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Celebrate American racing's speed, history, and technology starting with this initial run of Vintage Indy Roadster shirts.
Celebrate American racing's speed, history, and technology starting with this initial run of Vintage Indy Roadster shirts.
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I didn't think it was going to be difficult, but I was wrong:

I wanted to find t-shirts that celebrated American racing in its historic and modern forms. Something I could use to broadcast to the world that I love things like Roadsters and Offys and Dallaras and Four-Cams and Firestones and Goodyears and Turbochargers and Methanol and Flying Starts and... Well, you get the idea. Nothing I found, however, was interesting or showed much thought in design. In fact, I couldn't find much at all catering to the race fan with an eye for design, or for the hobbyist who loves intricate mechanical and electrical systems.

That's when ideas of what would make a good shirt came to mind: They'd be simple, interesting, celebrate the people, the machines, the equipment, and the spirit of racing, and look to 100 years of iconography.

Some future shirt designs
Some future shirt designs

Somewhere along the line, I realized that nothing prevented me from designing and making the shirts I wanted. If I wanted something like this, others certainly would, too. Consulting with friends, artists, and professionals confirmed my thinking and I put the idea in motion.

The future holds a series of t-shirts with racing, technical, and hobby themes. Each design will be an original, and each shirt will be professionally printed by a local small business.

Note that the design on the reward shirt will be of higher quality and resolution. Also note that colors may vary slightly from those seen on your screen.

More future designs
More future designs

Risks and challenges

This project has been long in planning, and it will be completed. Most, if not all, possible setbacks will be prevented by thorough planning and meticulous organization. Those problems that may still arise will be dealt with as they come up, and with an eye towards first completing the project, and second making all parties happy with the outcome.

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