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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Interview with Cristina Vee & Theme Song Download!!!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

We hope everyone loves the new Shantae theme song “Dance Through the Danger” as much as we do! And to make sure you have a rocking bellydancing weekend here’s a download link for the track!! 

Download the MP3

For all of our local Southern California fans, Jake “Virt” Kaufman will be performing the song live for the very first time at Club Microwave this Saturday! Wait a minute…that’s tomorrow!! O.O 

Club Microwave

We are happy to announce that the amazing vocals are provided by the one and only Cristina Vee! She’s been featured on a ton of games and anime and we were thrilled to work with her on “Dance Through the Danger”.

She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions regarding Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

WF: How did you get your start performing music for games and animation?  

Cristina: I accidentally discovered I loved singing when a friend of mine asked me to sing some lyrics she adapted for an anime opening. I'd already been voice acting for a couple of years at that point and didn't think I could sing, but I found that singing is another outlet for me and one that I find extremely rewarding. I began posting songs on my YouTube channel ( around 2007, the year I really began working professionally as a voice over artist, and I was so amazed by the support I received, and still receive to this day. I've made somany connections professional and personal through the songs I've posted online, I'm so grateful for everyone who has supported me all these years. 

WF: How did you first get involved with Jake and WayForward? 

Cristina: After hearing his amazing remix covers, I contacted a very talented dj called DJ Bouche to collab with me on some remixes for my channel. A couple of years ago he came to visit the US and he introduced me to James Montagna who is awesome and is currently working on the 3DS Shantae. James asked me to sing for last year's Adventure Time game and I happily said yes! I met Jake through the Adventure Time project. I just feel so lucky that he invited me back to sing "Dance Through the Danger" because not only is he a musical genius, he's very cool to hang out with. 

WF: Have you played any of the previous Shantae games or are you familiar with the music from those titles? 

Cristina: I recently bought a 3DS and Shantae: Risky's Revenge is the first title I've downloaded. The music does a great job of being memorable and catchy while also really creating the feel of the environments in the game. The Scuttle Town theme is probably my favorite track so far. Man, I love transforming into the monkey. 

WF: What do you think of the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero music so far? 

Cristina: Well, having only heard "Dance Through The Danger" I can only say I really hope for more themes like this in Half-Genie Hero! I didn't know what to expect when Jake was describing how the song would sound to me, and my jaw dropped when I heard it for the first time. I was stunned again after he'd sent me the completed track and how great he made me sound. The song combines Eurobeat with a slight Middle Eastern feel in a way I've never heard before. It's so catchy and I try to belly dance to the beat of the music but 180 bpm is pretty fast for any tummy. 

WF: How does it feel to be the first person to lend their voice to the Shantae series? 

Cristina: To be associated with the Shantae series is such an honor. I've not even finished Risky's Revenge yet but I already have so much respect for this hair whipping, monkey transforming, half-genie heroine. I'm so excited to continue to see her evolve and I'm looking forward to more adventures with her. Thank you guys so much for supporting Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. brb gonna go play as the monkey! 

Thanks Cristina! For more info about Cristina or to follow her on all your favorite social media doohickies you can find her at the following links: 

Twitter: @cristinavee

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Shantae Visual Design History

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Hi folks, we're a THIRD OF THE WAY to reaching our goal! Thanks to everyone who's helped this project to go so far, so fast!

To celebrate we've just revealed another one of our stretch goals: the COSTUME SWAP! Imagine gallivanting around Sequin Land while masquerading as Officer Patricia Wagon!

And on a side note: mark your calenders! Series creator Matt Bozon will be on "Sup, Holmes?" this Sunday at 1:00PM PST.  

But wait! Before you run off... let's look back at the many faces of Shantae, starting with her creation in 1994... all the way to the present! Enjoy the evolution of our Half-Genie Hero!

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Introduction to Half-Genie Hero with Matt Bozon

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Hello everyone!  Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is live and off to a rip-roarin' start.  A huge and heart-felt THANK YOU to all of our wonderful backers and supporters who are helping to spread the word!   

This is the first of many updates to come.  We'll do videos, post images, or provide fun downloadable treats for your enjoyment... we hope you'll find them informational and entertaining!   

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