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A space based MMORPG with an emphasis on top down, skill based combat with a huge array of imaginative weapons.
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Progress Report & Warfare

Posted by Ben Olding (Creator)

Hello all

I've been spending most of my time the last coupe of weeks working on menus and inner workings of organisations. So not much exciting stuff to take screenshots of.

JT and I have also been working on non playable races designed by the Elder/Insider tier backers - if you are in those tiers and don't want to make a race, or have a vague idea that you would like us to come up with some designs for, then please let me know! I'm not going to post screenshots, im going to save these for in game surprises. But rest assured, some interesting an imaginative ideas have already been put forward 


So organisations now, you can customise the colours, logos, the AI/tactics and weapon loadouts of drones, tax rates, joining fees and other stuff. I think this is going to be fun because it will give different areas different tactics etc, and this will be controlled by players! 

War and Peace

So now, if you declare peace with an enemy organisation, they wont attack you by default and your ships wont attack them by default. You might even get fined for attacking them, im not sure

If war is declared on another organisation, then here is what i am thinking will happen:

  • PVP "Battles" will be generated - These will basically be team death matches in specific sectors. Maybe first to 100 kills where players can dip in and out. AI ships will spawn if things get unbalanced. I might be able to make other types of battle also
  • Missions will be generated where that organisation will be the enemy, these will be mainly co-op / single player for those that dont want to be in PVP
  • You might get ambushed by that org
  • Any kills against that organisation will contribute to the war effort i.e. your score against that org
  • im not quite sure when a war will end, it might be just after a period of time, highest score wins, or it might be first to get a certain score above the other

Any other ideas, let me know, but be prepared for me to turn you down, i dont want to dramatically increase the scope of the game.

Before you ask: no, there will be no capturing of stations etc, as this will be very difficult to balance and fit within the current game model

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    1. Tyrus on

      I would take a mug of it.

    2. Ben Olding Creator on

      Also, does anyone want to buy a starfigther duvet cover? :D or something else like a mug, t-shirt, phone case, or anything like that?