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World's first useful spinner available in tabletop and pocket sizes, perfect for solving any disputes you may have in your life.
World's first useful spinner available in tabletop and pocket sizes, perfect for solving any disputes you may have in your life.
150 backers pledged $21,487 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Amirf on November 5, 2017

      @Vlad Kytai/ Arshaluis Akhmedov/ Omenass

      If you were telling the truth as you claimed, and therefore have nothing to hide, you should post an update with the list of dropped backers (post-campaign) & the amount each of them had pledged so that we can cross check it with KS. They would then be able to help us investigate and verify whether these backers' IPs are related to you in any way so that we can put this issue to rest. KS will not provide us with the list even if we had asked, so the onus is on you to prove that you're not a scammer and provide us with it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Amirf on November 5, 2017

      Kickstarter should take a leaf out of Indiegogo's book to protect its users,


      I received mine (approximately around $55) on 23rd of October.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ford Terry on November 4, 2017

      Team Omenass (whom ever they are) and Kickstarter robbed money from the backers in this project. Kickstarer got paid their total fees and reportedly negotiated for a partial refund for the backers of a project Kickstarter reported was funded. They is how muck Kickstarter feels about backer that use their web site. Kickstarter is culpable for the thieves they put on their website, but Kickstarter is find with it as long as they get paid in full, at our cost.

    4. Marcella
      on November 3, 2017

      Has anyone actually gotten a partial refund yet?

    5. Missing avatar

      Amirf on October 27, 2017

      I concur with the previous posters, you have nothing to show us from day one of the post-funding period and since you enjoy selectively quoting from the T&A, you should know that you have failed to meet any of the obligations (to your backers) as outlined in the T&A too, and as such, you should be refunding us in full and that Kickstarter should do their utmost to assist their defrauded users instead of patting schmuck like you in the back and turning a blind eye. As mentioned by another backer earlier, the total pledged does not tally with the number of backers so that makes this whole project highly suspicious to begin with, and I find it ridiculous that you would consider taking a portion of whatever little that was collected to pay an 'agent' for a FAILED project when you knew damn well any payment to that person should've come out from your own pocket (know your priorities mate! you can't bloody have your cake and eat it too!). And since you claimed that the main reason this project tanked was due to some backers who chose not to honour their pledges, why not do yourself a favour by uploading the list of the KS ids and their dropped pledges so that we can check and confirm with Kickstarter on whether you were telling the truth. Heck, that might even salvage whatever reputation you have left and convince suckers like me to part with close to $100 again for omenass 2.0

    6. Marcella
      on October 18, 2017

      Kickstarter will not help backers in our predicament, I strongly urge all backers to file a fraud non-receipt of goods claim with your bank/credit card provider. It’s the only way you may ever have to recoup your losses. If the creators really wanted to give back 60% of our pledges they would’ve done it by now or at the very least advised us they were in the process of doing that, as we’ve given them ample time. All we seem to be getting from them is the old poor us excuse followed by dead silence.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ford Terry on October 16, 2017

      I would also add that Kickstarter no matter how much they say that they are not responsible, are becauce they took money and still report the prodject as "Funded". I got this message from Kickstarter:

      Kickstarter Integrity (Kickstarter)
      Oct 13, 4:21 PM EDT

      Hi Ford,

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We've reviewed the information you've provided and it's helped in our investigation into this project. We took appropriate action with this creator.

      Thanks again for your help
      Kickstarter Integrity

      I have not seen on the prodject page, or the prodject creator's page that anything has been done and Kickstarter is starting to look like it will not help the backers take legal action.

    8. spyrl on October 13, 2017

      To expand on what Christian Thielke wrote, paying someone for a rigged (failed) campaign is not making a reasonable effort to complete the project as promised, nor does it assist you to provide a project to your backers. As such, 100% of the funds should be returned to the backers who paid, because no one should be paid for a failed project.

    9. Christian Thielke
      on October 12, 2017

      @Omenass Team:
      Please have a look at chapter 4 in the Terms of Use of Kickstarter:

      "If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:

      they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;
      they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers;
      they’re able to demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;
      they’ve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and
      they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.

      The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers."

      You should consider all these points in your next update about refunds. Otherwise there could be a second shitstor from your decent backers, I think....

    10. Missing avatar

      Ford Terry on October 11, 2017

      I agree that this project smells of fraud has been committed on the part of Omenass Team and I am sorely disappointed in my second encounter with Kickstarter. Had I known that Kickstarter seems to not be capable to vet anything that is posted by the project creators and who and where the Creators are from then Kickstarter apparently and the Omenass Team are worthy of notice to US law enforcement for fraudulent activity. If I do not get a total refund I will be demanding information of the Omenass Team to be forwarded to US authorities for investigation of criminal fraud. I urge everyone who does not get a full refund to contact their local Attorney General's office and file a complaint with the BBB about Kickstarter and Omenass Team.

    11. Will Nyteshade
      on October 10, 2017

      Yeah, ill yake the 60% refund, at least im getting something back

    12. Omenass Team Creator on October 9, 2017

      It’s our first project... please, sorry for any inconvenience. We’ll post an update about refunds.

    13. Missing avatar

      Amirf on October 9, 2017


      You first pulled the disappearing act on your backers, then you chose to show us disrespect by remaining incommunicado for some time before resurfacing with a less than satisfactory reasoning, and now you expect us to accept a partial refund (a 40% less at that) after all the stunts you've pulled? That's bollocks, mate! In fact, none of your backers should be made to lose a single cent due to your failure to factor these 'unforeseeable events' into your plans, in the first place. You basically planned to fail from the get-go by not having any backup plans to fall back to. You've also failed to communicate with your backers at the earliest signs of trouble and had conveniently chosen to keep mum until the last second, and yet you readily expect us to forego our hard earned money because you messed up? You should at least have the decency to return most of your backers' money, if not all of it including the kickstarter fee as that is the right thing to do considering this project never got off the ground in the first place.

    14. D. on October 8, 2017

      Here's the scam: $21,487 was raised by 150 backers, an average of $143 per backer, but the most expensive pledge was $69. They had a friend or family member make a big pledge to ensure they'd meet the funding goal and collect our money. Of course their accomplice didn't pay, so they can now claim that they never got the $21k. They lied and said they were in California, but of course they are in some other country where we have no recourse.

    15. Mike Beaudoin
      on October 8, 2017

      You were deceptive in your account by stating you were based out of California. You also knew long ago about the "Bad Pledges" and Kickstarter fees. You waited 2 months ... with our money in your account, to notify us of our bad luck with no updates inbetween. Now you say you are looking for investors. I have a difficult time believing any of this. Had this not been funded, nobody would have been out any funds. Who's to say that your friends didn't post bad pledges so you can get the money? Either way, I believe a full refund is in order.

    16. D. on October 7, 2017

      @Omenass Team Here's how to give a refund:


      To provide one of your backers with a refund, head to your Backer Report from the Creator Tools menu. Click on the individual backer's name and select "Issue a refund."


      I'm also requesting a refund, though I would also be ok with receiving a prototype if that's an option, even if the quality is lower.

    17. Omenass Team Creator on October 7, 2017

      Sure, we can refund $3,300. You’ll get back about 60% of your pledge. We’ll ask Kickstarter support how to refund this amount to you.

    18. Marcella
      on October 7, 2017

      Not our problem that you guys lost $18,000. As far as I can tell this is indeed a scam. I seriously doubt that these hopeless losers will make any attempt to refund backers. Chalk it up to a lesson learned.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gina Darcy
      on October 7, 2017

      Agree with the refund - you still pocketed $3300 - please refund those of us who did pay.

    20. Missing avatar

      NotDisposableIncome on October 7, 2017

      Ah ...okay guys. That sucks. So the rest of the money gets refunded back to us, right?

    21. Missing avatar

      Amirf on October 7, 2017

      I believe this is his FB page;

      Can a fellow backer with a FB account, try to reach out to him via the link above?

    22. Marcella
      on October 7, 2017

      I rather doubt we are ever going to get any updates or for that matter anything from this campaign. The creator logged in yesterday but did nothing. I’ve now reported this to KS and encourage other backers to do the same.

    23. Alpha Cyberus
      on October 5, 2017

      Come on team, we need updates!

    24. Missing avatar

      Amirf on October 4, 2017

      He hasn't responded to my dm too. I'll give the creator the benefit of the doubt and wait until the weekend before I press the panic button. Hopefully he's just busy with production.

      In the meantime, for those who are anxious over this and would like to alert the kickstarter team, go to the campaign page, scroll to the bottom and click Report this project to Kickstarter, choose Post-funding Issues and click Report Project.

    25. Marcella
      on October 4, 2017

      @Tim I do believe we got scammed, this campaign smelled from the beginning but I was willing to chuck in 30 bucks as it was a great idea, so it was either too big/too hard to finish or it was a scam from the beginning. The longer the silence the more I’m going with the latter...

    26. Missing avatar

      Tim on October 3, 2017

      Why have we gotten zero updates in over a month. And no pledge manger?! What's going on?

    27. Marcella
      on September 30, 2017

      What is actually happening with this campaign? It’s October tomorrow, at least in my time zone, and your delivery was October, not that I think a KS will generally deliver on time, but we’ve heard zero from you since before this campaign ended.

    28. Zachary T Himes on September 30, 2017

      Any updates on how the mass production phase is going?

    29. Marcella
      on August 21, 2017

      Congratulations on a successful campaign!

    30. Omenass Team Creator on August 20, 2017

      Hey El Hassan!
      Sorry for the late reply and for misunderstanding.
      The Tabletop hand is still near 4,4 lbs, golden one is near 0,1 lbs and the pocket is 0,04 lbs

      My mind was confused...Damn those Glendale witches.

      Thanks for your question and...
      Let the fortune rock your life again

    31. Omenass Team Creator on August 20, 2017

      Hey El Hassan!

      Sorry for the late reply my friend.
      The Tabletop hand is near 4,4 lbs, golden one is 0,25 lbs and the pocket is 0,2 lbs

      Thanks for your question and...
      Let the fortune rock your life

    32. Missing avatar

      El Hassan on August 15, 2017

      Very cool idea and can't wait to get mine! Can you please let us know how much do they weigh?


    33. Omenass Team Creator on August 7, 2017

      Hey Julian!

      Thanks for your question.

      We've kidnapped the "Prophet" ( that's how we call one of our friends) from the wood (the name of the nearby pub) and made the molding while she was unconscious.

      We're cruel and ruthless.

      Omenass team

    34. Omenass Team Creator on August 7, 2017

      Hey Brady!

      Sorry for the late reply.
      We had some crazy parties past days =)

      Sorry, but the local pick would't be available...

      Omenass team

    35. Julian Tysoe
      on August 2, 2017

      Who is the owner of the hand that was cast?

    36. Brady Chin on August 1, 2017

      So cool!
      I live in Marina Del Rey. Will you allow for local pick up so I can save on shipping? If you do, I will upgrade my pledge because of the savings.
      Thank you ingenious gents!

    37. War Wolf
      on July 14, 2017

      Lol l love it
      Welcome nice have you here

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on July 14, 2017

      I am more familiar with Fishman most places...

      Nicknames, funny things

    39. Omenass Team Creator on July 13, 2017


      Great story=) By the way we called our project OMENASS because while the hand is spinning the Omen of Ass is coming for someone.

      It's stupid but funny

      Omenass team

    40. War Wolf
      on July 13, 2017

      The name started because of a bet but l think after about 80 campaigns and 3000 comments more people know by War Wolf than my real name even the family call me Wolfe now lol

    41. Omenass Team Creator on July 13, 2017

      Hey War Wolf...)

      I wish i could have such a cool name like yours! Sounds very powerful.
      Thanks for your words man =)

      We love to hear from you.
      All of you are awesome!

      Best Regards,
      Omenass crew

    42. War Wolf
      on July 13, 2017

      I just love this what a fantastic idea good luck guys

    43. Omenass Team Creator on July 13, 2017

      Hey Andrew!

      Thanks for the kind words man...=)

    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on July 12, 2017

      Great video guys...

    45. Omenass Team Creator on July 10, 2017

      Hey D.

      The tabletop spinner and the pocket one are made of plastic. The golden one is an alloy of brass and zinc.

      Thanks for your question,
      Omenass team

    46. Omenass Team Creator on July 10, 2017

      Hey Lauren!

      We're excited to know you'll use Omenass in your gaming experience! Hope the Destiny would be favorable...=)

      Omenass team

    47. D. on July 9, 2017

      What are these made of?

    48. Lauren F. Ignacio
      on July 9, 2017

      I'm backing one of the pocket sizes to keep in my board gaming bag to settle who goes first in games that don't have a first player in the ruleset. I'm excited :-) I think it will add excitement to playing games.

    49. Omenass Team Creator on July 9, 2017


      Thanks for your kind words =)

      Best regards,
      Omenass team