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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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FREE GAME! Shantae: Risky’s Revenge iOS

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

We're 90% funded! Congratulations everyone!  Let's get down and boogie with another update...

Introducing DANCER SHANTAE!  If you’ve been wondering how our “Costume Swap” Stretch Goal would work, now’s your chance to find out! Download Shantae: Risky’s Revenge for iOS and take the brand new, fully playable DANCER SHANTAE for a spin! She’s double the magic power, but half the defense… perfect for you hard-core speed runners out there.

Start your game, beat the opening sequence, and head to Scuttle Town’s Import Room to pick up your new DANCE COSTUME!

A new costume is just the half of it!  For a limited time, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge on iOS is FREE! This means both versions are 100% unlocked at zero cost: 

-Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (unlock version) = FREE!

-Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (full version) = FREE! 

So grab your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Mini... grab something and download your game right now, fully unlocked without paying a dime! Tell your friends!  (note: Shantae: Risky's Revenge no longer requires a wireless connection to download. Grab it now!)


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REMINDER: Giant Robot Event Tomorrow!

Last but not least, remember that tomorrow night is our event at Giant Robot in Los Angeles.  Get the details right here.


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    1. WolfThunder on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Alexis Sara on

      I don't have an I anything id really love the the 3ds version to go free so I could give it a play or if this went to android I guess I could play on my phone.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marshall Smith on

      I have the eShop version on my 3DS can we get it for that as well? I want Dancer Shantae too!

    4. ChillValentine on

      Not a fan of iOS gaming, but I would be veeeery delighted to get this outft on my 3DS copy of the game!

      Any chance you could introduce it as a DLC item on the eShop? My money is your money if you do!

    5. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      Awesome! Thank you for this, it will be my first experience with a Shantae game!

    6. Thom Snow on

      For the Speed Runners! Time to get an iOS vm.

    7. mjc354 on

      My Android is read-.... -d'awww...

    8. Nintendude92 on

      Dat costume!

      I'll download it but uh I doubt I'll play a platformer with touch controls. Already had enough of that game on dsiware anyway

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Howley on

      In the interests of Clarity regarding the differences between the two versions of the game, here is the results of my experimentation. For reference, I tried using a iPhone 4 with both iOS6.1.3 and iOS7

      Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Gold band around app) is fully functional on both iOS6 and iOS7
      Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Full) (Silver band around app) fully functional on iOS6, but doesn't work properly on iOS7. Image appears minimised, only fills a quarter of the screen and control points do not line up.

      Make sure to download the correct one for your iOS. The Gold banded one is better, so choose that one.

    10. Smittynator on

      Any chance to get a Shantae - Risky's Revenge release on Steam? I totally would love to play it with my game pad on PC! Great work and game on!

    11. Robbie Bell on

      Unfortunately I have the eShop version on my 3DS and an Android phone. So no sexy dancer for me I guess.

    12. Jonathan Barrett on

      *has been playing the "Fullversion" on his iPhone 5*
      *sees comments about the small screen and terrible controls*
      *had been finding the controls beautifully responsive for most part, and hadn't been bothered by the screen*

    13. Steven Remington on

      Any chance for an Andriod version?

    14. Taint

      Just to echo many others, will Risky's Revenge appear on Android at some point in the future?

      I'm not so worried about the 'free'part.

    15. Razor Volare on

      Can't get which makes me teary eye. ='( No iOS produces here.

      I have the game on my 3DS (which originated from my DSi) but it would be really sweet if there was an update for DSi Risky's Revenge or if Risky's Revenge came on Steam with the outfit in tow. Suggestion, may we have the outfit for Pirate's Curse at least? Please?

    16. Theodore Trevor on

      Any chance of an Android version? And will Dancer Shantae be available in the PC version?

    17. Hussein Huwaidi on

      Don't download the (Full) version, the screen size on it is so tiny and the controls are messed up! Download instead the other one.

      I guess there is a bug that needs to be fixed on the (Full) version.

    18. Sylvain Langlois on

      Awesome!!! For those with an Apple product that is... Would it be possible to bring this to us 3DS owners who already have the game? Heck, when is the PC or Android version coming?

    19. Connor Greeley on

      It's almost unplayable on my iPhone 5 with iOS 7. The picture is super small and the controls are all over the place. Still a cool game though.

    20. Missing avatar

      Brent O'Hara on

      Game runs at the size of a postage stamp and the touch controls are full screen for whatever reason.

      iPhone 4S Verizon 64GB
      iOS 7

      I really appreciate the gesture and won't back out over this but I wanted to bring this to your attention so you know about the issue. If you need any other specifics of my device let me know I'm happy to provide any info I can!

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel wooton on

      Ah would live to play this I especially like the costume but...I have no intention of using an apple product. Any chance of getting this on other operating systems?

    22. Jake Pangares on

      Dang, would've got this if I didn't get rid of my iPhone. Any possible way us 3DS users could experience this costume change? It sure would be cool!

    23. Missing avatar

      jumpnett on

      Too bad I don't have an iOS device, at all! How about adding this costume to the 3DS version?

    24. Chris J Capel on

      Thanks for this guys, and that costume... Wow.

      However, I'm having trouble running it on my iPhone with iOS 5.1.1 installed. I should update I know, but the specs say it should work? Every time I click on the game it simply won't open. Any help?

    25. Missing avatar

      Stephen King III on

      Would love to see this on Windows Phone, but I guess as long as it's coming to Steam...

    26. Katrien River on

      I use Android, but I will live this vicariously through my friends. And my little brother's iPhone...

    27. Starlink on

      This is awesome, thanks for the update guys. Even tho I have Risky's Revenge on my 3DS (and love it), I will download this just for the costume lol. Thanks again for everything you do Wayforward, you guys ROCK!! =).

    28. Hussein Huwaidi on

      Increased my pledge for the increased hotness ;)

      Yet, waiting for more!

      Keep it up :P

    29. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      New costume is hot enough to look lava-proof. :) On the other hand, I have ... kind of sucked at the games thus far, and the reduced defense would NOT do me any favors.

      I have both the original GBC game and Risky's Revenge courtesy of the 3DS eShop, so I'm not overly inclined to nab the iOS version - I just prefer physical controls under my thumbs as opposed to having to make sure I'm touching the right spot on the screen, y'know? - but I might pick it up while it's free. Thought is tempting.

      In the meantime, have more of my money. *ups pledge*

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Lukas Hägg on

      Don't have an iOs device. Don't want one. Would want Risky's Revenge though.


    32. Gollgagh on

      I was about to be disappointed until I saw "This is will (most likely) be in the Steam version"; SOLD!

      I actually bought a DSi specifically to play S:RR when you guys first released it, so I must admit my heart sank a little when it looked like iOS only. However, I am a somewhat familiar with the stories of how ridiculous it is to get updates posted to Nintendo eShop games, so I really can't blame you guys at all for not expending a lot of effort to add a single costume to a two-and-a-half year-old game.

      Cheers and stay awesome, you guys.

    33. Josh McJunkin on

      Please Wayforward, Please share the new costume love with the DSi version. Some of us don't have an iProduct! And it is the first home of the game to boot!
      Oh, and other then the iPad version, I plan to own ALL of Shantae. Two down (including the GBC cart) and two to go!

    34. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      Sad that this won't run on a Android

    35. Tom Spiers on

      Is DANCER SHANTAE available for the 3DS version?

      I have an android phone and tablet... not an iOS one... :(

    36. Tom Spiers on

      Is DANCER SHANTAE available for the 3DS version?

      I have an android phone and tablet... not an iOS one... :(

    37. Cultist on

      Fuckin' A. I didn't even really know this was on iOS. And now I have it for free, and have been playing it all day, and this makes me need half-genie ever moooore. Upping pledge. Reach that first stretch at least come oooon.....

    38. Briand Christophe on

      T_T not work in 3DS...

    39. Phil E. on

      keep dying....need buttons.....can't stop though.....costume......

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris Howley on

      Nice little bonus. Was looking to get this, so the free download is very welcome. Bonus costume looks nice too.

    41. TheChosenOne on

      Touchscreen isn't for gaming? If you don't know any(thing about) games then don't say anything. ;)
      Works perfect for Kingdomrush, Badland, Bridgy Jones, Hero Academy, Solforge, Infinity Blade, Plants vs Zombies and ofcourse hunderds of puzzle games.

    42. Fitzpatrick Phillips on

      Wow, that is delicious. Too bad I'm not really a fan of iOS games. Touch screen isn't for gaming.
      Hope this makes you a lot of money though

    43. Missing avatar

      Kyle Cooper on

      Thank you WayForward for this costume! It makes Shantae absolutely stunning. I hope that we get to see more updates like this in the future, especially for Half-Genie Hero.

    44. Michael Graney on

      You should update the 3ds version as well... Give us something we can use as well please.

    45. Jose Zeledon on

      DAT costume! :D too bad I only have a nexus 7 !! It eases the pain to know we are going to get this costume on our game too :D

    46. Benjamin on

      And so my 3DS will continue to collect dust as all the games I want go to iOS and get the spiffy versions there and on PC...

      Anyways, even though I don't know that we'll get there, I keep looking at that silhouette of a television and having flashbacks to my childhood days of watching Saturday morning cartoons. Shantae's world just seems so perfect for either an episodic cartoon or a story-driven one; Risky trying to steal things and causing mayhem, Shantae and her friends fighting her off, etc.

      Personally I hope every single stretch goal gets met, they all look so promising. But you guys kind of got boned by Mighty No. 9 draining everyone's pocketbook days before you started.

    47. Lachlan Snell on

      I'd *love* to play this but I have an Android phone and I played Risky's Revenge on a 3DS, so I can't play this :(

    48. Shikigami3k on

      Picked it up because, hey, can't argue with free...but, like others pointed out, platformers play better with real controls. I was planning on picking up the Shantae games on the 3DS eShop somewhere closer to the release date of HGH but this made me cave in and picked up both games. Can't wait to start playing them (meanwhile, my game backlog can't wait to hurt me because I keep neglecting it...)

    49. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      Huh. This is a different version than the one I bought years ago. Thanks for the heads up. Now I own both the classic "free+IAP" and the "Full" game versions.
      Will this ever support the new Joypad APIs? Touch controls are all fine and dandy for certain genres, but Platformers aren't one of them.

    50. Missing avatar

      Karl Schmidt on

      Awesome, love the new costume, but I was a bit bummed that the mugshots weren't changed when you change costume as well. Can't complain with free though. :)