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More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
5,305 backers pledged $266,622 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping and Production Update

Posted by Daniel Kane (Creator)

hey everyone!

I just wanted to send a quick update as to the production and shipping schedule so those who have not received their Ridge yet know what to expect. With the help of some friends we have shipped just over 3000 of the pledges over the last two weeks! So far we have shipped the:

Aluminum Black Classic with logo (money clip)
Aluminum Black Classic without logo (money clip)
Aluminum Silver Classic (money clip)
Aluminum Silver New (no money clip)

We have been shipping the pledges out as we receive them from our manufacturer, and as of this morning we have the next batch of the Kickstarter edition as well as the Aluminum New Ridge in Black. Those will begin shipping this week and you will receive an e-mail with tracking sent to the address associated with your Kickstarter account.

If you pledged for one of the wallets that was listed as shipped as haven't received anything as of yet, please be patient! We'll do our best to get everything and will begin processing any issues once we have shipped the remaining pledges. The multiples will be going out soon, but logistically they are much tougher to process as we haven't received every type of wallet yet.

We especially want to apologize to our backers who pledged for the Titanium Ridge, which is still in the final stages of manufacturing. Titanium is extremely tough to manufacture and requires special presses, moulds and drill bits which have to be rotated out frequently that are just taking a bit longer than we anticipated  We will let you know as soon as we receive the remaining reward levels, which are expected to be completed in the next few days.

Again thank you everyone for the continued patience, we're thrilled with the positive feedback we've received so far and are doing our best to ship the remaining pledges.

There were suggestions of using a fulfillment company but we actually turned down several offers to have the project fulfilled by a third party although it would have been simpler because we felt it made the whole process impersonal and we wanted to see the project we promised to you through to the end. So we really appreciate the understanding and are three fifths of the way through fulfilling all of the rewards!

We've also included a few pictures of our last couple trips to the post office and the shipping frenzy going on at home.

-Paul and Daniel

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    1. Winfred Foong on

      Received mine, kickstarter green in Singapore few dAys nice :)

    2. Missing avatar

      AndiFeind on

      Hi Kickstarter Team,

      I just received my Ridge and I am happy. Currrntly I am enjoying to be one of the firsts.
      Thanks a lot for always keeping us up to date and for the perfect delivery. All the best to you and the product.

    3. Johnny Thoi on

      Just received my black Ti Classic yesterday and am using it now, IN LOVE with it and all my friends are envious! :) Thanks guys for creating a gorgeous product.

    4. Martyn Whitley on

      Jeffrey; thanks for that time scale, I'm in the UK too and mine was shipped on the 1st. After it leaves LA, does the tracking info stop?

    5. Darren Higa on

      Just got my email for the Ti

    6. Dorothy Tsoi on

      AHHHH!!! My wallet arrived today!! It looked sick and sweet!!! Thank you so much! :)

    7. Jeffrey Fargas on

      Damn the iPhone autocorrect! But the wallet defo rocks big time!

    8. Jeffrey Fargas on

      Mine was shipped may 30 and arrived in my doorstep in London June 4! Got the classic black with logo and no money clip. Very life indeed! Wil brunt it to work and play with it there (oh and show it off too)!

    9. Darren Higa on

      same here just need a quick update on the TI

    10. Dave Wilkes on

      How about an update on the Ti wallets

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Cherian on

      Got mine and love it, true test of quality is with time but so far all good, definitely worth the money and useful usage instructions as well

    12. Missing avatar

      Christopher Houghton on

      June 3 and still no Ti wallet, reading all the rave reviews of those who have been living with and enjoying their lower priced rewards (high level $85 backer cost comes with some disadvantages apparently). Anyway, every work trip I take without this new wallet are opportunities lost to show it off. Any idea when Ti wallets will arrive?

    13. Kevin Matsunaga on

      Got mine (with the money clip) the other week....does anyone else have a problem with the clip being extremely tight? It's hard to even get any of my money in it. It's actually ripped some bills because it's so tight. I can't even pry it with my fingers.

    14. Dan Crowley on

      Received my wallet this week. I love it. Only positive feedback received from friends, too. Great job, guys! Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael newton on

      Got my wallet today. I'm a firefighter and I'm on shift today so I had my wife bring it up. This thing is bad ass!

    16. Missing avatar

      shoreline on

      Got mine today, it's great! Heavier than I expected ... really thick steel plates. The clip is realllly tight but that's good.

    17. Eldon Siemens on

      I can't wait for mine, will be good to get rid of my big old leather wallet...only I wish I had noticed the KS SE green elastic before now. Oh well, it'll be in my pocket 95% of the time anyway

    18. Brad Feingold on

      Love my Ridge!!!

    19. rogiervanoudheusden on

      Received mine today! Excellent! :-)

    20. dennis lee on

      received mine in the mail and couldn't be happier! it's really great!

    21. Jay Smith on

      Guess I should have read the beginning more clearly... Oops. Still very excited to get this... Especially as my current wallet is falling apart!

    22. Jay Smith on

      Still waiting on a shipping notice for mine... All black no money clip... Shouldn't that have been shipp out to me already??

    23. Missing avatar

      Tony Brassel on

      Another wallet his Down Under & a big thumbs up to all Team Ridge. Looks, feels and works A-1.
      If Apple made a wallet, it would be The Ridge.

    24. Sean Lambert (sum1els)

      Got mine, too! LOL @ the need for directions. =]

    25. Missing avatar

      Jose Castro on

      Got mine yesterday. Exceeded my expectations!!! Thanks for such a great product guys!!

    26. Sandra Shepard on

      got mine - my husband is jealous! He told me once that he would "never" swap from his wallet....until he saw this one (no cudda gotten your own... LOL) When are they going to be "on sale" regularly, so I can get him one for Xmas?

    27. Liminal Chaos on

      Just got my Ridge yesterday. It is awesome, great quality guys!

    28. Christopher Danvers on

      RE: my question regarding the money clips... It arrived here in AUSTRALIA today! Whoop whoop! Thanks guys, love it to death...

    29. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Wow, this wallet is great! Very well-made and such an amazing design. Thanks for such a great product!

    30. Missing avatar

      Niels Hartog on

      Received the ridge yesterday here in Germany. Awesome! Thanks a lot for such a cool product and congratulations on a well-run project!

    31. Missing avatar

      C. Eggins on

      Hey thanks, got mine last week - but it's too nice to give to my friend that I ordered it for! I want to keep it for myself :-) have just gone to your site & pre-ordered another one. Thank you for a great product & for all your hard work.

    32. Martijn Dijkstra on

      Thanks for the update. Guys be proud of what is happening and enjoy every moment of this adventure! Cause you will never forget...
      I can wait , and due to all the extra efforts you took, it will be extra special when it arrives!
      Ow.. and if you have any extra profit... get some new floor tiles :)

    33. Jeremy Perry on

      Thank you for the update about the titanium wallets. Still looking forward to it!

    34. Nicc Lewis on

      I got mine this week - simply genius - good luck!!

    35. Kyle Gross on

      I got mine and everyone is asking where I got it from. They all want one!!!!

    36. Kyle Cooper on

      got it, love it, I will be spreading the word

    37. Missing avatar

      Anthony Ferreira on

      AWESOME WALLET! Switch to immediately and made a bunch of people jealous of my new wallet. Been using for about a week now, and feel of it is great, not heavy at all and functions a lot easier than i thought.

      The only thing i can see on improvement is that the money clip version, it's too smooth that money can easily slide on the surface. I put a small strip of athletic tape right under the clip to stop it. Maybe a little tweak to help that out. but over all a GREAT wallet design for minimalist such as myself.

    38. Missing avatar

      Devin Ward on

      Bah to international shipping and holidays! They don't mix well! Haha anxiously awaiting the arrival of my ridge, once my item gets out of the abyss that exists some where between LA and Canada ill be set

    39. Matthew Keller on

      I received mine in the mail today and quickly switched over to it. I am quite pleased! Great work and congratulations on a great campaign.

    40. Joey Pockets on

      Received mine in the mail today. I must say that I am very pleased with the wallet. Quality finish and function. Thanks for coming through on such a great product. I'll be sure to spread the word!

    41. Missing avatar

      brad doxey on

      Love my RIdge! Great job guys.

      Let us know if you need feedback or thoughts for another/updated Ridge if you plan to make more.

    42. Darren Higa on

      Thank you for the update on the titanium. been anxiously waiting for that one!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Just for mine......very nice result!!!

    44. Steven Fuchs on

      Yes!! Got mine and love it. Thanks!

    45. Tony Carico on

      Thanks for the update guys. Very excited for my new Ti wallet. I will wait patiently. Keep up the good work!

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    47. Eric Chon on

      Been using it for about a week now. I get compliments on it everywhere I go and questions about where they can buy one :)

    48. Robert Newell

      Received mine yesterday. Using it today. Seems absolutely perfect. The feel of it is sensational. Solid but not heavy or bulky. Managed to slim down my wallet nicely too. Just what I need for my travels in a few weeks. Many congratulations for your work on a top project here guys.

    49. Missing avatar

      Natasha Wadlington on

      I've been using my Ridge for about one week now every day. I posted it up on facebook and people were impressed by the design. One friend said he'd even look into buying one from the preorder site. I have the card holder almost maxed out so it's not as easy to slip things in and out but it still works enough. It's so much less bulky than my old wallet. It fits better in girl's jeans too! No purse! The money clip is also holding my bills nice and snug! Thank you.

    50. Chris Calo on

      Yeah, you have done and continue to do a great job with this campaign. Really nice products and packaging. That image with the shipping labels going from the upstairs floor to the downstairs, into a plastic bin - wow! Good decision on doing the shipping yourselves too, though it must be driving you crazy! Looks great!!!