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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Kiwiblazer on

      Cant wait to play this on the wii u

    2. Michel Lorenzo Lemos on

      Like someone said before, if you're making the paypal still going on for the extra content, make sure it's easy to notice and not only show how much towards the next goal is, but also how long until you stop using paypal.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Littleford on

      Heck yeah, this got funded. That's awesome :) I'm just sad I couldn't put more money towards it, but I'm currently attending my third year at university so I was kinda strapped for cash. Still, this is excellent news! Make the best darned Shantae game yet, WayForward!

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin Vincent on

      Glad I could help.
      So how so do I get my Xbox 360 Download

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Hines on

      Is there any way we could see the other stretch goals as DLC post-release? I really want to see Nega-Shantae!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      This is SO AWESOME! I'm so glad we've reached an extra chapter! that's one more transformation to add into the game!! I really hope we can reach Hero mode with PayPal. I'll keep awareness up for as long as you guys keep PayPal open, with some luck we'll get you that extra 90 000$ needed!

      Congrats to WayForward!

    7. Alex Neilson

      C'mon paypallers - If you get us to the 900k stretch, I'll be very very happy!

    8. Trevor McDoctor - Day 0 Shantae Fan on

      You're very welcome and THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS!!! This series has come a long way since 2002. The next 12 months will be exciting I'm sure. GENERAL Voldi Way, SIR IvanSmith, Jake Virt Kaufman, Jeff Luke-anticipating that Regular Show game!-, Christina Vee, Jesse-voice of Linda Lash, Erin Bozon, MASTER MATTHEW ODDESSIUS BOZON and everyone at Wayforward thanks for making my kind of games.

      All the best, I hope to do some work for you one day.

      -Trevor McD - A Day Zero Shantae Fan, Wayforward Fan since 2001

      ps- Craig Harris, if you're reading this you spread interest of Shantae so IGNpocket readers like myself. THANK YOU wherever you are.

    9. Missing avatar

      Luis on

      HELL YEA! We did it guys!
      Congrats WayForward! Shantae takes me back to my childhood on the GBC so I'm defenitly looking forward to seeing this game up for sale.
      It would have been awesome if we made it to having Sky, Bolo, Rotty as playable characters.
      Ah well, we've got plenty of enough stretch goals funded already so this will be fantastic.
      Good luck way WayForward, and to all you Backers out there give yourselfs a pat on the back for me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Colin Stradley on

      Next year can't come soon enough... :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Shane Calimlim on

      Yea we should replace that countdown on the site, but I reeeaaally wanted to take a nap :)

    12. Rex Warden on

      Congratulations, and while I didn't have Scrooge's multiplujillion dollars, I'm glad I could help at all. Wayforward, in my opinion, is the salvation of quality gaming. May good fortune come to you for all time.

    13. Malcolm DeMaggio on

      Congratulations! Can't way to play this next year!

    14. TheRealMalek on

      congratulations wayforward, i played some of your games and loved them, looking forward to this one !

    15. Novibear on

      If Risky's Revenge had gotten up on Steam I am sure this would have done much better but I am still very happy with how this turned out!

    16. Olli Johannes Suvinen on

      Grats for 800k!
      I was afraid we wouldn't even make 600k so that is way more than I hoped for.
      Hopefully you'll get rest 400-500k gathered via paypal and then I can truly say, money well spent.

      I'm gonna be anxiously waiting for my coin. XD

    17. Luke Ravish on


      Honestly, thank you guys so much for giving us such a fun experience; one where we can push for a game, along with a development team who shares our feelings, and pour our hearts and souls into a character we all love very much!

      This Kickstarter, the amazingly fun live streams on Thank you for all that you have done and we are all so proud of you! This game will be filled with your love for Shantae and your love for creating amazing games, and every fan and newcomer is going to feel that!

      Good luck in the development process and I'm sure everyone can hardly wait for what's to come!

      Get some rest from those long 24 hours! You all deserve it!!

    18. gb7zone7 on

      Congratulations Wayforward, I bet we can make 900K... or even 1.3 MILLION once people hear about this success and the Paypal feature!

      btw your link to your website has a typo when clicked, says "wayforwrd" instead of "wayforward", hope that helps.

    19. Missing avatar

      BH on

      Congrats again! THANS all around!!

      Maybe you guys should try to treat the Paypal funds almost as if the KS was still ongoing. Leave the Paypal totals posted somewhere on your homepage along with the stretch goals, and continue to mention the funding in your news and blog posts. It's hard to think that Shantae fans might have overlooked this campaign, but maybe leaving these blurbs during the release of Pirate's Curse could help.

    20. Kurt Austin Thompson on

      Sorry forgot to put 3DS on my last post. Stupid fingers.

    21. AfroRyan

      @Kevin T.J. Brown I'm cracking up over here, and my sides have left the building. I'm glad WayForward has a sense of humor about it. I really want to see a "special than" section of the credits. Maybe have Risky come out and shoot off the k and s so people who aren't in on the joke aren't completely confused.

    22. Kurt Austin Thompson on

      @kuppy Let's ALSO celebrate by making a new version of Risky's Revenge so we can play as Dancer Shantae. Cause...god dang she is beautiful in that outfit.

    23. FinalCataclsym on

      Our work here is not done. We can relax and celebrate today, but it will take more exposure, time and money to reach all the way up to 1.3 Million.

      Paypal is open for business and there is still stretch goals to be reached. Rest today, work tomorrow!

    24. Jesse Lab on

      This has legitimately made my day. Congratulations to everyone at Wayforward and I know they'll make a great game! Now begins the wait for Pirate's Curse....

    25. Ed Murray on

      @ Kuppy I'm hoping for a pre-order sale of upcoming 3DS Shantae as I already own the previous Shantae VC games when they were first released for 3DS!

    26. Ed Murray on

      I wonder how many copies Capcom sold of the GBC version of Shantae originally. So far WF is guaranteed to "sell" at least 18,500 copies of HGH!!!

    27. Yonis Fara on

      I second @Kuppy . A sale on the Shantae games would be perfect now that Curse is coming out soon.

    28. kupked on

      Let's celebrate this success with a sale on the Virtual Console and DSiWare games? Anyway, very happy you made it that far, you earn it and did a very well job.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chioke Blacksheare on

      Congrats to the team! I know this game is going to be a fantastic piece of art.

    30. Woodruff Gage on

      Congratulations to the WayForward team and to us. I hope we can make it to at least A Dish Served Cold by the time the PayPal ends. Than you everyone!

    31. Missing avatar

      Astrogamer on

      Hurray. Congrats Wayforward

    32. Brett Warriner on

      Way to go guys, it was a fun ride! It will be great if the Paypal account can get us to the Hero Modes, Bolo needs some love! Regardless, it is a great day! :D

    33. Alenonimo on

      Can't wait to play the game! :D

    34. Jacob Wisner

      Haha I think that either their keyboard broke or they're still recovering from the live stream.

    35. Fitzpatrick Phillips on

      Make sure you guys put THAN in the game somewhere!

    36. Thomas Sausner Jr. on

      righty-o! ya'll should post that on deviantart, the thanks you picture i mean

    37. Zachary J Mireles on

      Hooray! We did it! I'm so glad it was funded, I was honestly a little sad and worried at first. Then that awesome push came in and it blew past the goal! I'm very happy now, looking forward to the game!

    38. Jake Shyer on

      where do we find the paypal? Can we still get the game?

    39. Missing avatar

      Alan Casio on

      I've been keeping up and blogging about your Kickstarter since day one, and had a really fun time doing so. I'm glad this Kickstarter has introduced me to the Shantae games, and I look forward to hearing more about your progress.

      Good Luck! XD

    40. YoshiSonic on

      :/ Dang it, I really wanted to play hero mode..I really hope they try their hardest to make Hero mode available, that was the stretch goal I was waiting for.

    41. Ramsey Wright on

      HUZZAH!!! i have funded this one AND the Mighty No. 9 game!!!

    42. Jasper Valentine on

      We did it! Congrats WayForward, and well done for all of us!

      and yes, THAN

    43. Juan Vargas on

      Sweet, and PayPal will stay open. This means there is still a chance to make this the best Shantae game ever. Let make it happen!

    44. Rullakebab99 on

      This was one of the more fun campaigns. ^_^ - Looking forward to following the actual development of the game!