Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

by WayForward

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    1. Protoman Red Bomber on

      This just made my day. I had a hardwork week towards promoting this project and i really wanted this word from WayForward. Thank you.

    2. FinalCataclsym on

      I was hoping to hear about the Shantae Fans contest and game, but this is a start.

    3. Michael B. Landry on

      I'm glad to hear that donations can be consolidated. I'll be making use of that soon enough. I'm really looking forward to Shantae's future.

    4. Jonathan Rivas on

      Woooo! Update! Glad to see the guys at WayForward take their time to do this. They must be working friggin' hard right now. Now it's our job to spread the word and hit the rest of those stretch goals!

    5. Paradoxigent on

      Teehee... Shantaerians/Tinkerbackers. ^^

    6. Jaryd Weiss on

      Hmm, will we continue to get emails with the current updates of the goings on of this games development? Or do we have to login to this new forum for updates? Updates every few months from this kickstarter would be awesome.

    7. George Michael Vasquez on

      Glad to hear about these updates. Also, just came back from NYCC. I played the demo for Pirate's Curse, and I can't wait to play the full version.

    8. Ninkobra on

      Consider me relieved. I thought I had to go break your door down and demand a refund or that you get going ASAP. Hee.. Hee... That would've been a massive egg on my face.

      THANK YOU! [/Beedle] I needed this post. I guess I'll be a bit more patient and wait for the forums.

    9. Vince Vazquez

      Awesome contest, Wayforward & Crunchyroll. It was insanely ambitious, but a blast to whip up a 3D model in 4 days for the thing all the same! And an honor to lose to those winners. Some of that stuff was truly unbelievable, and the grand prize winner is adorable - it's a personal fave of mine too! Thanks for the fun week of art... stuff! :D

    10. Jace Silvestre

      Do does this mean once the forums go up we wont get anymore progress updates here? Thats a shame if true. I like staying up to date through kickstarter.

    11. Adammada99 on

      Definitely great news!! Thank you WayForward!! Also, what exactly do they mean by seeing if we would like our pledges "consolidated"?

    12. Missing avatar

      BH on

      So when's the next livestream? I'm definitely anticipating the next Wayforward Weekend!

    13. Missing avatar

      Steve Montalvo on

      @Adammada: For anyone that pledged here and then did the same on Paypal. This way you can take one $25 pledge and a $75 PP and unite the two.

      @Wayforawrd, Terrific! This should help to reinvigorate the campaign.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      The ANY option isn't there Wayforward. Something might have went wrong. Pull that baby up and you'll get more backer fundsfrom me.

    15. Mike Harvey on

      This news is just... wow! I'm so glad about the ANY pledge a that there's an update to PayPal info every 15 minutes. More importantly, I'm glad that there's gonna be a forum and just a general place to chat with other fans (I had no clue people where still chatting here on the KickStarter site as well)... I'm just so happy about this news!

    16. Mike Harvey on

      Also, congrats to the grand price winner! Totally well deserved for that amazing artwork.

    17. Nathan H. on

      Wewt, nice. I shall be waiting for the forums. *sneaky face*

    18. Johnny Johnson on

      I didn't even know there was a fan art contest! :(

      Maybe I should read more closely...

    19. DeafTard on

      forums! Woot! I am glad Wayforward is listening/reading to some of the feedbacks because a forum is a must. Plus, it will be a hella lot better to post on the forums than the comments sections since the kickstarter comments section for any projects is poorly made.

    20. Thomas Sausner Jr. on

      have anymore stretch goals been achieved?

    21. biovixy (Francisco) on

      does that mean that I can't donate to get the next reward tier? oh well. : (

    22. Antonio Garcia

      @biovixy: Puedes donar usando el botón de Any$ para agregar fondos con Paypal e incrementar el escalón en el que te encuentras. Solamente agrega tu email de Kickstarter en el mensaje de Paypal así como tu tier actual y el que quieres ahora.

    23. Josh Wise on

      Can't wait to see the new site.

    24. John Paul on

      Thanks guys! I appreciate you letting me know. Also, great choice for winner!

      Can't wait for the new website and great idea getting the Paypal numbers updateable.

      Looking forward to those forums as everyone is. Want to voice some opinion for this soon so to be awesome title. :P

    25. Missing avatar

      Joshua Goodfellow on

      Quick question guys, I donated $120. Have you asked anyone for their address to send them stuff yet, or are you going to leave that until you stop taking donations?

    26. Nathan Swayne on

      I want those Stretch Goals, too.

      "We should receive the Kickstarter funds in the next few weeks. At that time we will begin contacting all KS and PayPal backers to discern who has made multiple pledges and if/how they would like them consolidated."

    27. MetalShadowOverlord on

      Congrats to #1127066! :D

    28. Jake Pangares on

      Baaaah, I knew I wouldn't win. But still! Good job guys! Super proud of the guys who won prizes! And what a great way to spread news about our half-genie hero, Shantae! (pun completely intended)

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      I need to learn to draw from you guys. Seriously, there are too many good artists in this world, and everyone's art in that contest was better than mine. (not that I even thought I should enter in the first place, but maybe it is better than not entering at all?)

    30. Peter Meldgaard on

      Blasted! I didn't notice there was a fan art contest! Would've participated for sure. :)

      Congratulations to the winners, that's a lot of mighty fine drawings indeed!

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Sambar on

      Would I get the coin if I upped my pledge?

    32. Darmin Hadzic on

      Morning, guys! I'm sure this question is covering the comments, but I've pledged 25 bucks. I wanted to up to $200, but I didn't have internet access until recently, so I missed the boat.
      Can I combine the paypal with my pledge via $175, or must I plunk the $200?
      I don't mind the extra $25, but I'm curious.
      Thanks for the info!

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Goodfellow on

      Ah, thank you for telling me that Nathan. I thought I had been paying proper attention to these updates, but I suppose not.

    34. Missing avatar

      Joshua Goodfellow on

      And also I want the same answer as Darmin. I've pledged $120, but I want to boost it up to $220. If I donate through Paypal, will it be added to the money I've donated already, or am I going to have to donate the whole $220? Because I probably can't really afford to donate $320.

    35. Celtic Minstrel on

      Darmin, Joshua, Mark: this very post confirms that you can up your pledge via PayPal (that's what they mean by "consolidate").

      Also confirmed in the comments section:…

    36. Missing avatar

      Joshua Goodfellow on

      Ok then, I have a slightly more specific question, that might take a bit of explaining, so here goes. I paid for my pledge with my debit card and my main e-mail account. My Paypal account, due to some problems with Paypal that I'm trying to sort out, is linked to my secondary e-mail account, but the same credit card.

      So, if I were to donate $100 with my paypal account, would it count as upping my pledge, since it's the same credit card, or would it count as a new pledge, due to the different e-mail account?

    37. Missing avatar

      Joshua Goodfellow on

      Never mind, PayPal finally got their thumbs out of their asses and fixed the problem.

    38. Chris on

      One question:
      How will the PayPal and the Kickstarter-pledges be combined for those using different mail-addresses? My PayPal-email is a bit different than the one for Kickstarter.

    39. WhattheFnu on

      I wish I had known about the Crunchyroll contest sooner; I might have tried to enter. That being said...*sigh*. In another time, another dimension, late 80's anime Shantae was a thing, and I am SO jealous of the me that got to see it, horrendous dubbing and all.

    40. Missing avatar

      Marc Brown on

      I may as well get this out now. The art direction in this iteration seems a little, well, rushed. Like the guy is using paint software that really makes curves a pain, so he goes for straight lines by preference. This is the first time I've seen Shantae's ponytail have _corners_ - from the top to the hook-nosed tip - and I'm really hoping it's just a preliminary change. ;p

    41. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      I'm sorry, but where is this PayPal store and its supposed funding tally? I've looked around the Kickstarter page, the WayForward website, poked around PayPal, and even Googled and I can't find anything resembling a PayPal funding total for SHGH.