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We are gearing up to create the world's first mass produced edible cutlery. This has huge potential to prevent plastic waste.
We are gearing up to create the world's first mass produced edible cutlery. This has huge potential to prevent plastic waste.
9,293 backers pledged $278,874 to help bring this project to life.

Machine up and running!

Posted by Sarah Munir (Creator)

After lots and lots of difficult trials and tribulations, the production machine is finally working. And it's producing at capacity. We can now confidently produce large quantities to ship by boat but we can also begin expedited shipping processes as well. I will contact everyone who has shown interest in this on the survey within the next day. If you have not already filled out the backerkit survey please do so as it really helps us logistically. I have asked for quotes from India post which has a branch of expedited shipping that is much cheaper than FedEx and is as reliable with tracking information. Will relay this information within the next day.

Also, Ketto will be doing a live Facebook video in the factory next Wednesday morning. Please check out the Ketto Facebook page if you would like to peak into the factory.

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    1. Tim schreib on

      I have still not received my spoons, it has been a very long time since any update. Could you please help me

    2. Missing avatar

      Ayla on

      Woops! Sorry, just noticed the November update. Keep up the good work. Here's to a bright edible future! Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ayla on

      Hey what's happening with the edible cutlery? It's been a considerable amount of time, and would love an update. I purchased extra and, if anything, would like to see the purchased portion. I invested in this so if I don't see the invested "free" portion I would more understand that, but I purchased product outside of the kickstarter investment as well. Please let us all know. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      LMans on

      Would love an update. I showed interest in the expedited shipping and didn't hear from anyone. I realize your issues, however, at least a monthly update would be nice, I have a lot of money tied up in your venture. Excited to see the products! Continued best wishes

    5. Vish Talreja on

      Thank you Sarah. Not many appreciate the challenges of global delivery and that too of an innovative product like your's.

      Please keep us updated as things progress but I can imagine you might be neck deep in meeting production and shipping goals.

      All the best!

    6. Danielle MacKenzie on

      I'd like an update as well

    7. Deborah Ott Rose on

      I ditto Deborah Torr's request. I would like an update on my delivery. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Deborah torr on

      An update would be most appreciated. We are nearing July and we are an ice cream shop, so it would be great to know when they will possibly get here.

    9. Missing avatar

      Abbas on

      has anyone started to receive their shipments? The date promised was April 2016 and we are entering July.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lisa on

      How can I change my delivery address if i have moved,please? :)

    11. Night1505

      @DuncanCreamer - I'm sorry to tell you, but what you originally pledged for was 1 pack of 100 spoons of 1 flavor. It is what it is.

      The wording on the pledge is admittedly ambiguous: "A pack of 100 edible spoons in your choice of any flavors."

      What it should say is "A pack of 100 edible spoons in your choice of any of the flavors."

      But, you can hardly fault them for the error in your understanding. I pledged for 10 packs of 100 spoons. That's 1000 friggin' spoons! But I wanted to try all the flavors, so I knew that was my option.

      I'm sorry man, but there is nothing here for the creator to "fix". My suggestion is to choose the flavor you think is the safest for your 100 pack. Then, if you really really really wanna try more flavors, pony up the $4 for a sampler.

      Hope this helps. :)

    12. DuncanCreamer on

      I've gone to fill out the form and I've found that the multi flavour add on pack is not 4$ but more than double at 9$ once you add shipping. So now it's going to double the cost of what I was originally promised with my original pledge and this would only get me 14 additional spoons.

      Very disappointed.

      I feel tricked as what I had originally ordered was a 100 count of a variety of flavours and now my option is to get 100 of a single flavour for 10$ and another 9$ for 14 more spoons that have only two of each flavour. I don't want to pay 19$ for 114 spoons. I want to get what my pledge was originally for: 10$ for a 100 sample pack of all the flavours.

      Please fix this.

    13. DuncanCreamer on

      My original survey had the option of sampling every flavour. When did this change? It was the sole reason I chose the perk; to try all the flavours. I can say I am becoming very disappointed in the way this campaign is being run. Thank you the tip at least. I can apparently pay a little more and get them all? I'll try that.

    14. Jon Uzel on

      I assume/hope to see many of the backer kit options and such commercially available after pledges are filled. Will there be an announcement about a web site for that coming any time soon? I've mentioned this project to others who didn't get in on the KS but would love to order some stuff, it'd be great to have somewhere to send them.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Carlson on

      If I paid for expedited shipping, would it arrive in Seattle, WA, by June 20? I'd really like to have it by then for my students who are really excited about it.

    16. Missing avatar

      Barbara Bell on

      Looking forward to this special cutlery whenever it arrives. Thanks so much for inviting us to participate in this delightful project.

    17. Karen Dana on

      It was so nice to meet you at the NRA Show in Chicago. Hope my edible cutlery will soon arrive to San Miguel de Allende , Mexico!!!!!

    18. Suety Kwan on

      @DuncanCreamer, if you pledged for 100 spoons initially you should have known that they were all the same flavour. If you want all flavours you will need to go to the Backerkit webpage and retrieve your kickstarter account, then add on the trial pack for $4 plus shipping.

      Here is the link to retrieve your account:…=

    19. DuncanCreamer on

      Again, where is the multiple flavours option? I don't want 100 spoon of just one flavour. I'm just one person. How can I indicate to you that want a mixed bag? If that is not an option, please say so in one of these posts.

      Please be explicit so I can decide what to do instead of just being ignored in these message boards.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rachel Fri on

      I am a but confused is the new survey going to be sent by email to me? If no, Where can I find the link to complete it?

    21. Kelly Cheatle on

      Congratulations! ;-) Looking forward to getting to use them...but I can wait!

    22. Patita Pavana Dasa on

      I will like to know if I can get mines before the 19th. Is the international yoga day celebrations and we were planing to have the spoons by that.