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I spent a year in China participating in their world, interacting with citizens, and gaining incredible insights along the way.

I spent a year in China participating in their world, interacting with citizens, and gaining incredible insights along the way. Read More
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About this project

Hello folks,

I'm a writer from Minneapolis named Brandon Ferdig. This project is an ebook/book combo about my year in China.

I moved abroad to gain a more objective view of humanity from outside my culture, and with this in mind, started my blog "New Plateaus" upon my arrival to China. Popular throughout my stay, I used my blog as a jumping off point for this book. But rather than a chronology, this book explores the themes that kept revealing themselves throughout the year--in different settings, in different capacities.

An example was education. My experiences teaching children, visiting universities, and educating factory workers provided a fresh look at education as China addresses it, as America addresses it, and as an endeavor in general.

This book offers seven themes--seven plateaus that were ascended--helping to relate better with the world via these heightened perspectives.

So, the book is interesting as it offers you a look at China from someone on the ground. Living there, I encountered some very weird sights, but just as interesting was the everyday--buying a paper, ordering a meal. All good stuff as China is more and more a world player these days, yet the news is the only place most ever hear about it. 

The book is fun as I got very involved with life there both as a participant--as seen on the video--and by getting to know the citizens. 

From Hong Kong to rural Henan province, from a factory worker to a university student, from the disabled to the sex shop worker, the intriguing and entertaining lives I encountered, and stories I heard, taught me so much about their lives, and as a result, ours in America as well.

And that's what this book is about.

And as a service to those who are too busy to see more of their world, I'm eager to use my time and abilities to bring the world to them. 

The eBook will also take progressive steps in technology by incorporating links to accompanying content, as well as opportunities for you, the reader, to comment/ask questions you may have as you read. Imagine that: getting to ask the author questions on the spot!  : )

But whether a black and white eReader, a tablet, a smart phone, laptop, desktop, or the softcover, the content within will help you see China, America, and yourself in a new light.

I'm here because I need help getting it published. I'm self-publishing, and here's the breakdown of the costs:

$2,250 for my editor who helped me arrange all my writings and proofread all my drafts.

$1,500 for ebook formatting--including text, pictures, and links.

$3,470 for printing the book with color photos.


Total: $7,220

Adding in Kickstarter's take and Amazon's credit card fees takes the total to:


I'm chipping in everything I can and hope you can help me with the remaining balance, making my fund-raising goal an even $5,000. 

Check out the freebies for you if you donate: ) 

Helping this project come to light will help everyone gain access to what I learned and experienced. 

Thanks, everyone.

to new plateaus,



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    Heck, maybe it'll be a fruitful way to discuss some things you've done; I love hearing about others' adventures/ideas!

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    I'll start by shooting you an email and we'll go from there.

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