The Ridge: Front Pocket Wallet

by Daniel Kane

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    1. Christina

      The Kickstarter version looks superb!
      Best of luck on your final exams!

    2. Martijn Dijkstra on

      Wow guys, great work! Can't wait for it to have one!
      Good luck on the finals!

    3. Radu Fleanta on

      Super! One question.... I have a pledge for the classic black with the clip. Can I get it with the green rubber

    4. Humza Ismail on

      They are looking great. Is the pocket lip on the silver ti bridge very shiny cause in one pic it looks fine in the other it looks quite shiny. I am liking the silver a lot and am wondering if I should change from black to it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Etienne on

      Awesome! Will you be shipping international orders with a private company or with regular mail? I have a P.O box that can only accept non-private company.

    6. Ryan Pearson on

      Black titanium w/ clip is officially pimp.

    7. Adam Barry on

      They all look great, though I'm very happy with my kickstarter edition. Good luck with your finals!

    8. JA Marbella on

      Now I wished I ordered a black one in addition to the silver

    9. Nick Palmitessa on

      Looks awesome, can't wait

    10. Missing avatar

      Zachary Hait on

      Would have gotten green instead if I saw this before it ended.

    11. Robert Zillig on

      I am kind of happy and disappointed to see this update.

      I guess many people would have pledged differently if they have seen these pictures before the end of the project.

    12. Leigh Beadon on

      Question about the surveys: you said you don't need them to know how many of each model/colour to order, but what about those of us who made the early bird pledges? We need to select our colour!

    13. Carol Koh on

      I agree with Leigh. We have yet to select our colour. Also, will we land our hands on it first since we are the early birds?

    14. Robert Spizzirri on

      You're still going to be able to choose a colour... They're just manufacturing a large quantity of them first...

    15. Adrian Cojocaru on

      I pledged for the "Classic" Ridge in black with anodized black Titanium outer plates and black Titanium money clip. There is a version not in black or anodized silver with silver? I should like to get one in the "natural" color of titanium.

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Judson on

      Thanks for the updates. I know the exams will go well for you.

    17. Tom Boyle on

      Wow these look great! Also, i am now not sure if i want the black or silver!! I know lots of other people have commented saying similar things, but what are the chances i could change colour?!


    18. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tsoumas on

      I too ordered "The "Classic" Ridge in anodized silver with silver Titanium outer plates and Titanium money clip." now seeing the new style black i would like to change mine also to "The "Classic" Ridge in black with anodized black Titanium outer plates and black Titanium money clip." is this at all possible?

      Looking great and good luck with your finals, thank you.

    19. Diver Dennis on

      How sharp are the corners on the money clip? On some samples they look rounded but on others they look sharper. The other design changes are excellent. Thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Karl Livesey on

      that green elastic looks meh no black with black?

    21. Jared Bennett on

      Anything new to share?

    22. Chris Lyon on

      An update would be awesome.

    23. Daniel Kane 3-time creator on

      We'll have another update ready in the next few days!

    24. Roberto Vargas on

      Great, i cant wait for the update, thanks Daniel

    25. Missing avatar

      Justin M on

      Looking good Gents, although I'm with Karl on the green elastic....meh.

    26. Missing avatar

      David Thoren on

      Karl and Justin, the only one with the green elastic is the "KICKSTARTER SPECIAL EDITION" reward...