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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal revealed – Clockwork Night!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

This is the last “Bonus Chapter” stretch goal! Bonus Chapters sandwich right into the middle of the adventure, extending the amount of game between the mysterious INTRO and the action packed CONCLUSION. The more bonus chapters we can fund, the more levels, transformations, and bosses there will be!

This chapter occurs late in the game, and takes Shantae and friends into a “tech-level”. In classic gaming fashion, we have now moved from tropical and spooky themed areas, into and out of dungeons, and finally to world of technology that is completely unknown to these characters. A true “fish out of water” stage, Shantae and friends are completely unprepared for the fusion of magic and circuitry that Risky’s vile Tinkerbats have constructed. At the mercy of a mechanized world, Shantae gets some inspiration of her own -- and one final Dance Transformation is born

We don’t want to spoil the ending, but you can imagine this will be an epic final chapter for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. We’ve got six days left… let’s make this happen!


Get Shantae: Risky's Revenge for FREE

If you've got an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini), you can get Risky's Revenge -- the FULL GAME for FREE for a very limited time.  We have just updated both versions (unlock and "full") to be compatible with iOS 7.  Get it now and you'll find a brand new playable character: DANCER SHANTAE!  Spread the word!


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    1. Nezumi

      Granted, Wayforward's original titles may be one of the exceptions to that model, but I'd have to ask someone there to be sure.

    2. Nezumi

      @Ryan Durocher: Sadly, game development doesn't actually work like that in most cases, even though most people think it does. There are people in the industry who have explained it better, but the dev's cut on game sales mostly goes to paying off the initial investment from the publisher that allowed the game to even be developed. It has to sell significantly above projections to turn a profit for the dev, and even selling slightly under expectations can turn it into a failure.

    3. Shawn Morris on

      Why no Android love? :(
      I would buy this on Android if I could. Even though I already have it on my 3DS.

    4. Shawn Dempsey on

      It is a shame that there is no discount for the nintendo eshop for either of the Shantae games available there. I grabbed the ios rendition, but I know i'll never play it even though it is free. Virtual controls are just no substitute for the real thing in a platformer. Oh well, i've been waiting this long(since the gbc original) to try the sequel. Hopefully, there is always the chance of a slight discount when the 3ds sequel comes out allowing a more bang for the buck double purchase. If not i know someday i'll download it full price or not it will just be later not sooner.

    5. Michael Heras on

      Will you guys keep the paypal option open for those who would still like to donate money into this project and just couldnt around this time?Will you guys decide to make some of the stretch goals such as alternate costumes and chapters dlc?Its just that you guys seemed to have a really big game planned out,and Id really like to see that shine through in one way or the other,at least keep the paypal donations open for a good week or two!Im probably just sounding selfish at this point,but I guess that cant be helped.At least we got that boom that happens when most kickstarters near its last days to look forward too,hopefully that will be good enough to get at least one bonus chapter in there to add some more good meat into the game.At least by the looks of it you guys will definitely be able to get Risky mode in the game,so thats good.Anyways Ill be off trying to advertise this thing good luck my friends.

    6. Ryan Durocher on

      It's disappointing that we'll probably never get to see these other chapters. Would it possible to take the sales from other upcoming games and put them towards the content for the stretch goals? There's another Switch Force coming out, and Pirates Curse, yeah?

    7. Arc Ray on

      i think you guys should extend the time on your Kickstarter. it feels like its just not reaching the expectations the it seemed like it was going for.

    8. Sean Fineran on

      I would LOVE to see this level in the final version! I moved my pledge up to the $60 tier, in hopes to help whatever I can! The world of technology level sounds amazing, and it would be amazing if we managed to reach it. I want at least the Patty Wagon costume in the game!! Haha

    9. Proto Man on

      Speaking of Risky's Revenge on Steam, could we get an ETA on when it is coming out?

    10. WayForward Creator on

      Hi guys! Lot's of questions here, so lets see if we can answer a few :)

      1) Will the game be incomplete if we don't meet this stretch goal? Not at all. We have an ending planned, but this would be a fun last "main level" before the actual "final level".

      2) Why reveal stretch goals at the end? We had our goals established at the beginning, and are revealing them over time for fun, and to keep people coming back. This is our first Kickstarter campaign and it seemed like a good idea, but we're still learning! We're very open to your opinions on this.

      3)Why no android? We already had the iOS game from 2 years ago, so this new costume was added to an existing product. Our next destination for Shantae Risky's Revenge is Steam. We'd love to get the game to more places faster, but our self-publishing is our "night job"

      4) can we get this costume on DSiWare? At the moment, we don't think so. But it will be in the Steam version and possibly in the 3DS sequel.

    11. Taylor Rose on

      You guys need to release Dancer Shantae on the DSi and 3DS versions of the games. We are just as important as everyone else.

    12. cactuslick on

      Is it not possible to discount the DSiWare version? I'm going to buy that one either way as I can't stand virtual buttons, but a discount would be nice. :)

    13. Flame Eliwood on

      This really bums me out because I don't have an iPhone :C Those things are really expensive so I went with an Android as well. Do you think you guys at wayforward could probably make an android version at some point? Because I'd really like dancer shantae.

    14. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      TLDR: WayForward, why not split up the $700k and $900k goals to add interim stretch goals that might raise pledges?

      Full: I can't help but think that all these impossible stretch goals is only going to make people LESS likely to back, or to pledge less than they could.

      I mean, the Kickstarter basically says the game will only have 3 chapters of the 7 it could, and after the first 3 days it would have been incredibly obvious to potential backers that the remaining 4 weren't going to be reached by total pledge. That's demotivating.

      I don't agree that this project suffers from following Mighty No. 9's. In fact it may have been helped by the synergies and cross-advertising of the two. But it could have learned a lot from comcept's handling of theirs.

      Perhaps most important, after a few days they had the entire project team sit down for a day and reorganise their stretch goal placement. They used their newfound knowledge of how quickly people were pledging to spread out the goals in a way that made sure whichever goal they were on, the next one would feel achievable.

      By contrast, Shantae HGH is likely to reach $500k and then new pledges (or people raising existing ones) in the last few days will hit a complete standstill because $600k will be just too distant.

      I'm not saying they should condense the goals because that would be financially irresponsible, but the $700k and $900k tiers advertise three new costumes and three new characters respectively. Why couldn't those have been split up for more realistic goals with only $40k to $50k between them?

    15. Chris Prichard on

      Can we please update the 3DS version with Dancer Shantae? I bought it a long time ago!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      I wish you guys hadn't done this Kickstarter at the same time as Inafune-san's Mighty No. 9 ;_; I feel you guys got overshadowed... and it's kinda putting a strain on my fund.

      Still if everybody bellow ups to at least 60$ we could get AT LEAST one bonus chapter and the bonus outfits!

    17. Erik Lovell on

      Well that's great, I don't have any kind of IOS products. Any chance you could release it anywhere else? Like, at all? Steam? 3ds? The wii-u?

    18. Hylian Pirate on

      The only reason they haven't put the dancer costume on the DSi version is because Nintendo doesn't allow DSiWare updates. It sucks, but that's how it is.

    19. Thomas Sausner Jr. on

      where do i download? i havent played that game yet and i wanna see Dancer Shantae!

    20. Willian G. Hopfgartner on

      Can we have Dancer Shanter on DSi, pretty please? :3

    21. Marco E. De Los Santos on

      Why do they show the stretch goals at the end? Do they expect everyone to just give a little more? I'm sure there are people who'll do that (I did) but some can't ,even if they really want to since they're at their limit (I am). If they want more sponsors they should look for more, the Internet is big.

    22. Guilherme Reis Bonfim on

      Upping the pledge may be hard for some not only because they may already be pledging the most they can, but the shipping cost changes if you're not in the US. At the $90 tier the shipment cost is just 5 dollars, while in the $110 tier the shipment cost gets to 10 dollars, and at the $200 tier (one I wished I could be in) the shipment cost is already 20 dollars. I don't know about the cost inside the US, but it's an important factor for everyone who's not there.

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Walus on

      @Micahel: No, you're not. Because I really want it on DSiware too. Playing platformer/action games on a phone just doesn't work as nicely.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      If we fund all the bonus chapters, would the order go something like this? (I understand you don't want to spoil things, but I'm just curious)
      Chapter 1 (Which I guess title is Mermaid World)
      Sequins of Unfortunate Events
      Fire and Forget
      Chapter 2
      A Dish Served Cold
      Chapter 3
      Clockwork Night

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Corbett on

      I really want to see what this chapter is. Its cool that ios is getting Risky's Revenge, but am I being selfish in wanting Dancer Shantae on the DSiware game?

    26. Neil Francis Guico Sulit on

      @Anime10121: Yeah I know, just being optimistically hopeful.

    27. Missing avatar

      Grahav on

      Can the free game of Risky's Revenge be played on the PC?

    28. Anime10121 on

      @Neil thats true, but you gotta be realistic hear, not everyone (ESPECIALLY those who live on minimum wage) can afford to up their pledge to 110 bucks. Thats more than my light and water bill combined! 110 bucks is A LOT of money for a game, and at that, a game we wont see until next year...

    29. Missing avatar

      Skinner Thomas McLane on

      "you can imagine this will be an epic final chapter for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero."

      So wait; if we don't reach this stretch-goal (which it seems like we won't) the game simply won't be in it's finished state? That sounds horrible. =/

    30. Neil Francis Guico Sulit on

      We could make it if everyone could up their pledges to $110. A person could get that much if working for minimum wage for two days. Of course I am referring to the U.S. federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, and working for 8 hours a day; unless a person lives in a place or works at a place that pays less than that.

    31. Guilherme Reis Bonfim on

      I'd love to see a tech level in the game for a little change of theme, but I don't have U$600000.00 on me right now. =/

    32. Marusame on

      id say from what ive seen in public, only 1 in 5 have an iPhone most have android devices.

    33. Marsgreekgod on

      I can see reaching a strech goal or two, but this isn't going to happen at this rate, or even double the rate. I hope at least they make it dlc if it doesn't work out

    34. Missing avatar

      Grahav on

      I have to agree with Greg. It is a shame, but...

      I think it would have been better to leave some of the further goals for a month after the game was released.

    35. Josh Wise on

      Every bonus chapter gets better and better. I want to see it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Greg Walus on

      Not to be a negative nancy or whatever, but lemme get this straight: You're putting up stretch goals for almost 3 times your current funding amount with only 5 days left? Even with keeping Paypal funding open for x number of months, how many people really know about this game who haven't pledged to it already? Unless you've got some sort of rocking PR regimen coming, I don't see it happening. As much as I'd love to see this game get as much money as possible.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers

      Well, I don't have IOS, but that's okay, if I can buy Risky's Revenge with the Dancer available in some fashion...I will be able to get some sweet dancing Shantae in RR, right?...right?!

    38. Niki Coppola

      RoboShantae? Mecha Shantae?

    39. XrayW the Mighty Hyper Shantarian on

      Oh god I want all of these bonus chapters! WayForward, please make sure that you guys keep the paypal option relevant in the gaming press after the campaign is over. This game needs to eat up the press after Mighty number 9 ends it's campaign.

    40. Missing avatar

      mario gomez on

      So what about Android?

    41. L B on

      I just wanna ask, but in the event that we don't hit these goals (which all sound really cool), will there be a chance of them being implemented regardless as future DLC, depending upon overall sales of the game when it's released? Cause I really hope so!

    42. Josh Mauser on

      So I already have the game on iOS 4.2 (touch 2nd gen). I'm guessing you need 5.1 and up for this update to work?

    43. Professor Icepick on

      How long were you guys planning on keeping the Paypal open again? Because I need all of these stretch goals to happen, I just don't have any more money to give at the moment.

    44. Mark John Vignone Jr. on

      We need to approach the Zelda community (like Zelda Dungeon and Zelda Informer) with this update. This could be the boost we need. If folks can replace the Majora's Mask Moon with the Villager's face, we can replace it with Risky and her mecha moon.

    45. Missing avatar

      Redgeneral on

      Will risky's revenge appear on android?

    46. Missing avatar

      Ubel on

      huh, the wording of this gives off the impression that this bonus chapter is meant to be sort of the true final chapter of the game....

      not sure how I feel about that

    47. Tyler Johnson on

      so because I have android I'm just SOL huh? *sigh* Excluding a large portion of potential backers is not the best business stratagem.

    48. Hylian Pirate on

      I want to see mecha-Shantae with all of my heart!

    49. Thomas "SkyeWelse" Liebert on

      A ultimate showdown with Risky Boots on a technology-themed moon base! Yes, Please! : )