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Produce a limited edition of my cube puzzle made of Raintree hardwood.
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Michael Reilly

27 backers pledged $1,871 to help bring this project to life.

VIDEO GUIDE to the Solution Sheet

Spoiler Alert!

Please Read the Following Prior to Watching the Video!

It is not my intent for this text, or the video below, to contain any 'spoilers' to Reilly’s Cube. The video is designed to explain how to use the illustrated assembly sheet that accompanies each cube.

This sheet shows the layout of the various cubes and how they relate to each other.  The patterns of pegs and holes on each cube are shown in a ‘folded-out’ flat view.

For the video, I took one of these sheets and added Red Letters on yellow stickers to the layouts for clarity.  Then I put identical stickers on corresponding cubes for this demonstration. 

In the video I explain this in a bit more detail and suggest a method to visualize the three dimensional cubes in relation to the flat drawings. I made this explanation as basic as possible to try and make it accessible to everyone.

Please, if you have not yet ‘solved’ a cube, do not view the video if you are concerned that it might interfere with your enjoyment of the challenge!

Cheers and thanks for your kind support,

Mike Reilly

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