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An unlikely space for uniquely fun times and culinary inspiration fulfillment.

suite d  

an unlikely place for uniquely fun times and culinary inspiration


A sweet opportunity has presented itself to us -- 2000 square feet of open warehouse space waiting for something to happen, so what's a girl to do but go for it!  Right?  Well, why not?

We will be starting with raw, really RAW space with taped walls, exposed insulation, cement floors, 21 foot ceilings, and of course, a typical roll-up warehouse door in an industrial (but up and coming) part of Sonoma Valley. Nothing wine country about this --- YET!

In the 15 years that we have been in business in Sonoma, the creative process of fashioning something new and wonderful with imagination and creativity is one of our best talents. All of our properties had a history and an identity before we got there. When we arrived on the scene, we listened, tuning in to the "soul of the space" while adding our signature style and recycling the best aspects of the original property to create a new environment.

suite d will be no different.

Now feels like the right time for us to reach further out to the community and encourage innovative ways for all of us to connect through food and wine and gather around our tables together. We have recently ventured into so many fun projects, and we never seem to have a spare space to make things happen without affecting another part of our business. So we are looking at this space with possibilities that seem endless, including:

  • a classroom for staff training, food safety, CPR and other required hospitality related courses, wine classes, cocktail classes, cooking classes and more
  • workshops, including canning, pickling, butchery, farming
  • winemaker events
  • wedding rehearsal dinners
  • fundraisers
  • a ballroom, dance hall, musical concert, theater production
  • a temporary art gallery space or studio
  • a meeting venue
  • a dinner and a movie
  • a coffee stand or small sandwich truck
  • a photo studio
  • a staff lunchroom
  • a Think Tank 

suite d will allow us to have a unique space do more of what we do, in the way we do it, while also challenging us to do things a little differently. We will rent out the space by the hour, day, or event. We will offer a menu of services that can be customized to suit your needs -- and, with the flexibility of this space, that could be most anything. With our kitchens, our hospitality staff and our proper licensing, we envision suite d to be unique and dynamic, off-the-beaten-track, yet a convenient space to participate in events or create one of your own.

The above video presentation takes you through a few of our initial ideas as we get started.

Included in the video are:

1 --- some of our past classroom settings, from big to small areas, places with over-the-top equipment or in the middle of a field.

2 --- different settings for our trade tasting and evaluations of products like cheese, wine, grappa, chocolate -- education is a really important element of our mission as a company. Because we realize that these hands-on staff sessions are not just informative but also fun, we imagine expanding these classes to include our patrons.

3 --- the farm project, our three-year farming experience that continues to grow (no pun intended!)

4 --- The bounty we harvest each season supplies products for the restaurants and events, canning and pickling to satisfy our Sharecropper arrangements and, of course, stocking the cupboards for the winter months.

5 --- There's always a reason for a meal; whether it is eating the rewards of a successful cooking class, tasting new menu specials or creations, eating staff meal or just lovely produce that was picked that day.

6 --- How we set the scene for the celebration.

7 --- The main event.

Since we are looking to create a clean shell of a multi-purpose space, the needs to get going can be streamlined to the basic necessities.

  • Ambiance - fabric, texture, lighting
  • Demo Kitchen on wheels - (everything will be on casters!)
  • Welcome door
  • Minor Plumbing
  • A Really Long Table To Gather

Click here to see more ideas on my Think Tank on Pinterest.


(curated cheese & chocolate tastings, cooking, canning and cocktail classes, original cocktail napkin art, dinner for you and nine of your friends. special invites to movie nights, Sunday Suppers, and more!)

I hope we've helped you see everything that suite d can be: a gathering place of unlimited possibilities.

We hope you will join us there!


  • suite d is located next to our catering kitchen on Schellville Road which is off of 8th Street East in Sonoma.

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    Original pen & ink cocktail napkin thank you created by one of our many talented staff members (shipping included)

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    A big thank you and a jar of a Sonoma Valley Sharecropper product made during a suite d mobile canning session!

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    A ticket to a PING PONG Social Club Night, includes a drink ticket and nibbles.

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    Curated Chocolate Tasting at suite d, Get your SWEET fix here; (several dates to choose from)

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    A reservation at one of the Sunday Supper - Winemaker events. Four Course family style dinner featuring one of our local winemakers. Selection of dates to choose from.

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    NEW REWARD!! Workshop at suite d with our gardeners, "Local Landscapers" - Will teach how to make Terrariums, Living Walls, Drought Resistant Gardening and more. (Selection of dates to choose from.)

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    Curated Cheese Tasting at suite d with a local cheesemaker. For backers outside of the area, a curated cheese assortment can be shipped with two jars of Sonoma Valley Sharecropper Product. (shipping included)

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    Invitation to one of three Preview Parties at suite d. Catered by the girl & the fig CATERS! featuring seasonal bites, cocktails and wines.

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    MANO FORMATE Workshop; Hands-on Artisan Cured Meat Workshop, MANO FORMATE magazine with recipes, lunch

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    Rental Space at suite d for 5 hours; Restricted use based on availability.

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    Private Cooking Class for you and nine of your friends. Start with a demonstration of seasonal recipes and techniques and gather for lunch paired with wines at suite d.

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    Multi Course Wine Dinner for 10 at suite d

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    Private happy hour party at suite d, passed appetizers, two food stations, winebar for 50 guests for 2 hours.

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