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We have big plans for building innovative dirt & snow rider outerwear…and even bigger plans to re-create US manufacturing. Thanks!

We have big plans for building innovative dirt & snow rider outerwear…and even bigger plans to re-create US manufacturing. Thanks! Read More
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Doctor Enduro USA
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About this project

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for checking out our project. We have big plans for building innovative US made dirt & snow rider outerwear...and even bigger plans to re-create quality US manufacturing. With your help, we have the passion and ability to execute this project today. Plenty of support info is here and lots more is available. Feel free to contact me any time. We'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy the ride,


Mission Statement

At Doctor Enduro, we breathe innovation. We are dedicated to exceeding all standards in building the most advanced apparel for the most serious dirt & snow sport adventurers. In contrast to today's low-quality, disposable, off-shore made outerwear, our technical outerwear is designed in California, manufactured in the US, tested in the most demanding environments conceivable, and driven for world-wide distribution.

Our Story

Way back in 1984, we saw the opportunity to change the tide in the outdoor sports world. We grew up with surfboards, skateboards, punk rock, and the DIY mentality. We spent our winters in the snow, but had no interest in the high fashion crowd. A shift was about to happen and we meant to tip the scale. That winter we launched the first snowboard specific outerwear line ever. All based on function, quality, and hands-on local US manufacturing. Things went incredibly well for many years. We enjoyed playing a part in a total shift of how the next generation played outdoors. Our designs were even displayed in the Vancouver Olympic Games "History of Snowboarding" museum. Making change was sweet. The end of this story happened a decade later. We witnessed a mainstream rush to off-shore manufacturing and less expensive disposable products. US factories closed and brands were consolidated. But...not without the lingering notion that a small spark of passion and some hungry consumer sentiment can change the tide again. This is exactly what we aim to do with our dirt & snow rider outerwear project and US manufacturing today. 

Now... We've built a solid race light distribution operation with over 800 active customers and over 300,000 web page hits each month. With your help today, we're prepared build our own innovative outerwear collection and rebuild the US apparel manufacturing base. 

Still with us?  Excellent.  Here are some details...

Goal #1: Build the leading dirt & snow sports outerwear collection in the free world 

This is the fun part of our job. We've had a lot of successful past experience in building innovative outerwear designs. Over the years with previous brands, we've designed and produced over 100 unique outerwear designs. All based on team driven input. All US made. Today, the entire Doctor Enduro management team is immersed in the outdoor industries latest function demands, new technology, and design trends.

Innovation. Function. Fit. Quality. US Built.

These are the standards for all Doctor Enduro outerwear products. We've put our 27 years of outerwear building experience and our daily contact with hundreds of target retail customers directly towards new design concepts. We've applied these advantages towards working hands-on with some of the best and most adventurous outdoor sport experts in the free world. Our R&D teams span from Northern California to Alaska to Baja California to Hawaii. After 11 months of rigorous product testing, market research, and endless emails about design innovations, we've come up with the perfect opening group of off-road riding pants.

The introductory collection includes two open leg technical riding pants [North & South]. The "North" design focuses on water-proofing features for cooler and wetter weather conditions. The "South" design focuses on ventilation features for warmer and dryer weather conditions. Both will be available in 3 color ways and 6 perfectly fit sizes. The initial collection is complimented with a group of soft-goods including race jerseys, tees, hoodies, & caps.

We Breathe Innovation

Design Details


We are prepared to produce the highest quality outerwear again right here in the San Francisco area. We have preserved the same factories that successfully stitched 100,000+ outerwear units for us last time around. The same quality control, machinery, & labor force is in tact and poised to produce. We now have the advantage of new innovative materials (ie. nano-tech hardening soft pads) and equipment (ie. CAD software & CNC cutters) that allow us more specialized products and faster production runs. 


This is the second most fun part of our job. We live and work immersed in the outdoor industry. This has allowed us to build an assortment of avenues that have already helped us get the word out about Doctor Enduro race lights & hardware distribution. The opportunities are growing daily. Now, we're eager to put them to work selling our outerwear and delivering our message about US manufacturing. Here are just a handful of the marketing channels we have in play:

US Rider / Manufacturers Alliance:   This is our pride & joy. We have created an alliance that includes the leading US made brands within our & related industries. This is a non-profit organization with a primary purpose of boosting US manufacturers sales through cross-promotion. The Alliance site serves as a hub that features US made outdoor product brands. The brands featured on the Alliance site, in turn, feature an Alliance link on their web site. In addition to web site links, Alliance members include the Alliance decals & descriptive hang tags in all their outgoing product shipments. This is a powerful avenue to share like-minded customers looking for US made products. The viral potential of this Alliance will generate a huge amount of traffic to support our outerwear & our US manufacturing goals.

Team Sponsorship:   Doctor Enduro provides free equipment to dozens of the best and brightest amateur dirt & snow riders in the world. In turn, these riders offer us design input, test or products, and inspire others to choose quality US made goods.

Print & Film Media:   We enjoy existing relationships with most major outdoor industry medias. For Doctor Enduro and previous outerwear brands we have had the advantage of access to free editorials & paid advertisements in major print magazines including Dirt Rider, Snowboarder, Transworld, Rolling Stone, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Details, Seventeen, Surfer, Surfing, and countless regional print magazines. Our film related network includes MTV, YouTube projects, an assortment of cable outdoor sport features, and a handful of well recognized motocross & snow film producers.

Web Advertisements:   Building up to this project, we have received over 2 million Google AdWords banner impressions specifically targeted to our off-road customers. This is in addition to multiple banner ads on several major industry web-based sites. These are our future outerwear customers.

SEO & Web Search Engine Ranking:   Doctor Enduro consistently receives 1st page organic ranking on all major search engines including Google, YouTube, and Yahoo. This has been achieved through skilled key word coding, multiple cross-links, and a lot of help from our established relationship with a leading SEO specialist who's published a string of top selling books on the subject.

Industry Referrals:   Our site is listed on all major parallel brands Dealers pages. Even better, personal referrals are commonly given by leading parallel brands sales staff. This directly affects our outerwear sales potential.

Sponsorship of High Profile Races & Events:   Doctor Enduro is currently the proud sponsor of several dirt & snow events. This includes physical banner display, promotional product, and service tents. These events include races held by the American Motorcycle Association - AMA District 37, Cal Poly Tech,  Big Bear Trail Riders, NorCal Dual Sport, Reno Dust Devils, Central ADV, Gold Country Dual Sport, Great Lakes Dual Sport +++.

On-Line Forums:   Doctor Enduro is an active member & participant in all major industry forums. This is a powerful source of proven 3rd party testimonials that will have a high impact on future outerwear sales.


Going into outerwear sales, Doctor Enduro has the advantage of being an established and respected name in the off-road industry. Our solid background of race light & off-road hardware sales lends us further credibility in the soft goods market. We will utilize three primary channels to sell our outerwear.

Direct On-Line Sales:   Doctor Enduro currently enjoys over 800 active hard goods account that make repeat orders and referrals. Our established distribution web site received over 300,000 page hits each month from over 8,000 unique visitors. The site enjoys consistent page 1 organic ranking on all major search engines and has received nearly 1 million page views over the last 28 months (see chart). This avenue will constitute the majority of our initial outerwear sales.

Domestic Dealer Sales:   Doctor Enduro distributes hard goods to several retailers throughout the US. There currently exists over 10,000 un-tapped dirt & snow potential soft goods retail stores that we will seek to have carry our outerwear collections. A series of regional sales representatives and trade shows will be utilized to open these accounts. We have extensive experience in this area. This avenue will be the backbone of our phase 2 growth plans.

Export Distributor Sales:   Doctor Enduro has existing relationships with several established international distributors throughout Japan and Europe. Both extremely large markets are very receptive to quality US made goods and the current lower US dollar exchange rate. The jump to established international distribution is the key to our larger expansion and representation of US made products to the rest of the free world.

Goal #2: Re-establish US Apparel Manufacturing Base 

US Apparel Manufacturing History:   For decades US/Bay Area apparel factories consisted of multiple small businesses that specialized in different textile applications. US quality was respected world-wide with infamous outerwear brands such as Northface mountaineering & Bamboo Curtain technical snowboard gear. From 1990 to 2000, US apparel manufacturing drifted off-shore to a handful of mass production / low cost / low quality factories. This forced most US/Bay area factories to close. Today, we have several idle production facilities, technical stitching machines, and experienced sewers just waiting to put their skills back to work.

This Goal:   The world economy is rapidly changing. Together, we now have the opportunity to re-establish the US/Bay area manufacturing base. This will allow the local dormant factories to be ramped up to re-capture the displaced business [at a newly competitive cost].

The Plan:   Simple & organic. Transition production from a few mass off-shore factories to many specialized local factories. New influencing factors that make US manufacturing viable again include:

  • Increasing off-shore labor costs
  • Increasing delivery/fuel costs to import goods
  • Decreasing US factory & facility costs
  • Increased available skilled domestic work force
  • Readily available manufacturing equipment
  • New available low priced specialized machines that now make smaller production runs possible (ie. CAD design software & CNC cutting equipment)
  • Direct on-line sales allow us better margins to compete with imported goods prices          

The Spark:   The economic future is in our favor to shift from off-shore mass factories to more specialized US factories. If we prepare now and demonstrate success, we will influence existing brands to follow us, and inspire new brands to follow suit. With your help, we are the spark that can start this fire. 

Goal #3:  Re-build US Image of Innovation & Quality 

This is where our heart has always been. We've held true to this and we know when, why, and how to deliver this message.

  • When:  We recognize a change is on the horizon. It was clear to us with the rise of snowboarding and the generational shift from mainstream field sports to the free-flowing X-games format. We were able to amplify US innovation & quality well then. The time to do this again (on an even bigger scale) is NOW.
  • Why:   We're all feeling a groundswell of discontent with the US economy. Everyone is eager to again be the powerful source of innovation for the free world to follow. Consumers are recognizing the limited value & waste problems associated with the low quality disposable products that have flooded nearly every market. We now have the opportunity to make big changes here at home. We know it's our responsibility to take it.
  • How:   By successfully creating innovative quality US made goods, we will inspire & influence other brands (& other industries) to do the same. Not just by notion, but by show of profit. This starts with building innovative goods (our specialty), followed up by showing ownership of the job with a solid warranty. The next step is to make our aims known. Our Rider Manufacturer Alliance program will help us deliver this message virally. The high profile platform of outdoor Action Sports media will be our loudspeaker. Best of all, this is a plan to inspire & influence the future. Our products target the 16-25 year old youth market. These are the decision makers of the next generation.   


We will bring this project to cash positive operation in approximately 90 days after funding. Here is the general timeline:

  • R & D:   All 1st collection designs have been completed in a CAD format. Our pattern makers & sewers have reviewed all the designs and are poised to begin immediately. It will take approximately 30 days to finish patterns and samples.
  • Production:   Our US sewing factories have reviewed all the designs and are prepared to begin production immediately. It will take approximately 30 days to complete the 1st production run.
  • Sales & Marketing:   Our sales/marketing systems are currently in full operation distributing our race lights. We are ready immediately to work the new outerwear products into our established distribution network. We are conservatively projecting 50 outerwear units to be sold within the first 30 days.
  • Ongoing:   With initial funding, the net profit from the 1st production/sales run will generate enough working capital for ongoing monthly production runs - with a surplus to develop future designs on an ongoing cash positive basis.

Why you should support this project:   

This is our chance to inspire, influence, and be the agent of change. With your help...

  • We will build the leading dirt & snow outerwear collection in the free world
  • We will re-establish US apparel manufacturing
  • We will re-build the US image of innovation & quality

What are we doing with your money:  

100% of your pledge will go exclusively towards executing our US made outerwear launch. Once we hit our target start-up capital, the entire outerwear division can sustain and grow through sales profits. The start-up cost breakdown goes like this:

  • Operations:                      $      0     (we're set here)
  • Launch Marketing          $  700     (promos/team)
  • R & D:                               $2500     (patterns & samples)
  • Initial Production Run:   $6300     (cut & sew) 

* A 12-month positive projected cash flow chart is available.


Thanks for checking us out. You can be sure every dollar you can afford to support this project will directly affect all of our futures and the future of our country. Please check out the Rewards Program to the right. You're a part of this project now and we really want to recognize your support.


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