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A weather book with 200 high resolution images using clear page overlays to explain the dynamics of how and why severe weather occurs.
A weather book with 200 high resolution images using clear page overlays to explain the dynamics of how and why severe weather occurs.
663 backers pledged $46,673 to help bring this project to life.

WE DID IT!!! Thank you everyone!

Posted by Zach Roberts & Jason Weingart (Creator)

We are humbled, stunned, and just plain thankful for the outpouring of support for this project. A sincere thank you from Jason, Savannah, Logan and myself to each and everyone of you who donated, shared, commented and got behind this 100%. We will be in touch with backers soon to go over the next step. We have a lot of work to do and the spring storm season is almost upon us! The Anatomy of Severe Weather is a reality now!!. THANK YOU! 



Posted by Zach Roberts & Jason Weingart (Creator)

On this, the LAST DAY of our campaign, we wanted to give a shout out to those who serve the public as first responders in tornado prone cities. 

Our last updates discussed gifting books to schools and libraries at $45K; well - if we can take it over $45K, and we are getting close but time is tight - we are NOW ADDING gifted books to first responders in tornado prone cities such as Moore, Ok, Joplin, Mo, Tuscaloosa, Al and Jarrell, Tx, to name a few.- Cities whose communities have, and will continue to be at risk for tornadoes and severe weather.  

We love you for your support, and we love educating kids, and yesterday we asked ourselves, who else do we love? The answer was first responders. Let's "kick" this thing over $45K so we can share that love with all those who deserve it most. And thanks again - this will be our final update/post until after the campaign closes. Our humble appreciation abounds.

Final 48 Hours!

Posted by Zach Roberts & Jason Weingart (Creator)

When Jason,Savannah and I started this project, the ultimate dream was to get the book in the hands of kids. We wrote up lesson notes, and reached out to a few former teachers, plus librarians, and other learning centers right in our own neighborhoods and communities.  

We learned that the process is riddled with red tape, and rules of appropriation. So - by hitting the $45K goal, it will allow us to "gift" the books (a minimum of 100 hard covers, at no charge) - which skips the red tape.  

We are already grateful, humbled and overwhelmed for the support to date. You've all come through. As you can see, for a most personal reason, we badly want to get to $45K, at which point we can guarantee that we can personally deliver books - and lesson notes - and then - it's a dream come true.  

Help us make that final difference. Bring in one friend who you feel will love the book, share this, let's wrap up an awesome 30 day campaign and add to it a most personal achievement we will remember forever, and you will too. (Please see video.)  

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Thanks again for being a part of this.

HELP US PUSH PAST 40K....THEN ON TO 45K!!.. Get these hard covers into schools and libraries!

Posted by Zach Roberts & Jason Weingart (Creator)


Posted by Zach Roberts & Jason Weingart (Creator)
We are so excited about this Update. For the first time, we can tell you amazing details about the hard cover book itself. We are talking museum quality, folks. It will be spectacular. When we started this campaign, we knew what we knew - storm chasing, photography, and climatology. We knew very little about commercial printing. 

We just got funded Jan 22, and we were quick to announce stretch goals on Jan 24. But since then, we've actually corresponded with printers, and the results are ... well ... 

 Allow me to describe our beautiful museum quality hard cover coffee table book entitled Anatomy of Severe Weather. It will be printed landscape, large sized, using 157 gsm weighted stock as text, run on a world class 6 color Heidelberg press, covered in gloss stock over 3mm boards, bound and finished with a smyth-sewn, square backed case binding, and beautifully jacketed with bright white stock and a gloss laminant. Have no idea what that means? Well, neither did we. But we know now, and it's good. What we also know now is this: If we get to the $40K level, then EVERY hard cover book (which are ALL books from the $100 backer level and above), will be as per the above. 

The images will absolutely jump off the page, and the book itself will be a credit to even the finest coffee table. And - the DVD detailing The Anatomy of the Life of a Supercell - that of course is still included as well. In the next day, we will change the narrative on the project page, because we will no longer be using Print on Demand, except for the soft cover print run, and we want it to read correctly for new backers. 

 Finally - if we get to the $45K level, we will be donating copies to local schools, and libraries, as per the last Update. 

 Thanks again for your incredible and amazing support. Help us bring this home at $40K+. Warmly, Zach and Jason