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£3,446 pledged of £25,000 goal
By EasiChef
£3,446 pledged of £25,000 goal

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    1. EasiChef Creator on July 14, 2016

      Hi Todd, That's a really good suggestion. Having feedback from the community such as yourself is vital for us to move forward and make EasiSpread even better. Unfortunately with the model we have now we can't implement this design change and test during this campaign but it is certainly food for thought. We will definitely look into this though and keep you updated. Thank you.

    2. Todd Hutchinson
      on July 14, 2016

      Have you considered two temperature settings, one for moving the butter to the bread (current tempature) and the second which would be warmer which would melt the butter even more? My preference is to get the butter on the bread, and then melt the butter so it is evenly spread.

    3. EasiChef Creator on July 12, 2016

      Hi Todd, Brilliant question.

      The reason we chose 35 degrees Celsius (95 Deg Fahrenheit) is because we did a lot of testing and found that if we were to set the temperature warmer then we noticed that the butter would simply melt off the knife and cause quite a bit of mess. EasiSpread softens butter it doesn't melt it so that you can easily extract the butter onto the knife and it will give you the perfect spread on bread, no tears or rips and no clumping. Did you see the video of us cutting into the butter? It was so easy to do so with the set temperature.

      If you have any other questions please ask and don't forget to tell your family and friends about EasiSpread.

    4. Todd Hutchinson
      on July 12, 2016

      What was involved in deciding on the temperature of knife? Is there a reason why the setting was not warmer?

    5. EasiChef Creator on July 3, 2016

      Hi Again Mickey & our dear backers,
      We have recorded the clip upon your request, we hope you enjoy it :)
      Warm Regards,
      EasiChef Team

    6. EasiChef Creator on July 3, 2016

      Hi Mickey,

      Thank you for your support, we are working on a video to show the knife in a single shot buttering toast with cold butter.
      We will have something uploaded within the next 24 hours, ensuring we send an update out via KS.

      Warm Regards,
      EasiChef Team

    7. Mickey Johnson
      on July 3, 2016

      There have been many knives like this before on KS that have had disappointing results. I'd like to see a live video demonstrating how well this works buttering toast before I can fully back my pledge by campaign close.

    8. EasiChef Creator on July 1, 2016

      Hi Winfried

      Thank you so much for your comment and support.

      We have based the postage on an approximate rate card provided by the UK postal service. We understand that there may be instances where we have over estimated the charge. In response to this, we will provide our backers who been overcharged with a free gift.

      We hope this has resolved your query below; please feel free to contact us on info@easispread.com, should you have any further questions.

      Warm Regards,
      EasiChef Team

    9. Missing avatar

      Winfried Mayr
      on July 1, 2016

      I love the knife, but can you please see if there are cheaper shipping options for abroad shipment? You are currently asking almost the same amount for shipping as for the product - it would be a pity if people would not pledge because of (unreasonably) high shipping costs.