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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

Gameplay Footage, Stretch Goals, and Voting!!!


Helloooooooooo Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers

How would you guys like to see some in-progress game footage?  Nah, we didn't think so...


Psych!  Today we’ve got some “off-the-glass” footage of our speed stage, also known as the the “Sequins of Unfortunate Events” chapter of the game.  This level is making great headway! 

And remember our airship concepts from before?  Now they’re modeled out, in-game, and looking dashing!  Shantae’s able to leap from carpet to carpet, take on the Ammo Baron’s airships, and disable them from the inside!  Check it out! 

Have you guys been watching our funding total?!  We've nearly hit THE NEXT STRETCH GOAL!!  O.O  This means we’re almost certain to add a playable Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops to the game, each with its own style of play!

If you were with us on day one, you’ll remember that our base proposal spanned 3 Chapters, an Intro & Outro, and 1 playable feisty Half-Genie. However with all of your amazing help we hit several Stretch Goals which brought the number of Chapters to 5 and added 3 alternate Shantae characters and a playable Risky. Adding in the exclusive backer content, and now HERO MODE, that's 10 crazy costumes and characters to play!  To say the game has doubled in scope is an understatement! 

However...with an increased scope comes an increase in development time.  We’re going to need to adjust our schedule to allow for all of the added content.  We’ll do our very best to keep you up to date with the most realistic Beta and Ship dates possible, but first we need to determine the impact this change in game scope will have on the project. So please accept our apologies in advance – an October 2014 launch is very unlikely at this point. But yep, this is the uncertain process of making games.  Dates must slip when quality and scope cannot.   We’re all working together to build the biggest, best game possible – and it just got even bigger. 

But let’s talk about these new heroes! Our current thinking is that by beating the game once as Shantae, the other characters will become available from a Character Select Menu. These characters are: 

1. Shantae -Normal Costume: Belly Dance to transform into creatures with new abilities. 
2. Shantae - Beach Day Costume: greatly reduced defense, summer props & sunbathing aid.
3. Shantae - Ninja Costume: additional speed, agility, and magic at the cost of defense.
4. Shantae Patricia Wagon Costume: ranged Pellet Gun attacks and increased armor (Heart Discs restore health)
5. Shantae - Blue Costume: plays the same, looks totally swank.
6. Risky Boots - Normal Costume: Blueprints let her Slice, grapple, fire a pistol or cannon, and command Tinkerbats.
7. Risky Boots - Classic Costume: plays the same, looks more game boy color...ish 
8. Sky - Boost using birds, collect and hatch eggs to gain new powers!
9. Bolo - Charge and release steel ball ‘n chain attacks. Grapple, smash, and take punches like a champ!
10. Rottytops - Gameplay based on (ick) feeding, (yuck) self-dismemberment, and maybe a little cosplay! 

Remember that each of these characters requires thousands of hand-drawn frames! And each character will have his/her own storyline and reason for partaking in this grand adventure. Can this get any more nuts!? 

Yes it can! 

Now that our revamped is up and running, we’re ready to do some voting! Creature Transformations are the big ticket item here, but we’re going to do a trial run using a minor enemy first, just to work any kinks out. If you’ve played previous Shantae games you might recognize this archer. She lurks around forests, cliff sides, and other tall advantageous perches to take cheap shots at our hero. But WHAT SHOULD SHE WEAR? We’re pretty into all of these designs, so let’s test our voting process right now! Vote on outfit A, B, or C and we’ll animate it and put ‘er in game. Deadline is in one week, ending 8/19/14 at 16:05 PDT.

Remember, to vote you must be a Contributor level backer ($60 Reward Tier) or higher.  If you are, simply go to and login to your account.  Select WayForums and click on the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter Contributer+ Board.  

Once inside find the "Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Vote #1: Archer" topic and you will have 3 options to choose from.  Click the box next to your favorite and that's it!  Don't worry if you make a mistake or change your mind, you can alter your choice up until the vote is closed (there is a 5 minute cool down between submitting your selection).

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut...AVAILABLE NOW!!


By popular demand, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut is now available on Steam for Windows PC! This brand new version combines all of the award-winning content from previous releases – and adds even more! The pixel-based masterpiece remains intact, newly augmented with HD portrait artwork and extra challenge. New illustrations, Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, Emoticons, Controller Support, fully configurable controls, and an unlockable Magic Mode with alternate costume round out the package. This Director’s Cut also introduces a re-imagined Warp System, perfect for speed runners returning players alike! Play one of the most critically acclaimed handheld series of all time, now on your PC!

Shantae: Risky's Revenge: The second game in the Shantae Series, this fan favorite earned multiple "Game of the Year" awards and nominations with its trademark 2D animation, pitch perfect controls, and witty narrative. Awards include: 
  • MetaCritic: Highest Rated of the Year* 
  • IGN: Editor’s Choice 
  • IGN: Best Visuals of the Year 
  • IGN: Best Game of the Year 
  • Nintendo Power: Game of the Year 
  • Nintendo Power: Best Graphics* 
  • iTunes Editor’s Choice 
  • iTunes iPad Game of the Week 

 * from previous releases and respective platforms

Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut on Steam next week!


Hey Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers!

Remember asking for a PC port of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge back in October?   It was a popular topic during our live streams, and many more of you rallied hard to get the game through Steam Greenlight. 

Today we’re proud to announce that Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut will be released for Windows PC on Steam next week. That’s next Tuesday, July 15!  The game will be available worldwide in English for $9.99!  We’ll be announcing exactly what “Director’s Cut” is all about very shortly, but look forward to a new and improved Risky’s Revenge from your friends at WayForward!  Please stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for more details until the release.

The all-new


Hello Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers!  We have some exciting news!!!!!

Yes, the greatest (WayForward) website the world has ever known is NOW LIVE!  It has everything!  Words!  Pictures!  Things!  And most importantly...Forums that can be accessed by all of our backers, both Kickstarter and PayPal alike!!!  And even better, you can now manage your Pledges and Rewards at the drop of a pirate's hat!  So head on over and post away!  We've got lots of experience making games, but these newfangled websites are somethin' else so if you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact  

Note: Backers that pledged between 4/25/14 and 6/2/14 may experience a 24-48 hour delay for these pledges. If you use the same email account for account registration the update will occur automatically.

Note: Users attempting to access the new site with Internet Explorer 9 or earlier may experience issues or be unable to access the site altogether.

Creating a New Account

To begin the first time registration process, click the Login/Register button tab in the upper-right corner which will prompt you to sign in to an account. Selecting the Create an account tab will transition to the registration process.

Make sure to use a valid email address to complete the process. If you backed Shantae: Half-Genie Hero through Kickstarter or PayPal, create your account using the same email address to associate your Pledges & Rewards with your newly created WayForward profile. Once the account is created, you will be prompted to check your email to finalize the verification process.

Upon completing the verification, you will be back on the site and now logged in to your account. You can access additional details pertaining to your account by hovering over the My Account tab that has now replaced the Login/Register option in the top right corner.

*You can also choose to Connect to the site using various Social Media accounts. Just click any of the images at the bottom of the Login/Register window to begin the process. After using the social media credentials, you will be prompted to pick a Username. Please note that the Username can not contain spaces or disallowed words or phrases and it’s suggested to not use your real name.

 Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Pledges and Rewards

All Shantae: Half-Genie Hero backers, both Kickstarter and PayPal, can now access, review, and update their pledge and rewards via our new site.  While logged in hover over the My Account tab in the upper right corner and select My Pledges & Rewards. It should display the Pledge Level or Pledge Amount associated with the account's email address. Click the Manage Pledges button to begin the BackerKit process.

The BackerKit site will display the amount pledged through the account's email address. If you pledged through both Kickstarter and PayPal you will appear as a Multi-Pledge as opposed to a standard Pledge Level.

At this point, you can select to upgrade your pledge level and would only need to pay the difference. A Multi-Pledge user will need to select one of our standard Pledge Levels.

If you select or have previously selected a standard Pledge Level, your pledge and rewards will already be added to your account.

If you remain a Multi-Pledge user your pledge amount will appear as a credit on the Add-On page.

Once you have selected your Country, you may be asked a few questions based on your reward tier before advancing to the Add-On page.

To use any Credit on the Add-On page, simply add any tier reward to your cart.

For example:

If your total credit is $90, you can select the $90 Collector's Edition reward tier to obtain the commemorative metal coin and all previous rewards!


You can select the $75 Standard Edition reward tier that comes with the Physical Soundtrack and then add a second $15 Get the Game reward tier to your cart to get a Second Copy of the Game for a friend!


If you have decided you want to show off your support for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, you can select the $110 Groovin' Shantae T-Shirt reward tier and pay the $20 difference!

Note: No refunds are available for any remaining credit in your account.

If you have no Credit at this step, you have the option to purchase additional rewards for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

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Once you have completed that step, you may be asked a few questions based on any Add-On purchases you are making, such as desired platform for the game, t-shirt size, etc.

Complete the Shipping page and you will then advance to the final Review for your selections. Any currently available digital rewards can be downloaded from this page. You can always return to this page by selecting Manage Pledges from your WayForward Pledges & Rewards page.

Upon completing the BackerKit process your My Pledges & Rewards page will be updated. Should you find any errors please contact

Don't forget your parachute!


And don't look down...

High above the sky the Ammo Baron attacks! When we last left our heroes we were enjoying some concept art depicting various racing craft. While we’re coding platforms, death pits, and scrolling background layers lets skip ahead to phase 2 of this action packed speed stage and see what’s coming down the pike.


When the player is partway through the flying carpet zone we’ll be choreographing some camera and set-piece change-ups that get us high above Sequin Land and the clouds. There, more of our traditional stage layout occurs in the form of an immense Airship Sequence

The first time through players will most likely be focused on the action, though using your transformations will help tremendously with finding secrets (we haven’t voted on Transformations…yet…but we’re assuming there will be some familiar standards for dashing, crushing, bashing etc). Our current plan is based around a series of meddling airships that want to sabotage the race, creating airborne terrain for the player that’s wrought with peril!

Just when you think you’ve reached the end one of Ammo Baron’s smaller ships appears to make trouble for the player. 

A mini boss of sorts, this ship is able to split into 2 smaller ships and re-unite during the battle. Don’t lose your footing as you battle this foe! 

Take out this airborne menace and you’ll get a clear shot at the Airship’s power source. Destroy it, and get ready...Ammo Baron’s Airship is going down with you on it!

Adventures of Pip!

We’d also like to introduce you to a Kickstarter project created by some old friends of WayForward at Tic Toc Games. Shereef Morse, who worked with us back in the Game Boy Color days, and Marc Gomez, best known for art directing WayForward’s A Boy and his Blob, are helming the project. From what we’ve seen Tic Toc Games has something brilliant in Adventures of Pip and we’re sure they’d love to get support from you!