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Help me create precision Dice machined from various solid metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Tungsten and more!
Help me create precision Dice machined from various solid metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Tungsten and more!
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Precision Machined Spinning Tops


Hello Backers :)

Precision Machined Spinning Tops has just launched!


The launch of this third project was planned around breaks in school and school/work schedules, so that's why it is a little sooner than a handful of you would appreciate.

There are exactly seven of you it turns out who's packages are still in transit (for some reason, tracking number says so), stuck in customs (I know that's annoying), or have issues you are working out with me, so you guys are in the works.

I really appreciate all of your support, you have been absolutely AMAZING and I hope you hop on over to my Top project to have a look around and say hello :)

Thank you all so much!!

-amber :)

Now for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious update from the Minions!


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100% Shipped!!


Finally, I can hardly believe it :D

It’s been a monumental challenge and an amazing journey with plenty of ups and downs and I must give you all a HUGE THANK YOU for sticking through with me! Most of you have been absolutely wonderful backers and I really do hope you are enjoying your rewards :)

If you joined me on my gaming dice campaign, those will be going into high gear. I took a good working week to push this project to completion. The completion was a huge challenge, with huge rewards, most of which were not physical. I learned a lot of invaluable lessons by doing this, stuff I would never have learned how to do in a classroom. I struggled with a lot of these lessons, and it was extremely frustrating at times, but sometimes that’s the best, or only, way to learn. And it was worth it.

Just a few of the more important lessons I learned…

Customer service, and problem resolution. I was not prepared for the number of situations that I was confronted with. Not at all. I made a lot of changes in my process and in myself. I still have more that I want to do with this in the future.

Communication I found to be very important, the more I communicated the better the situation turned out. Most of the time. Even with difficult situations in manufacturing and customer issues, I do understand that you guys need to be informed through everything, its just me having to find that fine line of being informative versus being annoying.

Manufacturing is a tremendous orchestration of logistics. There are so many things that need to be managed. So many things. I really learned a lot here, I look at every product different now, and think about all the process steps involved in the production of it. Its pretty amazing, and a lot of labor went into it by many, many people. So every object I see now in a store, I appreciate it more because I know the work behind it.

Packaging is a very big deal when you try and place your product in a retail store; I have gone round and round with it. A lot of my time now is spent with marketing and packaging. I’m trying to establish some distribution channels for my Dice. If anyone out there has any leads to local stores or a small store chain, or any marketing advice I would appreciate it… Because for a project as big as this to die here on Kickstarter would be a waste of everyone’s time…. Right? (‘die’ pun not intended lol)

So now I have to take this to the next level. One of the biggest and most often objection that I hear when trying to place my product is that I need to have a line a products. So it has become very clear to me that I need to create a few more products to have a gaming line. So! I’m going to tell you what my next product is going to be, and it will be released here on Kickstarter in a few weeks, or whenever I get my gaming dice campaign wrapped up as well, or close to it. It is precision metal Twirling Tops. I have been prototyping them for the last 2 months and I am closing in on a couple of designs now. I am in a more advanced CAD class now and learning a whole lot more, so I am going to put these new skills together along with physics, and lots of math. I can promise you it’s going to be unreal if I can pull it off. I’m still working on it of course, it’s very complicated, because this just isn’t your average top, its-… well, you will just have to wait and see.

The below image may or may net resemble my final design, this is just a preview/sneak peek!

I really hope that all of you will continue to support me in this great adventure. I will do my best to continue to improve, learn, and create.

If you read all that you get a cookie. And this does not mean other shaped die wont happen, because they will!

This will be the last update from me for a while here I’m guessing, at least until my next project ☺ I want to thank you for all your support along the way and through this adventure, I really can not express how much it means to me, thank you!

The next update, as I said will be from my ‘minions’ because they asked for one, so they deserve that at the least! This project would not have been completed without them; they helped so much with shipping and messages and retail, and everything really. 

I still don’t have my dice!

I just finished shipping the last orders, so if you are domestic please wait 4-5 days before messaging me, and if you are international please wait 7 days before messaging me, starting…. Now! 

Raffle winners

your prizes will be shipped to you separately! 


-amber :)

Shipping, brick and mortar, BLING BLING

Hello everyone :)

Another update.

Your orders finally seem to be dwindling down! In fact, it will be my goal to by one hundred percent shipped by the end of this week! 

If you have not received your dice yet just sit tight, i'm getting them out to you fast as possible! ALL machining is done, so I have everything I need to ship your orders out. No more delay! (just stamina lol)

That being said I need to thank my minions for helping out on this campaign, helping with shipping, responding to messaging... attending conventions. There is absolutely no way I could have done this without them. SO, they have asked for one thing in return (not including a dice set :P ) and that was they get to post an update to you with whatever they want. And I said yes. So after my 100% fulfilled update goes out, look out for the minion update, they at least deserve to be recognized for all their super hard work!

Brick and mortar

Yup, high five to two of my minions (who some of you got to meet!) for doing a swell job at RinCon and for getting my dice in their first brick and mortar store here in Tucson! Rix Dice (gaming and precision) are now available at A2Z games, located at 4235 W Ina Rd #111, Tucson, AZ 85741

They have brand new retail packaging as well :) Not final packaging, but its getting somewhere. 

So thats really neat, thank you so much! If you or someone you know owns a gaming store or store that could sell some Rix Dice, let me know!

Bling Bling!

I need to let you know about an absolutely amazing project out here on KS right now, its called "Worlds first 3D mechanical playing cards"

It is run by world renowned artist Dale Mathis and he contacted me about including custom versions of my dice for his campaign, and of course I said YES 

The dice in his campaign are precision machined, but specially designed to hold crystals in the pips, and still sit flush. Also, I made it so around each pip is a chamfer which will draw light into the crystal so it sparkles at any angle :)

This is a limited edition die, wont ever be reproduced again or sold again, so this is your one and only chance to pick some up! They come in aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, and titianum. There is also a really cool stealth verision: Black anodized aluminum with black crystals. Its a collectors item for sure, any dice collector must have one!


AND lastly, I believe I caught up on all my messages earlier today, so if you did not get a reply from me please send again :( I do my best not to loose anyone, but they often slip.

Also, I recently found out that people who try and massage me through backerkit end up in my spam box and go ignored for a ridiculous amount of time. So if you need to get a hold of me, please do it through Kickstarter! 

Thank you everyone so much for your support and patience!

-amber :)

RinCon + Tungsten

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Hello everyone,

Another little update.

The last of the tungsten orders will be shipping next week. There was a little delay that thankfully got recovered in a surprising short amount of time. I didn't tell you about it sooner because I didn't think you would believe me!

But the second half of the raw tungsten was being delivered to me via USPS, they put my order on a truck, which put it on a train and that train got involved in a 3 train crash, and then I got the email that said my package was delayed because of "train derailment"... I've never heard that one before USPS, thats a new one :P

Anyway, issue was resolved and our tungsten arrived only a few days late and unharmed :)

AND no one was badly hurt, so thats a major plus. 

So tungsten is here and being machined :) It will be ready for me on Tuesday 

Shipping is progressing steadily.

I think I am all caught up on my KS emails finally! so if you did not see a reply from me its time to resend... again... Sorry about that ^.^; 


RinCon is a gaming convention being held here in Tucson October 4-6 of this month (starts tomorrow!) And my dice will be making an appearance there, so if you are in the area you can stop by and take a look, they will be in the vendors area. There will be gaming die as well as precision being sold at kickstarter prices! I will also have a scrap bucket there (I know I haven't shipped all the scrap packs yet, but these are extra on top of that) so you can come dig through the bucket/box and take home a handful or three at a steep discount. 

Also, limited edition Gold anodized aluminum Precision Dice will be fore sale as a convention only special!

I unfortunately wont be there this time around, but there will be two minions to help you out on my behalf ;)


Trying to see if I can attend Templcon in Providence, its looking like a possibility right now, so same deals as above if I make it to there :) Except by the time this con rolls around I will have new packaging for all my dice, a "fill your dice box" set up, as well as a sneak peak at my third project where you can play around with the prototypes ;)

Any other cons you guys like to attend that are coming up? 

Thats all,


(Oh yea, CNC video of cutting tungsten below!)

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