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Use an old speaker in a way you've never used it before. Transform it into a great sounding portable Bluetooth speaker using The Vamp.
2,262 backers pledged £101,743 to help bring this project to life.


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"I've been fortunate enough to hear The Vamp hooked up to a Bakelite speaker, and the volume, depth and richness of sound it puts out is superb. It plays a mean Roxy Music; what more could you want?" from

There are many portable Bluetooth speakers on the market but for sheer sound quality these devices have not matched the superior audio quality of the conventional speaker and they are often very expensive. The Vamp is about bringing life back to the millions of speakers which still exist in our homes and delivering great sound at an affordable price.

What can it do?

It may be small but The Vamp can power any size speaker!

We did a quick video on our iPhone showing The Vamp in action. It's quick and easy to connect to any speaker!

Take a look...

It uses Bluetooth to receive sound from any Bluetooth device like your smartphone, laptop or tablet. 

You can position The Vamp anywhere on your speaker. Simply stick the metal disc supplied onto your speaker and The Vamp will stay secured in place magnetically.

How loud can The Vamp make speakers go?

Very. Here's a test we did...

We have done many tests with various speakers; some that are thirty years old and others that we have picked up from as little as £2.50 from second hand shops. The Vamp gives great sound with any speaker.

With our tests, we have found that to match the sound quality of The Vamp, you would have to spend way too much money on current portable Bluetooth speakers to achieve comparable sound quality.

Remember, it's not all about the loudness. The sound quality is richer and more textured than most portable Bluetooth speakers on the market.

How does it connect to your speaker?

A      Some speakers have terminals in the back, so plug in audio cable provided.

B      Some speakers have a wire coming out the back, so attach wires into speaker cable connector.

More ways to use The Vamp...

It is compatible with various speakers including those from your PC and hi-fi.

If you don't have Bluetooth...don't worry. Simply use the line in cable provided.


  • casing
  • inner magnet
  • 10m bluetooth range
  • 4 watt peak single channel amplifier
  • rechargeable battery with 10+ hours battery life (can be a full day's battery life depending on volume)
  • can recharge or have constant power by using any USB port or USB power adapter

1     LED light

2     3.5 audio input

3     Speaker cable connector

4     On/off switch

5     Micro USB port

What's in the box?

1     The Vamp

2     Charge cable with line in and USB

3     3.5mm audio jack with two wires

4     Metal disc with adhesive foam pad

Stretch Goals

With 22 days left to go, we hope that the new stretch goals we have introduced will take our project to the next level. If you have already pledged, keep spreading the word and if you haven’t, help us reach these goals and let’s make this possible.

Where does the funding go?

We have opted for Kickstarter funding for The Vamp because the other alternative would be to launch it through an existing brand manufacturer. That would have meant losing control over things like design, marketing and price. We want to keep ownership of all aspects in order to have a direct relationship with our users - you guys!

On top of the £10k in development we’ve spent ourselves, we still need funding for the following:

  • Injection molding tools.
  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ). Factories often require MOQs of thousands of units per design which is a risk for a startup. With your help we can fund our first line of production.
  • Patent. We have filed a patent to protect this simple idea from being copied. Everyone wants the Kickstarter product they support to stay original and unique.
  • Development trips. Over the next several months we will need to go to Asia to manage and oversee development, tooling and production to make sure the product lives up to your expectations.


Q. Why is it called The Vamp?
A. Simple! Because it revamps all those brilliant old speakers we have lying around in attics and cellars, and restores them to their former glory.

Q. Has The Vamp been patented?
A. Yes. We have successfully applied for a patent so it is patent pending. 

Q. How will I know it will support my phone, tablet or computer?
A. Bluetooth is a global standard designed to work on any device. If your device has Bluetooth, it will work with The Vamp.

Q. Can it really power any size speaker?
A.  Yes it can!

Q. Can two of The Vamps on two different speakers be made to play the same music?
A. No. At least not yet. Partly, the problem has to do with Bluetooth technology as it exists today: it could be done, but that would push The Vamp's price up too far.

Q. My speaker cables are not black/red. Does it matter which one goes into which speaker connector on The Vamp?
A. No. Doesn't matter in the slightest. It can go into either one.

Q: Does The Vamp play stereo?
A: The short answer is no. The Vamp is a device for mono sound of great quality, combining left and right channels played through one or more speakers. In our opinion, to achieve proper stereo sound you will need to carefully position speakers around a room. Remember also that when some portable Bluetooth speakers claim to play stereo, the two speakers are usually boxed so close together that they don't provide much stereo separation to speak of.

Q.  Will there be any launch parties for The Vamp in my city?

A. We certainly hope so! For the time being, though, we're planning the first launch of The Vamp at the London Design Festival in September 2013. Come and see us there, if you can! Any other events will be announced in the mailing list. Backers automatically get added to our mailing list.

Q. When will you start to manufacture?
A. Once we get reach our MOQ, we’ll begin production immediately.

Credits: photography by Mark Cocksedge, video by Jablon Productions & Daniel Lucchesi. Music by Hansi, Hot Pants Funk

Risks and challenges

Once we have succeeded in raising the funds we need to launch The Vamp, any risks and challenges are entirely logistical. And they are probably very similar to any other project involving new technology, dedicated manufacturing and mass distribution.

For example, there might be unforeseeable problems with tooling and equipment. Or with obstacles in the manufacturing process, which could have an effect on our delivery and launch schedules. But these are potential problems we have already factored into our planning.

If you have any concerns, it would be good idea to look into the past history of the Paul Cocksedge Studio ( and to see our experience in taking products to the market and some of the complex projects we've undertaken across the world, all of them on time and on budget.

We're completely confident that the twelve months of intensive research and planning that has gone into The Vamp will be more than enough to ensure a smooth transition from drawing-board, to workshop, and finally to the market.

With your support we are targeting to have these products in your hands by June 2013. We hope that you are inspired and excited by the idea and choose to support the project. Either way please spread the word and share with your friends.

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    Make sure yours is unique and stands out from the crowd! Receive a special limited edition of The Vamp - in red, white or black, numbered and engraved with your name.

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    Receive a limited edition of The Vamp of any colour (red, white, black) numbered, engraved with your name and hand signed by Paul Cocksedge. You will also be invited to an exclusive pre-launch party meet-and-greet at the London Design Festival in September 2013, where you will be able to collect The Vamp in person.

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    Mega recognition: as well as receiving a limited edition of The Vamp, engraved with your name, numbered and hand signed by Paul Cocksedge, we will also pay for your journey to London from anywhere in the world, welcome you to the Studio, and make you part of The Vamp Launch Team for the London Design Festival in 2013. You will be seen with some of the hippest people on earth. And us.

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