • The AmbientOne comes with a two year limited manufacture's warranty that will cover manufacturing defects including malfunctioning LEDs. Every one of our lamps will be thoroughly inspected before it ships, but if something goes wrong, we will be more than happy to fix it. After the warranty period expires, we will be happy to service the AmbientOne for a fee.

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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    Thanks to you we are one step closer to producing the AmbientOne! To show our appreciation your name will be proudly posted on the Kickstarter donors page of our website!

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and to top it off we'll thank you once more by sending you a hand made card!

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    Pledge $35 or more About $35 USD

    What better way to enjoy a lamp than to read a book next to it? For your contribution we'll send you a handmade personalized bookmark to commemorate your generosity!

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    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    Cheers! You can set your drink down on one of two handmade coasters we are sending you!

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    If two handmade coasters isn't enough, for your generous support we'll send you four!

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    Just like LED lamps, gadgets are great! But don't you hate having your chords always slipping off your desk? For $150 or more, we''ll send you a handmade cable caddy. It looks sweet and keeps your cords where they need to be!

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    Pledge $295 or more About $295 USD

    Like what you have seen so far? We will send you all of the incentives listed up to this point! That's the thank you card, personalized bookmark, set of 4 coasters, and the cable caddy!

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    Pledge $495 or more About $495 USD

    You are Awesome! You will receive an AmbientOne LED Table lamp with the polished aluminum stem that is signed and numbered by the designer!

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    Pledge $495 or more About $495 USD

    Right on! We'll send you the AmbientOne LED Table lamp in the white finish that is signed and numbered by the designer!

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