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Screaming Internets, Streaming Demons, and Papered Desktops

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Well howdy-doody backeroonies!  Man this has been a busy week for us aboard Risky's Steam-Powered Tinkertub.  Hope your week has been good ^_^ 

Empty Mailboxes :(

As many of you eagle-eyed backers may have noticed the emails confirming your pledge amounts and reward selections, as well as consolidating multiple pledges, have yet to arrive.  Well we can assure you that the emails are all set to go and the only reason they haven't been sent yet is that apparently the Internet freaks out and runs away screaming into the night when you try to send 19,861 emails at the same time.

Artist's rendering of the Internet
Artist's rendering of the Internet

The good news is that we now have a service that seems willing and able to send all of you a lovely email, but it looks like Monday is the earliest that will occur.  The email is in their hands, they just need to approve our submission and make sure we aren't a foreign prince trying to send you an inheritance or sell you a timeshare or something.  Which we totally are, but that's a later email ;)

Demon Streaming

Mark you're calendars and grab your holy water, WayForwardTV is back next Thursday, November 14th, for GameNatomy!  Tune in from 6pm-8pm PST and join Jeff Luke, Adam Tierney, Tomm Hulett, James Montagna, and Chris Shanley as they dissect the Super Nintendo classic: Demon's Crest.  This game has been mentioned countless times (we can only count to 3, it's more than that) in previous WayForwardTV streams as a major inspiration for several of our directors so come find out why we think it's so great.

One size fits all

There are a lot of cool gaming Kickstarters going on right now, but If you haven't already you should totally check out Scale!  We've watched the trailer a few dozen times and each time our minds boggle at the possibilities. We're super excited to play it and the team is really close to meeting their funding goal! Also do yourself a favor and check out the videos in their updates ^.~

My Desktop is boring

And finally, Matt is of course super busy on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse but don't worry your pretty little ponytails, he has been working on the Desktop Wallpaper in his spare time.  In fact, just today he completed his first pass at the art and layout and wanted to share it with everyone:

Not Final Art
Not Final Art

I'm sure a few photoshop effects, maybe a couple lens flares, and it's all done.  So expect it in the next few weeks!  I don't know about you, but I'm making this my desktop background for now :P

In all seriousness we are coming up with a super awesome piece of original art, nothing that you've seen before, and will be delivering that to all of our $5 and above backers later this month d^_^b

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    1. Missing avatar

      J. A. on

      Hey guys, will the GameNatomy segment about Demon's Crest be able to be viewed after the stream is done? I won't be able to tune in during the abovementioned time, and DC was one of my all time fav classics from back in the day.

      Thanks in advance :)

    2. Psyme on

      Change the plane into a Sigma Fighter, and the dinosar into the MMW T-Rex, and you will have a SSS+ Tier wallpaper.

    3. Missing avatar

      galahadtheknight on

      This Demon's Crest discussion will be awesome. This game is incredible, and, as Wayforward did a superb job in remaking Duck Tales, Capcom could give you guys the chance to do the same with Demon's Crest. It would blow my mind!

    4. kat on

      I love the way that brickroadbrickroad just did an LP of Demon's Crest and now you guys are going to be playing it, too. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Dr. Wily's Flying Saucer on

      I think the placeholder wallpaper is pretty awesome too.

    6. Guilherme Reis Bonfim on

      Awesome joke of wallpaper! Actually, is there a chance that will be made into something more grand? The concept of Shantae and a plane shooting at a Tank Godzilla who's destroying Scuttle Town could get somewhere... XD

      I wonder if you guys can beat the extra boss of Demon's Crest. I've tried a dozen of times fully equipped and I never got him.

    7. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      Haha...I agree with everyone else...we want this "first pass" too!

    8. Antonio Ortiz on

      @Vince I asked them time ago in a streaming if Demon´s Crest was an inspiration for them,and they totally assured me that! : ) (And I really happy to see a streaming featuring it <3)

      And yes..I backed Shantae because looks awesome, but after I learned about transformations and the Demon´s Crest inspiration, they got me for real into the game x)

    9. Ninkobra on

      That dinosaur looks gorgeous on my phone. Now this is great art!

    10. Vince Vazquez

      I'm SO HAPPY that SOMEONE out there remembers Demon's Crest besides me! :D That is SUCH a fantastic game! I certainly hope your stream shows off the greatness to other people. The more I replay older games, I figured that you guys would be inspired by the Monster World/Wonder Boy games (particularly Monster World IV, which is what I'm playing through at the moment on PS3), but Demon's Crest/Gargoyle's Quest TOTALLY makes sense to me now.

      And also, Matt's art skills are fantastic. I cannot believe that is not a final pass! With a few more lens flares, it'll be... jeez, the most beautiful piece of art ever made in the entire history of civilization? Amazing :D

    11. Chris on

      > too would like a high-res version of that picture. It would be the best wallpaper.
      /SIGNED (--> me too :) )

      Is this wallpaper a teaser for the follow-up game of Half-Genie Hero?
      Crayon Shantae vs. Big Mecha-Dinosaurs?

    12. Asavarserkul on

      MUST HAVE IT, NOW°!°

    13. Susan

      I too would like a high-res version of that picture. It would be the best wallpaper.

    14. Sam on

      I can't really say I would love you guys forever if you redid demons crest because I already do but you would again get all my spare money for the campaign

      Demons crest is one of those classics that deserves a proper redo or sequel

    15. Missing avatar

      Leonard Kim on

      Oh man can we have a high-res version of that art, I really want it as my wallpaper

    16. Andrew Maizels on

      I agree with everyone else - we need a high-resolution version of that art. I'd totally use it as my wallpaper. And my computer desktop too.

    17. Nathan H. on

      EH. Probably not so much on the lens flares, but DEFINITELY need like 50 more explosions in that wallpaper... MAYBE add in some 3D special effects... And give Shantae ammo belts and a machine gun, Rambo style. THEN it will be complete. :D

      But seriously though, keep up the good work!

    18. Missing avatar

      BH on

      That poor dinosaur isn't trying to hurt anyone. Look at his face, he's just sick and throwing up everywhere. Shantae's protecting him by blocking the bullets from those evil fighter planes. I'm sure she doesn't like her tax dollars being used to hurt innocent creatures.

    19. Dan Murphy on

      I would totally use that draft until the final version is completed.

    20. Jonathan Green on

      rock on wayforward!! always happy to get an update!! :D

    21. Jonathan Rivas on

      Best wallpaper ever! All I got to say is, Dat wallpaper.

    22. Adammada99 on

      Demon's Crest! Such a classic

    23. UHREmperor on

      Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Demon's Crest YES PLEASE. While you're at it can you please convince Capcom and Nintendo to bring this to the Wii U Virtual Console?? I've been dying to own this and the Terranigma trilogy digitally.

    24. Jessi on

      That wallpaper is gorgeous. I would also love to see a high resolution of that. My laptop needs a new desktop.

      Also thank you for continuing to share other Kickstarter campaigns! Scale looks really interesting :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Logan Bell on

      Dat wallpaper! They're going to be g-r-r-reat!

    26. DiScan on

      I second that Dominic! I think I'll be putting that sketch as my background on my PS3 shortly lol!
      But would really love a high resolution as well. It may be a joke but its awesome!
      Thanx for the update, keep 'em coming!

    27. Knightfall on

      That wallpaper will do just fine for now. I'll be waiting for some higher resolutions. Thanks in advance.

    28. Gregory Nazarian on

      Demon's Crest is awesome, so aren't the other two games. I hope Firebrand comes back in his own adventure sometime soon :)

    29. Josh Wise on

      Got my calender marked.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dominic Plourde on

      I, for one, would absolutely love a full resolution version of that layout sketch along with the final wallpaper