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A mobile app to allow communication between bonobos and people

A mobile app to allow communication between bonobos and people Read more
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Ken Schweller
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Ken Schweller

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Thanks Everyone!

Thanks everyone!  Looks like we are not going to make it this time around.  Thanks for your wonderful support for the project.  I will continue to work on the keyboard and bot and hope there will be another opportunity to get some support funds, but it's too important a project not to continue.  I REALLY appreciate the support you have shown this project.  These bonobos are truly unique.  This experiment could not be done today with the tightening govt regulations so these communication experiments may be the last hurrah for this kind of research.

I encourage those of you have a soft spot in your heart for the bonobos to go to  There you can read all about us and maybe post a donation.  It's touch and go right now whether we will have enough funding to last another year and we may be forced to locate them to another sanctuary or find a zoo to take them... but I will keep up the fight as long as I can.

Again, my heartfelt thanks