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More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
5,305 backers pledged $266,622 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Nathan Prout on

      I haven't received an email to fill out?

    2. Missing avatar

      icekiller158 on

      @Jorge Maldonado - Click on Me at the top right of the website, then click on Edit settings. Then go to the Account tab and change your email.

    3. Jorge Maldonado on

      I don't have the old email address anymore so I haven't been getting any updates. How do I go about changing it with you guys so, I can get updates when they are posted?

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. nutritioncake on

      Look in the general comments, there was an update there.

    6. Cristobal Nevares on

      Update? It's been over a week

    7. Ylva Greni Gulbrandsen on

      My survey ended up in the junk folder, I sent it as soon as I figured it out. Hope that's ok.

    8. Daniel Kane 3-time creator on

      @Christopher- no I don't think you receive a confirmation e-mail but you should be able to see what you answered in the survey if you go to project home page.

      And unfortunately it's really difficult to pin down exact shipping dates. We know when they will be done produced and shipped to us but with this quantity of shipments and between work, my school and estimated shipping times it's just hard to get a more detailed timeline than above, however, I will be posting updates as they arrive and go out. Thanks again for everyones understanding!

    9. Christopher Monzo on

      So after filling out the survey, are we supposed to receive any sort of confirmation email?

    10. Robert Zillig on

      Please, ship it as "product sample", which they pretty much are, then, there is not tax or duties to be paid here in CANADA.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adrian Haggar on

      can we get an update when these will start shipping?
      estimated delivery was April?

    12. Luke Chavez on

      Such a classy wallet! Can't wait to get mine and sport it at dance clubs : )

    13. Harry Valner on

      Hey Daniel, so when do you think you will start shipping? Let me know, thanks.

    14. Daniel Kane 3-time creator on

      Thank you! We'll post another update as the first batch arrives and gets sorted to give everyone a heads up on which ones will be shipping out. We'll also be shipping via USPS.

      @Christopher- We were thrilled! I think it's great that everyone is so excited to receive their Ridge, I just hope we can keep up with the demand.

      @Ravi and Serdar- have you checked your spam folder of the e-mail associated with your account? You can also fill out the survey directly on Kickstarter, on the project home page (when logged into your account) you should see a banner at the top of your browser with an information request.

    15. Ravi Desai on

      I haven't received an email either??

    16. Serdar Gue Leer on

      Hey guys, no email received so far... did you sent out all the survey already?

    17. Chris Calo on

      Daniel and Dad, did you expect this kind of reaction to this project? Are you pleased with the "I want mine now" reactions? I can imagine being frustrated, but its also a clear sign that you're doing something right - and there is CLEARLY a large market for your products.

      Also, great job with the pictures. I don't think I mentioned that before - your pictures actually show the items very well.

    18. Missing avatar

      Helio on

      Woohoo! \o/

    19. Ken Jones on

      Um, I think all the people focusing on May 5th as a delivery date have misunderstood what Daniel meant in this update. The way I read it was that May 5th was when the first batch of rivets was scheduled to be delivered so that they can start putting the Ridges together, with a second batch of rivets due to arrive a couple of weeks later to complete Daniel's order.
      Once the rivets are in and the Ridges start coming off the production line I would imagine it'll still take a week or two (minimum) for them to process all the shipping labels and get them dispatched around the world.

    20. Missing avatar

      Stuart Dankevy on

      Congrats Gents! This is fantastic news. Can't wait to get my brand new wallets!!!

    21. Mike Stone on

      So awesome and I'm extremely anxious! Thank you guys for your hard work! One thing I noticed though is that May 5th is a Sunday. I'm not aware of any shipping company that delivers on Sunday's. Regardless, I can't freakin wait! ; )

    22. Missing avatar

      Alexander Czajkowski on

      I pledged for a Bridge with green elastic, is it possible to change that to black elastic at this point?

    23. Tim P, #39

      Survey filled and replied; any idea what "ship batch" I will be in? It should be for an international silver titanium with the clip (I ask since I'll be on plane overseas on May 7th), and was hoping for it before the trip.

    24. Ricardo Molina on

      Are they shipping via USPS, fedex or ups?

    25. Missing avatar

      Austin Hophing on

      Will shipping to Canada take longer than May 5th?

    26. Ken Jones on

      My order does have a money clip. I think all the orders with a money clip should be mailed out before the orders without a money clip. #sarcasm

      Seriously though, I don't mind waiting a bit longer if it means you're making sure everything is "just right" with our Ridges (I'm a Pebble backer, so I've developed a high tolerance for delays before I start getting pissy about it). Good to see that you're using the extra time while waiting on the rivet supplier to give the plates an extra polish.

    27. Darren Higa on

      Yeah!!! I guess I will be in the second batch. but I can't wait for the wallet. so it will be delivering by the 20th of may. oh well whats another month

    28. Les Campbell on

      This is great and I'm eagerly waiting for this to come in the mail. Good job guys you're almost done!

    29. Robert Zillig on

      I've received the Shipping survey e-mail. Please, ship it as "product sample", which they pretty much are, then, there is not tax or duties to be paid here in CANADA.

    30. Jacob Morris on

      Wooo! Thanks for keeping us updated way more often than most other projects I've seen. One question though: how will you be splitting up the batches? Is it first come first serve backer basis? (Do you even have that data?)

    31. Robert Zillig on

      Pretty good guys! keep it up!

    32. Missing avatar

      Devin Ward on

      Can't wait, winter is finally over and I'm using my jacket less an less so my gigantic wallet has made it's way back into my pocket... My spine will thank you when this arrives at my door! Here's hoping to make the first draft

    33. Missing avatar

      David on

      I think they did a great job knocking this out!

    34. Chris Calo on

      Those things are fantastic. You can put me on the second shipment if it helps. S'all good. Appreciate the update!

    35. Paul Yarmer on

      Hope I'm on the first batch, that would be just in time for my birthday!

      (crosses fingers)

    36. Scott K. Bowden on

      Sweet! I'll be moving before the ship date, where do I change my shipping address?

    37. Kilrathi on

      Just to be clear - are you planning to ship pretty shorlty after the batches arrive, so that some will go out maybe early in the second week of May and some the third or fourth week? Not looking to hold you to a delivery date but knowing that might help some people fill out their surveys. Looking forward to it!

    38. Missing avatar

      Herpaul Lee on

      My order does not have a money clip. I think all the orders without a money clip should be mailed out before the orders with a money clip.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nick Courtney on

      Really excited about this also......

    40. David Bradley on

      I'm so pumped about this! Sucks about the delays but I'm patient. I've been working with an iphone wallet and it is great but it just doesn't hold enough stuff. You constantly think about how many things you can go without in your wallet, and then you need 3 or 4 of those things and you don't have them excited about this new wallet-like adventure.

    41. Vasilis Odysseos on

      Awesome! Can't wait!