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Tertulia, the Spanish word for an intellectual, salon-style social gathering, is the name of a new chamber music series here in NYC.

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Kickstarter Goal: Help us fund *5* Tertulias between September and the end of 2011. Thank you for all your support! Click here to view our rewards!

Tertulia: the Spanish word for a salon-style social gathering, where intellectuals meet to discuss trends in art, music and literature.


Tertulia is the name of a new chamber music series here in NYC. Tertulia hosts classical concerts in boutique venues, and we present performances in a way that allows audiences to enjoy food, drink, music and conversation. Here, we remove the sacred wall of formality between performer and listener and instead invite lively musical and social interplay between them. This fresh approach offers listeners a social, casual and inexpensive alternative to a traditional classical concert.


Tertulia preserves the atmosphere New Yorkers already love: a great vibe, delicious food and cocktails in boutique-style venues like a wine bar, cafe, restaurant, or gallery. Tertulias last two to three hours, with live performance on and off throughout. The program is traditional chamber music repertoire with a unique presentation. We embrace a vibrant, casual setting while preserving some concert etiquette basics. See below.


It isn't the music that's the problem, it's the atmosphere we associate with classical music. There is no magic formula for why this music has survived for hundreds of years: it's incredible! So the solution we propose with Tertulia is to invite this music into our spaces, instead of assuming we have to seek out a music space. Jazz did it a long time ago; why can't we?


In elite culture’s reverence for the master composers, in our distance from the great performers, it is easy to forget why these works were written; to be played and to be heard. It is Tertulia’s mission to bring performance opportunities to emerging, professional musicians, and a more relaxed, festive experience to concert-goers. Lastly, we hope that Tertulia will remind listeners that chamber music was once the pop music of its day, oftentimes a scandal for supposedly inciting passionate urges in its followers!


Our goal is to host 5 Tertulias between September and December. Each event costs several thousand dollars to produce. Our chamber musicians are paid professionals, and venues ask for minimums or fees in order to host semi-private events. Build in printing and design costs for programs and marketing material to maintain our professionalism and credibility, and it’s no small bill. So, that’s why we’re asking for your help. 


MEET TERTULIA MUSICIANS - Artist Bios / Future Performers

The music in our Kickstarter Launch video is a live performance of Brahms Clarinet Quintet from our last event. A very special thanks to the musicians:

Hilary Castle, violin
Monica Davis, violin
Marc Sabbah, viola
Isabel Fairbanks, cello
Alucia Scalzo, clarinet


Tickets to our September Tertulias are now on sale at We will see you there!

Check us out on Facebook, read our blog and follow our tweets @tertuliaNYC.


  • Yes. We perform three or four sets of 10 - 15 minute movements from all kinds of chamber music rep. For example, we've performed a Ravel duo for Violin and Cello, the Brahms Clarinet Quintet (which you hear in the video), the Boccherini Fandango (with castanets!), and the Debussy String Quartet, just to name a few. After each set, we invite the audience to eat, drink and socialize in "extended intermissions." Click here for a sample program:

    This allows audience members to interact with each other, as well as with the musicians. It's a give and take -- a time for artist, a time for audience.

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  • Here's where you can buy tickets to the next Tertulia:

    We offer 4 ticket levels. General Entry, Reserve a Seat, Reserve a Seat for dinner, and Support Tertulia for a small perk (best seats, complimentary glass of wine) and a big thank you!

    Please see our events calendar at for Tertulias through October. Nov and Dec TBA soon!

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  • Well, I'm a lucky gal, and with all of the orchestras I've played in, and festivals I've attended... I've met some of the most talented young professionals in ALL of NYC (and well beyond). Tertulia musicians have budding careers. They are the promising talent of the future, and it's our goal to help them get the kind of exposure they deserve. And have fun at the same time!

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  • There are many different factors that contribute to how we choose our music. Right now, we're sticking to well-known chamber music composers. Brahms, Ravel, Schubert, Borodin, Beethoven, Mozart, Glass, etc. As audiences learn more about chamber music, we want to challenge them with more contemporary and experimental rep. All in due time! For now, we introduce a composer we feel is less known to amateur audiences, a Romantic giant (Brahms, Schubert), and a fun, lively, party-appropriate selection of all of our choices. The musicians play what they love, and the audience has a fun yet rewarding listening experience.

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  • Good question. It's pretty challenging to find a space that has the right vibe, the right acoustics, the right space, logistically, and the right price. There are so many venues in NYC that will be perfect for a Tertulia. The challenge (and the joy) is getting out and finding them! We're always open to suggestions.

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  • Tertulia plans to forge onward through next year with the boost we'll get from this fall season. With kickstarter's help, we'll work towards making a name for ourselves in the city and becoming a reputable, well-respected chamber music series. We're already excited to plan our spring season! Eventually (in the not-very-distant future) we'll be incorporating and establishing ourselves as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Exciting stuff!

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