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More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum and Titanium, RFID-blocking card holder and money clip solution with expandable track.
More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip.
5,305 backers pledged $266,622 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gasper Zvan on

      Hi guys, I am also very satisfied with the wallet and I am about to order a few more. Do you have any special offer for kickstarter supporters if we order online? Thx, Gasper

    2. James Parsons on

      I've had my Ridge for four years now and wanted to offer a brief compliment on the quality of the product. It's been in my pocket regularly all this time, and still going strong.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      On each of the Kickstarter projects I back I keep in mind I am a backer, not a customer. I really appreciate the ones that give me insight to the technical challenges, the start-up processes and problems, and the human responses of attention with intention to make it happen.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tyson Nicolet on

      Like my ridge. Use it everyday. Taken it to the field. To the range. And soon to combat. Like it so much I backed your new one. Great first product and glad you were willing to upgrade/update the product.

    5. Missing avatar

      nkognegr0 on

      sucks your new wallet comes out so quick fixing our beta test! Mine is all bent and scratched up hope your new one is a more solid product. I wont be backing the new one i actually felt some type of way!

    6. Missing avatar

      Igor on

      My wallet not arrived......

    7. Andy Whiteside on

      Never got it - feeling ripped off
      Very very unhappy
      Please refund ASAP

    8. Song Jaehak on

      My wallet not arrived......

    9. kjashdk on

      Been using my Ridge for about 2 months now. Few comments:

      1. It appears to be rusting in spots where the anodized finish is either thin or wearing off. Is that normal?
      2. The anodized finish comes off rather easily.
      3. In the event that the anodized finish or what I am taking to be rust spots are not those things, then the finish or the metal is staining.

      I like it, but the odd coloration on the metal makes it look rather dirty - which is not what I was going for. All in all great product and project, though!

    10. Josep Garcia Hernandez on

      My wallet not arrived, please, help me.

    11. Aleksander Bergan on

      Your video about how to access the middle cards blew my mind. Have fun with your new campaign while i sweep my brain off floor.

      Will refer colleges and friends to your new project.

    12. Scott Peters on

      I have been using my Ridge since about June and love it. I get so many questions and compliments about it. My only issues is that the band opposite the opening seems to be wearing more than the other 2. Will definitely get another one in the future when this one gives out, just sad I won't be able to get black and green :(

    13. David Scott Hay on

      Love it. Took a little getting used to (the money clip was super tight and still is which is a good thing). Very well made and has become my everyday wallet. I am currently staring at three other KS minimalist wallets on the desk.... that I am not using.

    14. Missing avatar

      Gwen on

      Item did not arrive. Email you a week ago waiting for Your response.

    15. Hope Lewellen on

      I have been using the ridge for only a few days now. I like it. The size, the feel and how you use it are all very nice. I am just wondering how long you think the elastic will last? Just wondering. But it is a nice wallet and imam wondering if you guys are full on marketing and selling this if I ever want to get more. Thanks.

    16. Aleksander Bergan on

      Been using my Ridge since June 13th now and i love it.
      I keep 3 cards on me at all times and that's really all i need. Some people think you have to remove all the cards which is NOT true. You press the little finger slot to expose your cards and run your thumb along the card you want to remove, it slides out easily.
      I keep my driver's license in the middle (I never use it anyway) so that just stays put.

      I've dropped my wallet on asphalt a couple of times and there is no visible damage to it.

      The only problem I have with the wallet is the money clip.
      Just like Robin Watt's said, you need to fold your bills a bit too many times over.
      It's just not tight enough, I might run some rough sandpaper under it so it can grab the bills more easily.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adelbubba on

      Still nothing in Switzerland .... Hope before Christmas !!!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Preston on

      Hey, just sent my survey in. Sorry for taking a while, didn't have a shipping address due to RL issues. Was wondering if it's been looked at and the product shipped, thanks.

    20. Heidi L

      Definitely my best Kickstarter reward to date! The wallet's in use every day, no unexpected wear so far (the edges are a bit chipped by now, but that's my own fault - I dropped it a few times). The money clip not holding onto bills is a bit of a concern, but I think the problem is the polished surface on the inside - it makes bills rotate easily and if you don't pay attention when you take out the wallet they might catch on the pocket edge and slip out.
      So here's an idea for Daniel: maybe look into a different finish for the inside part of the clip?
      Anyways, thanks again for a great product - all the best for the future!


    21. Robin Watt on

      I love the wallet for everything except the money clip. That portion won't hold on to anything unless I fold a bill down 3-4 times. When having more than 5 bills its ok, but anything less just falls out.

    22. Missing avatar

      Edward Lopez on

      I want to express how happy I am with my wallet! It has become my primary wallet. I've had many positive comments, and have made referrals. The compactness is exceptional!

      The elastic does loosen a bit with use, though not any less wear and tear one would expect. I suppose even titanium wallets are expected to be replaced from time to time.

      I admit that I use the clip to hold receipts rather than money. Except for smaller Euro bills, there is no good way to hold money that doesn't overlap the edges of the wallet.

      Well done, and I wish you the best of success! I'm happy to have backed this project!


    23. Daniel Kane 3-time creator on

      @Bobby- Thank you! We do our best to make everyone happy and there are definitely a lot of roles to see the project through to the end, really appreciate your understanding and support!
      @Mykhailo- I'm so sorry about the delay, I hope you received my e-mail and glad to hear it showed up.
      @Panagiotis- I'll send you a message and we'll look into your shipping information.
      @Gwen- We've shipped your replacement!
      @Troy- I assure you we have no control over what's posted and have no way of deleting anyones comments, we aren't even able to edit our own comments 20 minutes after it's been posted. We also never have or will contact Kickstarter requesting a comment be taken down. I'm sorry to hear about the grocery store mishap and please send us a message if you'd like a discount code for the website.
      @Tony- I'm sorry you feel that way, there is a trick to accessing your middle cards but it may not be for everyone. If you have any suggestions for improving it please shoot us a message!
      @Devin, Adam, Cosmo, Jon & Insanious- Thanks guys! We love hearing positive feedback and anything we can improve on.


    24. Bobby Davis on

      Received mine back in May. Time will tell if I love it or not so much. To all those people who are beatin' and criticizing this project, remember, most Kickstarter project creators have only one chance to get it right. Apple, Google, Nintendo, or whoever, have millions of dollars and teams of engineers to go through several iterations of product development before it ever sees the light of day. Kickstarters usually have a budget that requires them to nail it on the first try. That's a pretty high hurdle by anyone's standard.
      Considering that many Kickstarter projects are one or a few person collaborations, it's actually incredible the many roles these project creators have to play to get the product launched.
      When I pledge my hard earned money, I know it's a crap shoot but part of the joy of pledging is watching the project get to the finish line and hopefully giving the project creators an opportunity to add and continue with other, even better products and they learn from their first one.

    25. Jon Ward on

      User in the UK - love my wallet, already recommended it to friends and not sure about people talking about the money clip - mine is fine with 1 or 20 notes in it. Takes a bit Of getting used to getting cards out, I carry anything from 1 to 10 cards - no problems at all. A few scratches on the polished plate but as a realist I expect that! Good job guys!

    26. Mykhailo Delegan on

      Still no response from Daniel which is frustrating.

      Nevertheless I've finally received my wallet. It was actually at my post office for almost two months because they couldn't figure out whom the package should be delivered to. The reason was that my apartment number was not printed out on the shipment label though I provided it in address line 2. I have also found it in shipment notification from Which means that this is failure on Daniel's side :(

      Regarding the wallet, I'm quite happy with it for the time being, although several scratches which showed up quite fast. I doubt it will last for long.

    27. Insanious on

      This is by far one of my favourite purchases from Kickstarter. This wallet is awesome and I've gotten a few comments about it as well.

      I love how convenient it is, and how small it is. No problem accessing my cards, and no issue with quality.

      Awesome product :).

    28. Panagiotis Coletsos on

      I still have no update on any tracking information concerning my pledge... :(

    29. Cosmo Moore on

      A couple months in and my wallets fine. I only keep 1 ID in it and 1 credit card. My elastic is still tight. Got a silver one, no blemishes other than finger prints. Happy customer

    30. Missing avatar

      Gwen on

      I have not receive my wallet too. I have sent an email too as you asked, would appreciate an update. Mine been ship on May 19, already two months parcel didn't arrive.

    31. Tony Hall on

      This wallet is crap. Congrats to the makers for making a few bucks. After less than 2 months of use, all of the thin pieces of metal around the elastic are bent. It's all scratched up just from laying it on my nightstand each night. The design is useless, too, but that's my own fault I guess for not thinking about its function. Accessing the inner cards is impossible without removing all the cards, and it's awkward.

    32. Mykhailo Delegan on

      Daniel, I've sent an email to 4 days ago as you asked, got no response at all. Have you got it?

    33. Missing avatar

      Devin Rea on

      I've been using my Ridge wallet for a few weeks now and I love it! Absolutely zero issues with either of the wallets i received. Just wishing i got two kickstarter editions since my girlfriend begged me hourly to trade for mine. Will Definitely be interested in another should they be offered with different elastic colours.

    34. Adam Barry on

      I've pretty much made a complete transition to the Ridge and I've got to say that it's fantastic. It has forced me to cut down on some of the clutter (ie reward cards and obscure membership cards) which is one of the first things that attracted me to this project. I still get a jolt of shock on the rare occasion that I reach into my [empty] back pocket, but I guess it's hard to break from a 25-year habit overnight.

      I've even had random people (cashiers etc) complement me on my Ridge when I've taken it out to buy, and I can safely say that I've never had a complement for a wallet.

    35. Missing avatar

      Troy Grimes on

      Looks like my comment about losing $60+ at the grocery store was removed. That's pretty lame. The clip for the money bends and does not spring back. So be careful as you use less bills in the clip.

    36. Daniel Kane 3-time creator on

      @ Chuck and Steve- Thanks for the feedback!
      @Alexis- Thanks! The review looks awesome
      @Mykhailo and Michael- For international deliveries the delivery time can vary widely due to customs delays. Would you be able to send me a message or e-mail to and we'll get it sorted out?
      @StudtRand- That's odd, NY delivery shouldn't be a problem, could you send me a message with your shipping name and I'll look it up and get a new one out?

    37. Missing avatar

      StudtRandD13 on

      Any help here I still have yet to my pledged wallet :( Im in NY I do not know what to do :(

    38. Alexis Huille on

      Hey guys, I just received my wallet here in Shanghai, and I'm pretty happy about it !
      I also wrote a short review here : , hoping to get you more clients on this side of the planet. Cheers !

    39. Michael Drescher on

      my wallet has been sent to me 1 month ago and i still havent gotten anything in my mail.
      i ordered 2 wallets and the last one arrived after 10 days.

      whats wrong with it?

    40. Mykhailo Delegan on

      It's been more than a month since the wallet was sent to me, but still nothing at my end. According to the tracking it (hopefully) left U.S. on May 28th, but still not arrived here :(
      It's the first time out of many-many shipments that I experience such delays in delivery. Hope it will eventually make it through.

    41. Josep Garcia Hernandez on

      I dont your understand.

    42. Chuck Riedel on

      Wonderful wallet guys, I've been using it now for a month and my back thanks you. I also keep my employee ID in the money clip portion as it allows for quick building entry at work and the card is held securely.
      Hope to see more innovative products from you in the future. I'm

    43. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      FYI if you're doing future design tweaks: I've found that when I try and carry more than 4-5 cards in my Ridge the cards tend to not stay fully seated in the wallet. They pop out a bit and I've got to push them back in constantly. I live in Canada and all our bank cards and credit cards still have raised numbers though, so this may not be an issue for everyone.
      Other than that I'm loving this wallet. Looks great and I always get comments from people when they see it.

    44. Daniel Kane 3-time creator on

      @Joseph- your replacement is the mail!
      @Zhriver- Would you mind sending me a message with some pictures? In my experience the haze from coins simply wipes off the titanium, but this could be something different.
      @Thisisme- We'll be working on it!
      @Josep- I'll check the tracking and send you a message
      @Russell- Yes, I'll have an update posted soon, as of today all of the pledges have been shipped with a few exceptions of people who either haven't filled out their surveys or shipping addresses that weren't recognized by the shipping software. Exams also went well and I'm officially graduated, thanks!

      Other than that thank you everyone for the feedback and please feel free to send me a message or e-mail at so we can help resolve any outstanding issues.


    45. Missing avatar

      RJ on

      Any chance of an update for those of us yet to recieve our wallets? Hope the exams are going/went well!

    46. Missing avatar

      Zhriver on

      Got my black titanium ridge. It looked good, but after using it for less than a day its that appeal.
      It seems to have some chemical reaction with coins, so that now parts of it are bronze and silver.
      Anyone else having this issue?

    47. joseph pheifer on

      Can u please let me know how to contact you about a issue with my ridge?

    48. Missing avatar

      Thisisme on

      Hi, while I am enjoying my ridge wallet, I found that the edge and cutout on the non-clip side was very sharp and have deburred the edges and corners. Just a suggestion going forward, you might want to make sure that the edges are smooth. Cheers.

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