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Our goal is to upgrade the Clover Theater to digital projection, revamp the programming, and locally source the concessions.
Our goal is to upgrade the Clover Theater to digital projection, revamp the programming, and locally source the concessions.
394 backers pledged $60,297 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark R Grandy on July 20, 2013

      Ryan & Kathryn;

      Congratulations on the successful "Kickstarter" funding of your project to resurrect the Clover Theater, and also for the amazing (quick!) progress you've made so far. We look forward to your Grand opening Saturday morning.

      We anxiously await the implementation of more of your great ideas, and also hope there is some way you can restore the “Real Flicks” program of the Cloverdale Arts Alliance, one of our favorite cultural activities.

      Thank you for being “The Movies” back to Cloverdale. We wish you continued and sustained success.

      Mark & Alexandra Grandy

    2. Missing avatar

      Carol Russell on June 4, 2013

      Hello, Ryan & Kathryn. Heard the good news last night, but just got the chance to say "Congratulations!" and second all the heart-felt comments about our very special home town. No place like Cloverdale. No people like Cloverdalians. How lucky we are to have found them!

    3. Alice Olson on June 4, 2013

      Congratulations Ryan and Kathryn for finding this terrific community and thanks for bringing it this latest spur to civic pride and great entertainment. And, I'm thinking, you haven't even seen the fiddle contest yet. You're going to love it, I'm sure. And the next time we visit, it's the movies!

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg Carter on June 4, 2013

      Once again, our community has pulled together to accomplish something wonderful! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who's making this happen, especially Ryan and Kathryn, who dropped in on our Kiwanis board meeting this evening. I'm looking forward to having movies back in Cloverdale!

    5. Mary Ziegenhagen on June 3, 2013

      Congratulations to everyone who pledged; it added up to an extraordinary campaign and certainly brought attention to Cloverdale from all those outside donors. We're looking forward to seeing movies together and talking about them afterwards -- which is, by now, a Cloverdale tradition. So great!

    6. Missing avatar

      Fatima Colman on June 3, 2013

      Woohoo! You guys are awesome. Clarence and I will have to schedule another trip to visit once the movie theater is up and running. Living the dream!

    7. Missing avatar

      ML on June 3, 2013

      Love your story. And your vision. And your guts.

      Go Cloverdale! Go Clover Theater! Go Ryan and Kathryn!

      Looking forward to more updates soon.

      - Monica

    8. Neville Fogarty on June 2, 2013

      So glad to be a part of this community effort even if from afar. Congrats, Ryan & Kathryn!

    9. Missing avatar

      mary frost on June 2, 2013

      Please, bring back murals (done by local artists) to the walls of theater. If only you were around before the tore down the California theater in Santa Rosa! Good Luck and prosperity to you!

    10. Missing avatar

      varolyn crandall on June 2, 2013

      You will build it and we will come!!! What a wonderful thing to happen, and now we need to support it by going to the movies.See you there. Carolyn Crandall, the moviegal

    11. Missing avatar

      sean pierce on June 2, 2013

      Ryan and Kathryn, I have followed your journey through my best friend, Doug Peterson. So glad to see you reach your goal. I'll be up to see the end result.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shannon Miller on June 1, 2013

      I'm so proud of you and Ryan. What an amazing thing you are doing for a great California community! I know you will do them proud! xoxox

    13. Missing avatar

      Terry Miller on June 1, 2013

      So glad to help. We will make a trip over there sometime and meet you. Best of luck.
      Terry & Liz Miller
      Parents of Shannon Miller

    14. Missing avatar

      Barbara T. Sibio on June 1, 2013

      Very exciting news! I'm a movie fan and can't wait for the Clover Cinema to open again...thank you to the Hechts for helping our town!

    15. Eric Higginbotham on June 1, 2013

      This is awesome. Happy to be a part!

    16. Chelsea Judith on June 1, 2013

      So exciting!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We love you, Ryan and Kathryn!

    17. Missing avatar

      Marisa L. Scalese on June 1, 2013

      So excited..... Very proud to be a part if this wonderful project and a member of the Cloverdale community

    18. zardoz on June 1, 2013

      zardoz approves

    19. Arlene Hellmund Epting on June 1, 2013

      YAY! What a great town !!!!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Lisa Overton on June 1, 2013

      OMG! Congratulations!

    21. Brandy on May 31, 2013

      Congrats on reaching the goal!

    22. Missing avatar

      Nancy Dalwin on May 31, 2013

      This is just awesome beyond belief. Cloverdale rocks and so do Ryan and Kathryn!

    23. Missing avatar

      Tina Hannon on May 31, 2013

      Welcome, you two, to Cloverdale. Thank you for seeing what we already know and for having the courage to execute the vision. We are cheering you on!

    24. Chelsea Judith on May 31, 2013

      Now THIS is why I love my community so much--Cloverdale rocks!!! Thank you to everyone who is supporting this great project and THANK YOU, RYAN AND KATHRYN!!!

    25. Tammy Azcarate on May 31, 2013

      This is so exciting!!! Well done Cloverdale and for sure the goal will be met :-)

    26. Charmaine Garland on May 31, 2013

      Me too Mia! I'm so happy for the Hechts and for Cloverdale. I love this town!

    27. Missing avatar

      Mia Munselle on May 31, 2013

      Love this campaign and love how the people in our town continue to join forces and support small businesses and our neighbors. This is the stuff that makes me proud to live in Cloverdale!

    28. Missing avatar

      Neena Hanchett on May 31, 2013

      Cloverdale is a remarkable community. Just over $10,000 to go! When (not if) this project is a reality, it will be "our" theater in every sense of the word. Please contribute what you can and support this community-centric venture. Hats off to Ryan and Kathryn. I saw the sparkle in Ryan's eyes the first time we met. What a great addition to downtown Cloverdale.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lucia Kasulis on May 31, 2013

      We did it with the Rio Theater in Monte Rio, the Kuhn Theater in Lebanon OR, the Skyline Drive-in in Shelton WA, and the Towne Cinemas in Watertown WI, and I know WE CAN DO IT with the 'CLOVER THEATER' as well!!! Buy into your own local hometown place, why, you could even WALK to the movies! Pledge your support for a piece of history before it goes away................

    30. amey goerlich on May 30, 2013

      They best way I can think to pledge my love to NORTHERN EXPOSURE. Plus ryan is pretty fantastic and would love him to be the dude that owns the theatre in my town. Alas NYC misses him but this small town just got a whole lot of character. Make him the dude that owns the movie theatre.

    31. Mitchell Benjamin on May 30, 2013

      We are thrilled to have Ryan and Kathryn in Cloverdale and spear-heading this renaissance for our theatre.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pam Ramirez on May 30, 2013

      OMG!! We're halfway there in one day!! Come on people! We can do this!!

    33. Carla Howell on May 30, 2013

      Go Cloverdale! You can do it!

    34. Bob Jordan on May 30, 2013

      Gotta love this town! We are almost halfway to the goal of closing the gap, and that is great for the first day! We can do this! And then we'll have an upgraded movie theater, with an excellent visual experience, all sorts of films for every taste, and even a snack concession that we can love! Keep spreading the word, and we'll be there!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Mary Jo Winter on May 30, 2013

      It's so exciting to be part of this - even in a small way. It hasn't even been 21 hours yet and they are almost half way to their goal. If ever there was a "Genuinely Cloverdale" project, this is it!!!

    36. Cindy Womack
      on May 30, 2013

      Have you any video, photos etc showing come more of the theater?

    37. Bob & Jeanne Cox on May 30, 2013

      C'mon Cloverdale. We can have our theater back...even better than before. Join us in this wonderful project.

    38. Missing avatar

      Alexis Rhiannon on May 30, 2013

      These are two of the best people in the whole wide world. Please help them make this happen!

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Laird on May 30, 2013

      Thank you everyone for donating. Thank you Ryan and Kathryn for giving the community this chance to have a movie theater again! Let's do it!!!!!