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A book (and interactive, multimedia eBook) of my experiences and insights from living in China. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 9, 2012.

A book (and interactive, multimedia eBook) of my experiences and insights from living in China.

About this project

Hello folks,

I'm a writer from Minneapolis named Brandon Ferdig. This project is an book/eBook combo about my year in China. I did campaign for this project in February, but fell shy of my goal, and by Kickstarter guidelines you either reach your goal or you get nothing. So here's the Sophomore effort that has taken out all the kinks. 

I moved abroad to gain a more objective view of humanity from outside my culture, and with this in mind, started my blog "New Plateaus" upon my arrival to China. Popular throughout my stay, I used my blog as a jumping off point for this book. But rather than a chronology, this book explores the themes that kept revealing themselves throughout the year--in different settings, in different capacities.

An example was education. My experiences teaching children, visiting universities, and educating factory workers provided a fresh look at education as China addresses it, as America addresses it, and as an endeavor itself.

This book offers seven themes--seven plateaus that were ascended--helping to relate better with the world via these heightened perspectives.

But don't worry. This book isn't too deep.

This book is also just plain interesting because it offers you a look at China from someone on the ground. Living there, I encountered some very weird sights, but just as cool was the everyday: buying a paper, ordering a meal.

All good stuff as China is more and more a world player, yet the news is the only place most ever get to hear about it. 

The book is just plain fun as I got very involved with life there both as a participant--as seen on the video--and by getting to know the citizens.

From the skyscrapers of Hong Kong to rolling hills of Henan province, from a factory worker to a university student, from the disabled person on the street to people I'd meet on the bus, the intriguing and entertaining lives I encountered and stories I heard taught me so much about their lives, and as a result, ours in America as well.

And that's what this book is about--learning about the world & learning about ourselves.

Finally, the eBook will take steps in technology by incorporating footage of my year and also by offering links to related content. There will also be opportunity for you, the reader, to comment or ask questions as you read. Imagine that: getting to ask the author questions on the spot!  : )

But whether a black and white eReader, a tablet, a smart phone, laptop, desktop, or the paperback, the content within will help you see China, America, and yourself in a new light.

I'm excited to have used my time and abilities to bring the world to you. But I need help to finish the process.

I am self-publishing the book, have hired an editor to help me arrange all my material, and am using a service to design and distribute the eBook. Here is the breakdown of the costs:

$1,530 for my editor who helped me arrange all my writings and proofread all my drafts.

$850 for a final editing. I'd really like to hire another editor to read and offer feedback once the manuscript is complete. 

$2,090 for an initial printing. 


Total: $4,470  

I'm hoping for $1,500. But as I'm relying on my own savings for the rest, I'd certainly welcome anything over that!

Thank you so much for reading this and considering helping my project come to life. 


p.s. Kickstarter requires you to pay via Amazon. Like Paypal, it is an intermediary that handles the transaction. If you don't have an Amazon account, you will need to sign up for one. But hey, look at the bright side, now you can get all those books you've been meaning to read: ) 


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    Heck, maybe it'll be a fruitful way to discuss some things you've done; I love hearing about others' adventures/ideas!

    I'll shoot you an email, and we can correspond via email or even have a conversation via Skype! : )

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