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Wall size strange attractors knock your socks off!
Wall size strange attractors knock your socks off!
332 backers pledged $9,788 to help bring this project to life.

90% there.

Update#2 to Put a wormhole on your wall  

From Dr. Bob Jansen

I just wanted to let you backers know that, thanks to your interest in my “wormhole” project, we are at 90% and will undoubtedly meet the goal amount soon. I set the campaign duration for 60 days not knowing how people would respond, and wanting to give enough campaign time if only a few did.

Boy, was I wrong. It seems like a whole lot of people want to bring chaos into the world. The project is assured in its original objective, a single large canvas print 4 by 6 feet in size, and as the rest of the campaign time runs and additional pledges are made, additional prints will be possible. I am also interested in doing a real “lobby mural” 8 feet by 16 feet, possible even backlit. These may be possible thanks to the leftover campaign time. If not, I will be creating a new project for them, called “Put an even better wormhole on your wall”.

By the way, I just noticed that there are 17 jpegs on my video, not 15. Not to worry, you will get all of them, all 17, and the folks who opted for 5 will get two more as well, 7 instead of 5. Passwords will arrive by email when the campaign ends September 11th, as originally scheduled, because Kickstarter does not release backer information to me until then.

Thought you all would like to see the first attractor I am going to print large so I put it in the first update. I would have put it in the video, but it was just born yesterday, after 22 hours of labor. I have also added it to the end of the “story” section. This jpeg is reduced by 90%. The big version will be printed on canvas four feet by six feet in size. At full size the detail is amazing, just goes on and on right into the throat of the wormhole. More later, when we go over the top.  


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    1. Kevin Winslow on July 29, 2012

      Im a back and think this is a great project!!!

      can/will you also provide the formula you used to get the image. I think it would be a great addition to the print when I also print my images out!!


    2. Christina
      on July 19, 2012

      Will you provide this newest fractal one in the collection you are providing to your backers? I certainly would like to have it.