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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

GREAT JOB!! Costume Swap Stretch Goal has been reached!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

14 hours to go, and we just hit our Costume Swap Stretch Goal!  We're seriously blown away by how quickly this funded!  Now Half-Genie Hero will be better than ever, with three fully animated costumes to play with!  Rebalanced stats and special moves accompany each: Patricia Wagon costume, Ninja costume, and Beach Day costume will be included in the game!  We're truly amazed and can't thank you all enough!  Let's celebrate!!

The next Stretch Goal is "Fire and Forget", a bonus chapter that involves a new "Rival" Guardian Genie.  There's a half-day still to go for this half-genie!  Let's make some magic!! 

Also a reminder... we're still going strong over at WayForwardTV... tune in!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ison Daya on

      @Michael That's totally what I was thinking. Luck/Richter/Maria modes?

    2. Seth Brown on

      PayPal will have a cutoff at some point.

    3. Hussein Huwaidi on

      There's always PayPal ;)

    4. Byu Wraind Mai Zwei on

      witchPlease also bring us Hero Modes and those two Bonus Chapters :(
      It's OK even if they are DLC.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chase Cooper Bowen on

      @Seth Brown: I've been wondering the same thing, actually. I'd say probably.

    6. Seth Brown on

      Wish we could have hit them all. Not sure if it's been addressed, but if the game is successful enough when it comes out any chance of the other content stretch goals being DLC?

    7. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      Yay, we can use the Patricia Wagon costume! :)

    8. Byu Wraind Mai Zwei on

      What about transform into Nega-Shantae?

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bailey Gill on

      We have emerged victorious! Three stretch goals over the initially funding! As the final hours pass us by, I think back fondly on the twists, turns, suprises, and (most of all) Spany Joe. We will soon lay in wait of the final product, hoping for more stretch goals to reach fruition. It's been a great ride.

    10. D. Tyrone Barnes, II on

      Man, I really hope we get all these stretch goals. You how much I'd love to hear voice acting and see animated cutscenes?

    11. Chris Leonido on

      For those you didn't get the chance to pledge for this project, there's a paypal option that Wayforward has made. So you can make a pledge to the project once the kickstarter ends.

      Glad to see the goal of the costume swap meet its goal. I have a feeling that these are going to be useful in the game.

    12. Gollgagh on

      ...except for the Tinkerbat DLC >__>;

    13. Gollgagh on

      @Kevin: Umm, *everyone* on kickstarter who pledges $12 or more (aka enough to get the game at all) gets all of the DLC; *IF* the voice acting stretch goal is reached, everyone will be able to enjoy it, not just kickstarter backers.

    14. Kevin Behrendt on

      Nice but I don't like all the DLCs and voice for people who have upper pledges. This is something I am more accustomed from big, ugly publishers and not smaller studios. It is a shame.

    15. Petar Petrov on

      Congratulations! Now the 800k goal is reality :)

    16. Willian G. Hopfgartner on

      This is getting better and better, I would never expect it would reach 600K. O:
      Alright mates, to the 800k tier! o/

    17. Sir Jordi

      go go Wii U!

    18. lostleader on

      I'd just want to get to the 8K goal, but if this is anything like that Skullgirls kickstarter maybe we will even reach 1 mil. goal! COME ON LATE TIME BACKERS TO THE RESCUE!!!

    19. Vince Vazquez

      Man, I sure did say "stupid" a lot in my last post :P I really shouldn't be posting at 3:40 in the AM (EST)! But that art competition had such a strict deadline!

    20. Vince Vazquez

      Man, good luck Wayforward! Let's see if you can hit your stretch goals in the last... 9 hours! I'm crossing my fingers... even though it's hard to type like this :P

      And also - more importantly for me - THANK YOU for keeping the Paypal store open for several MONTHS after this ends, yo. I'm stupid broke at the moment thanks to stupid Sallie Mae and their blood-sucking student loans (though I can spare $5 to help 1/2 Genie Hero out) so I'm currently looking for part-time work. Can't do much more to support this thing now than joining Crunchyroll's art competition (if any Kickstarter backer HASN'T checked out that forum, you're missing out on some stupid excellent artwork. I mean it, your brain can't handle some of this stuff. It's next level amazing. Link:…). But I definitely plan on tossing more cash your way in the near future. Just gotta secure some stupid work for the short-term *grumble*

      Let's go last-minute backers!

    21. Anis on

      Wow, I can't believe it, cool :)

    22. Iñigo on

      I also hope we can get the 900K goal!

    23. Roger Hillman Cameron on

      I dunno, we've already got 3 costumes and Risky. That's quite a bit of Replay Value, IMO!

      Hero Mode would be even better if they could gear another game to 2-to-4 Players for pure awesome!

    24. Chris Prichard on

      Can we skip Fire and Forget and go straight for Hero Modes? I LOVE when games let you replay them as new characters!

    25. internisus on

      Some of the ideas for bonus chapters in the stretch goals that may not make sound really fun. Is it possible that profits of the game after it comes out will be used to produce these ideas as DLC even if they are not funded right now?

    26. Timothy H. on

      We want PJ Shantae.

    27. Tsuujou on

      Jesus H. Christ.
      I can play as Shantae Wagon. Dreams do come true.

    28. Shikigami3k on

      This is unbelievably awesome!!!!111!! I can't believe we've made it this far...for a while I was worried about just hitting 400k...look where we are now!
      *does a little dance in celebration*

    29. Missing avatar

      Hetdegon on

      Awesome, I didn't think it'd make it in so little time!
      Pity there's no pj Shantae included...but oh well!

    30. William Michael Schneider on

      Sweet, I bet we can reach the next stretch goal!

    31. Missing avatar

      Skinner Thomas McLane on

      Mighty Switch Shantae is really, really cool. That said I'm really crossing my fingers and toes that we get Fire and Forget - that looks to me to be the coolest out of all the bonus chapters and the design for the rival genie looks amazing. I'd LOVE to have it in the game and I've already pushed my pledge up two grades since originally joining this project. Here's hoping!

    32. Missing avatar

      William Brown on

      if we don't reach it maybe thay can make it DLC or something like that, heck made even updates.

    33. Missing avatar

      William Brown on

      Glad that we made it this far. It would be sweet if we could make it to the next goal in one day.

    34. Sarah Jesness on

      Sweet! Glad to make it this far! Though I still really hope we can get Fire and Forget. The story for that sounds really cool!

    35. Tamitha on

      Great job, gang! I'm so happy to see this project getting some love!

    36. Dancie on

      Rockin'! Patty Wagon costume, woop woop~

    37. Denison Guizelini on

      Character designer team... The Santae's pants red/blue can be transparent? not total transparent, just a litle bit?

    38. Denison Guizelini on

      Hero mode and extra chapter!
      this game needs the $1M tier!!!!please!!!

    39. Andre Borges on

      playing with Patricia Wagon costume would fit perfectly in that 1,2M goal chapter :)

    40. TeamShantae on

      Need Hero Modes...stat!

      We are vying for the $900,000 stretch goal! Let's do our best!

    41. Ian Chamberlin on

      awesome...I hope the momentum keeps up. :D I at least want one more of those extra chapters.

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher Dean on

      Awesome, I was hoping this would be funded. Of course I would like to see all of the goals hit, but this one caught my eye right away.

    43. Daniel Arteaga on

      Congratz guys!!! Lets go for 900K, HERO MODE BABY!!!

    44. Chaos Sepher on

      I just had a fun idea: What if the other transformations change slightly by appearance depending on the costume? Like bikini, form has sunglasses. Ninja has the mask. And the Switch Force has the siren and badge.

    45. Timothy P. Marks on

      I wish we could reach the 1.1 and 1.3 mill marks, but that seems sadly out of reach. Still, it's good to know we got past the $700,000 mark - makes it seem like we really accomplished something and not just barely scraped past the finish line.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      Yes! This is going to be so cool!

      You know, if you guys keep coming up with original characters you'll have to come up with a giant crossover game with Shantae and friends and the Mighty Series girls (and Corporal Gendarmor) all together... maybe a fighting game? Hehehehe.

    47. Jason Hickey on

      We're going to get the next one, and at least the one after that. Or who knows maybe we'll get them all. If MN9 can get so much money in its last hours why can't this?

    48. Gabriel Hernandez on

      We got to reach $900K!!!