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More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
5,305 backers pledged $266,622 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Dynamic Adventures Inc. on

      Got mine and it is amazing, great work!

    2. Tim P, #39

      Was there an email about the "timeline for the TITANIUM" yet? Just curious since I happen to be out of country and away from home and of stable Internet America

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      Nothing received yet (in the UK). No email or tracking information. I could we get an update as to what to expect with regards to delivery times, expected delivery.

    4. Joshua Keene on

      This is my two weeks notice.

    5. Missing avatar

      vlad kulikov on

      No tracking email.

    6. Missing avatar

      Allan Sparke on

      Hi Guys, I haven't received a tracking mail yet can you advise if there is a delay?

    7. Gaston Ragnar Rippinger on

      I just got mine in the mail today (Germany) and am absolutely delighted!
      Never saw a tracking email, but that might very well be because I use a different email account for online stuff and I only rarely look at the things I receive there (made the package even more of a great surprise because I did not expect this)

      Thanks and keep it up.

    8. Dave Wilkes on

      Still haven't recieved a tracking email PA. Goin on two weeks since last update.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Brien on

      Still waiting in Australia - filled out the survey over a month ago too :/

    10. Yiannys Degermentzidis on

      Still haven't received confirmation email tracking id or anything. I am in the US and see that many people have already gotten it in Europe. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok and wanted to see exactly when I would be receiving the product.

    11. Kjel Beks on

      I received mine today!
      dispatched from USA on 19th, so great delivery time. looks cool!

      going to try it out from now on....
      I am a bit worried cutting the elastics while putting in my cards over time....
      But time will tell!

      Looks great quality! no problems putting in money or cards. i actually like the money clip to be tight.

    12. Vahid Pourahmary on

      Not happy with the product, both the card holder and the money clip are too tight. I also realized I have to take all my cards out, to get one of them, which is very impractical.

      On the plus side, you can tell is good quality.

    13. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Offermann on

      Also still Waiting of an shippment Email or Tracking ID. Hope ist will come soon.
      TO From Germany, Cologne

      P.s hat jemand aus Deutschland seines schon oder ne Email versandbestätigung ??

    14. Hugh Quigley on

      I just received my in Ireland. It was dispatched from USA on 19th so that's great going. Very impressed so far . For all euro users out there I folded them 3 times so they are flush with the rest of the ridge. Just have to go shopping now to text ;)
      Thanks guys this is my second kick starter project but the first one I received

    15. Kjel Beks on

      Still waiting in the Netherlands....

      When i check the tracking ID last update is from May 19 Los angeles.

      Hope i get mine soon!

    16. Missing avatar

      Russell Brown on

      My Ridge came in about a week ago, I love it. I don't really use the money clip because I find that the money was getting in the way when I was trying to push the cards out. I dont know if this is because I am Left handed or what but I dont really care cash on me anyways so it is not a big deal. I just really like the low profile of this wallet yet still easy to get to what you need. Thanks !! I am happy this was my 1st kickstarter project I backed

    17. DN on

      Still waiting in Germany. No tracking id, no ridge... Awful

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Taylor on

      Has anyone from the UK received any shipping notification or delivery at all?

    19. Missing avatar

      Dan Southwick on

      I filled out my survey and gave my address months ago. Still no tracking number or shipping notification. What gives?

    20. Missing avatar

      Briggs Willoughby on

      Just got mine. Pretty much as advertised and very nice. I use the money clip to hold my keycard from work on the outside as the metal blocks it inside. It works well for that.
      The designers and ME's where I work have commented and complemented the design. Well done.
      A few tidbits/ suggestions: The packaging was pretty much destroyed in shipping. No big deal, as the product is fine, but something to think about.
      The outer edges are a little sharp to hold, maybe you could throw a little more chamfer on to smooth them out.
      The plastic seems thick, I think you could still have a very high degree of rigidity if you cut the thickness down. Obviously you are limited by the mechanical constraints of the rivet fasteners, but if you could source ones that require less z height you could improve the design.
      Very happy with the product!

    21. Missing avatar

      Alex Rubenstein

      Received mine a couple of days ago. As many have noted about the money clip, it is very stiff but holds a good wad of bills in once you force them in from the folded side. The elastic itself is fantastic, and I have no trouble fitting in a good eight cards or so in there, and easy to remove. Similarly, the insetted thumb pusher works quite simply to get my cards out.

      I do worry that the black side may get a bit worn from scratching from my keys if they are in the same pocket. It's a nice change from the wallet and I've gotten some nice comments! Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Milo Varnadoe on

      Just received my Ridge. Impressed with the construction and design. I too have tested money clip and if I have more than 4 bills, I will use the clip. Less than that, I will fold twice and just add it against the grain of the cards, in the middle of the cards. Yes, it will poke out of the side, but it's not going anywhere. Definitely needs to be some sort of tension adjustment on the clip. A few bills kept getting caught on the side rivets as well. My only regret is getting one without the logo so that I can help advertise. I will definitely be showing it off every chance I get. Nice job! Congratulations! Thanks guys!

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Brien on

      Patiently waiting for mine... still... >_<

    24. Eric Chon on

      Received mine today. Looks very classy and the build quality is top-notch. I don't generally carry cash so I couldn't test the money clip, but the cards work very well. Fits in my pocket perfectly also! A very happy customer so far. Thanks!

    25. Warren Cureton on

      Ok, it has been a few days since i got my ridge. Here is my review
      1. meets my need of being low profile in front pocket as designed!!!
      2. build is spot on and I am getting very good at getting cards out per instructions that came with ridge.
      3 holds cards very well
      4. the money clip is a fail to the degree i tore a dollar trying to get it in. the clip is too stiff as well as it being a little sharp on the bent part to cut a line in the dollar that i was trying to get in. I have put a 3 -20 dollar bill stack in easier, but it should not be this hard to do. I will work on it to see if it gives over time, but a redesign is needed to be functional out of the box.

      Overall I am happy with the Ridge and will use it and display it with pride. Just work on the money clip and you golden!!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Harary on

      Just got my ridge. It's great for cards. Not south for cash. I can't seem to lift the money clip to get my cash in. Needs to be easier and more malleable

    27. Missing avatar

      John Nolcox 4th on

      Got my package today, very please with it. Great Job guys.

    28. Corbin Atkinson on

      Received my wallet and am very happy. I do have a few problems with it. First of all.. the money clip seems really tight until you actually put cash under it. I don't carry a lot of cash so it's not a major concern for me, but I took a twenty and stuck it in after folding it over twice (4 sheets thick) and it moved around quite easily. I'm not overly confident that my money isn't going to fall out one of the many times I pull the wallet out of my pocket. I imagine that a wad of folded over cash will be fine and I've thought about putting one of my store cards on the outside to keep cash tight when need be. My only other issue (just took it out of the box 30 minutes ago) is that it had a small blemish/scratch on the black side of it. Again, I'll live and I'm sure it'll get many more, but I'm kind of annoyed that a brand new item had a scratch on it. The glossy side makes a good mirror thought it will be a fingerprint magnet and it'll take me some practice to "master" the removal and addition of cards. I'm very happy with it and it is certainly worth wait (for those still waiting on theres).

    29. Missing avatar

      Ron Dirksen on

      Received the packet on Saturday - it looks and works as advertised. Many thanks and all the best.

    30. John on

      Got the shipment details yesterday! It's on it's way to The Netherlands!

    31. Ken Jones on

      Just got my email this morning. By the look of things USPS takes about two weeks (ish) for delivery to Australia. Really looking forward to receiving my wallet. I'll drop by with a comment when it arrives so other international backers can get an idea of wait times for their shipments.

    32. Joseph Hagerty on

      Got mine today! Love it so far.

      The clip seems pretty strong; I tested it with two bills, and it had no trouble keeping the bills secure after many reps of retrieving it from my pocket. Just don't be a savage about it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Erik on

      According to the tracking I should be receiving mine today :D

    34. Jae Won on

      After some examination of the pictures, I feel like the clip part will be lousy and disappointing. Even in the video they don't really go into proud detail how the money clip is remarkable

    35. Joseph Effendy on

      What email will the tracking information be sent FROM?

      My email filters are high and I don't want to miss this email. I want to make sure your email gets to my inbox.


    36. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Good to hear that :)
      Keep up the good work!

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    38. peter brainard on

      It's a learning experience. This delay won't cause anyone to die. Being a project manager, I know first hand that estimations can vary and inexperienced managers make mistakes. All you can do at this point is mitigate (which you're doing), fix the issue and, most importantly, take your lessons learned and apply them to the next project. Seriously, put it in a spreadsheet: What happened, why it happened, how you dealt with it and what should happen in your planning the next time around. That way, you can apply those lessons to future scenarios.
      I'd say, what you did right, is to communicate thoroughly. You may be late, things may change, but as long as you remove the mystery and explain your situation, most people tend to understand. In fact, you may get people who say, "Hey, I know a guy...". Regardless, you'll never, ever, ever please anyone, even if it's a cure for cancer, someone will say, "Yeah, but does it come in strawberry flavor?"
      Good work.

    39. Missing avatar

      Vikki S. on

      Just wanted to thank you for being so up front and HONEST about the delays and not hiding them. I personally support Kickstarter projects like yours because I ACCEPT that you will have a learning curve--- ESPECIALLY with a campaign as successful as yours was. I'm quite sure you weren't expecting this scale of production for a FIRST run. I'm quite sure you weren't thinking of 5000+ backers on a concept like this. I'm quite sure your intentions of a month looked great and promising as you totally did your homework on the project, but with the scope of this EVERY DELAY is understandable.
      In fact, I bought this wallet as a gift for my husband FOR FATHER'S DAY - knowing full well the delays were going to happen. They do to MANY MANY Kickstarter projects for a wide variety or reasons.
      So, add me to the pile of people who understand the delays, very much look forward to your product and pursuit of excellence amidst the learning curve that needs to happen.
      You guys had the courage to get it together, put it out on Kickstarter, and haul heiney to make it happen - and stay honest about the process. Ignore the naysayers. I'm sure they'll appreciate your time management to not respond to them.

    40. Paul Yarmer on

      I understand from a business standpoint, you don't want to spend money on enlisting help, especially since you already have said money from all of us, but all these delays are a bit off-putting. In a retail situation, customers would be jumping ship and finding someplace else to go with stock readily available. I don't like to see fundraisers on KS (seem to) take advantage of how this system works.

      I was extremely excited about this product when I first backed it, but that's now evolved to anxiety and wonderment when I'll finally see this product in my possession.

      Here's hoping this is the last delay we'll see!

    41. MrFester on

      Darn it, was hoping to get it before I left the country next week. Oh well, something to look forward to when I get back.

    42. anle on

      Are these being marked as gifts for UK pledges?

      this will avoid customs charges

    43. Olivier on

      Can we get a photo of the green elastic one?

    44. Missing avatar

      Devin Ward on

      Can't wait for this, was staring at my gigantic wallet filled with cards today on my desk and starting hoping for an update and here one is, pumped for the shipping email!

    45. Gaston Ragnar Rippinger on

      Thanks for the update!
      Loving the look in the pictures :)

    46. Chris McMillan

      Great to hear that we're getting close. Totally understandable given the volume of orders. You shouldn't need to hire a staff to send our tracking info. :)

    47. SarcasmCheck on

      Thanks for the update. I think most of us understand that such a huge volume will take some time to get out.

    48. Moose Man on

      Excellent and thanks for the update.

    49. Missing avatar

      Christopher Houghton on

      Just to reiterate....looking forward to the product and keep up the hard work. Thanks!

    50. Missing avatar

      Christopher Houghton on

      Perhaps with all the dough you guys raised for this, you could hire some help? Seems the time you need for school and work was not considered when starting this endeavor. Is Paul in school too?
      Anyway, perhaps you can sense my frustration with the delays...but it is only because I have been excited for this product the day I backed it (for 85 bones) and that excitement gets jaded with every update containing delays.
      Maybe US based manufacturing could be considered moving forward?