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Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut on Steam next week!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Hey Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers!

Remember asking for a PC port of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge back in October?   It was a popular topic during our live streams, and many more of you rallied hard to get the game through Steam Greenlight. 

Today we’re proud to announce that Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut will be released for Windows PC on Steam next week. That’s next Tuesday, July 15!  The game will be available worldwide in English for $9.99!  We’ll be announcing exactly what “Director’s Cut” is all about very shortly, but look forward to a new and improved Risky’s Revenge from your friends at WayForward!  Please stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for more details until the release.

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    1. Mobin Mobeen on

      I love to buy this and play this game on PSN for either PS3 or PS4.

    2. djnforce9 on

      I have Shantae: Risky’s Revenge on 3DS but the Steam version looks to be way better. Cool.

    3. Lukas Hägg on

      Yeah, 10:00 US Pacific would be 19:00 for us scandinavians. That'd mean 4+ hours 'til then. In any case, it'll be worth the wait.

    4. Kim Schwartzbach on

      Thanks for replying, guys. 10:00 US Pacific? That's 19:00 in Denmark I think. I hope they update at 10:00 Pac'! :)

    5. Lukas Hägg on

      Steam usuallu updates at 10:00, so my guess would be 10:00 US Pacific.

    6. Michel Lorenzo Lemos on

      I have no idea Kim. I just know it's suppose to come out today. I wish they gave a time for when it came out though. > <

    7. Kim Schwartzbach on

      Oh goody! I'm looking forward to playing a Shantae game for the first time, I've known about her since before the first game's release, but now I'm going to actually play a Shantae game... Yes!

      At what hours is Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut going to be released today? Has there been any word?

    8. Michel Lorenzo Lemos on

      It's July 15 : o but so far no Shantae on steam > <

    9. Jake Pangares on

      Too much hype!!! So excited to go through this game once more!

    10. Michael Michaelides on

      This is amazing news! I hadn't been able to play this game beforehand due to not having an ipad or DS. Can't wait to play this :)

    11. NamaTamago(S) on

      WOOOOOOOOOOO! i wait this for 3 years!

    12. Timothy L McMahon on

      This is awesome news Wayforward. Thank you for listening to us :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Duncan on

      Any hope for a drm-free version of the director's cut anywhere?

    14. Niki Coppola

      Any director's cut love for 3DS or consoles?

    15. Saraphel on

      Nice, as long as they don't do the 1 dollar = 1 euro thing. :)

    16. lizard81288 on

      What's in the Director’s Cut compared to the normal version?

    17. Sin Volvagia on

      OMG!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Daniel Johnson on

      I want this! I hope The First and Pirate's Curse make it to Steam too!

    19. FinalCataclsym on

      Hmm, while I am glad there will be more Shantae and on Steam at that, I will certainly be missing my free gems for speed running because no import room...

      However, since the HGH will be on Steam as well, there is an opportunity to have an import room bonus in that one as well.

    20. Fermin Santiago III on

      Can we get a price drop on the DSi Ware version? It has been $12 since launch and never seen a sale and now the Director's Cut will be priced lower than the original.

    21. Johnathan Morgan on

      Fantastic News!! More Wayforward titles on steam is always great news!

    22. David Ken Castellanos Anaya on

      Time for that double-dip.

    23. Mobin Mobeen on

      Will love to buy this on either PS3 or PS4 since that where i game now.

    24. Erde on

      Yay! This is great news.

      PS: Please consider including controller support! :)

    25. Antonio Ortiz on

      Instabuy :"I (and Gog or HB Store would be awsome)

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Missing avatar

      k8207dz on

      Please release this on GOG as well!

    28. KiNG on

      I second Sabin's question; as someone who wishes not to use Steam, GOG would an excellent alternative.

    29. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Can we get Sigma Star Saga too please? :) even if it's just Wii U VC

    30. Sabin Stargem on

      Would the game be released on GOG?

    31. Missing avatar

      KALDemann on

      Is there any chance we can work for a Wii U or 3DS version?

    32. Lukas Hägg on

      This is awesome news. not sure I can get it right away, but I'll try to get it as son as I can when it hits! :D

    33. Missing avatar

      Louis London on

      "Most of these 'updates' refer to games other than this KS project"? Zane, dude, every single update before the last one has been about the kickstarter, and the last one was about the forums.

    34. Drifty Boots on

      Is there any additional news on half genie hero? It has been kind of a while...

    35. Jeremie Lariviere

      Very cool; will you guys be doing a release as well?

    36. Kennan Ward on

      That's great news, more people need to play this series. Hope Pirate's Curse is released on Steam eventually as well.

    37. Professor Icepick on

      Oh cool. I'm kind of hoping we get a PC port of Pirate's Curse down the line as well, but this is cool too. I'll have to pick it up at some point.

    38. DreamDrop♥ on

      Where do I campaign for a Wii U version?

    39. Hatsune Whito on

      Awesome! Can not wait for this :)

      Played through the iOS version and really enjoyed it :)
      Wish I had a 3DS to get Pirate's Curse as well

    40. gandalf.nho


    41. G MIKE KLOCKOW on

      I hope "PC" is a clever acronym for "Pirate's Curse"

    42. Missing avatar

      Dave Zane on

      "Remember asking for a PC port of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge back in October?"

      I remember backing a game called 1/2 Genie Hero in October actually, It seems that most of these "updates" refer to games other than this KS project which is disappointing as it feels like you guys aren't really working on it but pushing your other things out first :/

    43. Matthew Baldo on

      Any chance of versions beyond PC? Are OSX or Linux possible?

      Great news though!

    44. John Lee on

      Wahaha~♡ (claps like an idiot)

    45. Shenandoah Flepp on

      Here's strongly hoping that Pirate's Curse will be available on Steam as well!

    46. Shenandoah Flepp on

      YES! Possibly the best news I've heard in a very long while! Thanks so much for your hard work in bringing this over to us PC gamers! Can't wait!

    47. Alenonimo on

      Great news, actually!

      I do think you should consider releasing the original Shantae from Game Boy Color too. I mean, why not? While it's an old game, it's much better than lots of other games on Steam. And I would love to complete my collection.

    48. Josh Wise on

      @Dr. Wily

      Pirate's Curse is an eShop exclusive.

    49. Missing avatar

      Frederic Jacques on

      Nice!! Day one buy for me. Will it have controller support? thanks