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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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VITA and VITA TV announcement!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Hey folks, a lot of you have been asking for Half-Genie Hero on VITA. As it happens, the landscape of gaming has shifted somewhat today with Sony’s VITA TV announcement. In response, we’ve decided to port wfEngine to Vita as part of our “work-for-hire” business.

What does this mean for Half-Genie Hero? Well, it means that we can include both VITA and VITA TV as part of our $400K funding goal. It’s not a Stretch Goal, just part of the package.

Please help us spread the word, now that our message has changed. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero will now include “VITA & VITA TV” as an option for your platform of choice!

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    1. WolfThunder on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Ryan Sinclair on

      I'm so thankful to WayForward for including the PS Vita as a platform for Shantae Half Genie Hero! I love the Shantae franchise and I've purchased and proudly own Mighty Flip Champs (My first ever WF game), Shantae Risky's Revenge and I'm really looking forward to downloading and playing Shantae and the Pirates Curse on the Nintendo 3DS.

    3. Daniel Alcázar on

      After this, now I'm considering buying a Vita TV

    4. Jan Paulsson on

      you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.
      15$ -> 45$

    5. Ramsey Wright on

      i would buy a physical copy! just as a memento! glad i got the $15 code! when do we need to share our PSN IDs?

    6. Phil E. on

      While this news is sweet for sure the most exciting part of this post is the following quote:

      "we’ve decided to port wfEngine to Vita as part of our “work-for-hire” business"

      That must mean us VITA owners may be in store for some quality Wayforward licensed titles down the road. I love Blood Rayne, Duck Tales, and Aliens Infestation.

    7. Kayseur on

      Vita version ? That's what I was waiting for in order to back. And now it's done. I really hope this project will meet its goal ! (And maybe some stretch ones, but it doesn't especially look good for that.)

    8. Missing avatar

      MrBanballow on

      Well, I was planning to back this anyway, but this news...

      *Throws money at screen*

      ... I'll just be doing it sooner. Question about getting my name in the credits, can I use an alias? I would prefer to use my online handle if possible.

    9. Justin Raimey & Terry L Raimey on

      Oh wow! This was pretty unexpected. I might get the Vita version. Thanks for doing this.

    10. Vitor Cunha de Freitas on

      I think it's time to change the color of her skin in the home page of this project too. There are still people saying that they won't help because of the pale skin.

      By the way, the idea of having this game for the Vita is nice, but unfortunately I do not have one. I wanted to see a 3DS version of this... And I don't actually care about pixelated graphics...

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Magill on

      Vita support pushed me over the edge. Thanks!

    12. Owen Morrison on

      Totally going to get the Vita version, as well as the Wii U version!!!

    13. Ernest Willoughby on

      Great to hear about the incremental upgrades for multiple copies. Doubled my pledge for a my Vita copy and I offer my thanks for being flexible about this.

    14. Rullakebab99 on

      Interesting, interesting. I am happy for the people that own a Vita. :)

    15. Shawn Henry Adams on

      This is great news!!! Was hoping it would eventually come out on Vita! Chalk up another great title for the Vita's near future.

    16. Starlink on

      Awesome! Now I can enjoy this on my Vita to.

      Thank you Wayforward :D.

    17. Dan Murphy on

      I would prefer 3DS support before VITA but thats just personal preference. You cant please everyone.

      I would like to see/hear more about the art book thats part of the $35+ tiers.

    18. Chris on

      Great news to here. Instantly upped my pledge. I'm already excited to play Shantae on my PS3 and my PSVita. Those vibrant colors will be a real joy on the OLED: :)

    19. Trent Reed on

      Hey, she's not so pale any more! :D

    20. Wilson Lim on

      This is my favorite update/announcement by far :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Joshua Davis on

      I was on the fence about backing, but now that the Vita version was announced.. yeah. Hold still while I throw my money at this.

    22. Ethan Molloy on

      @WayForward have you changed shanteas skin again to make it darker because i like her better with darker skin like in the older games. In the trailer for this she has pale skin but above its now darker, what will he final design be?

    23. Paul Bastin on

      @WayForward Can we choose to have additional codes for higher pledges all for the same platform so we can give them to friends?

    24. Shayira on

      GREAT news. Now a Vita finally makes sense. Go, Shantae! The word will be spread. *saluts*

      Nick: They likely did because they're not jerks :P

    25. Nick Crandall on

      Why did you give her her old palette? You can't give in that easily, Wayforward. Dx

    26. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Just realized that PS Mobile titles could be played on PS Vita TV (Risky's Revenge iOS on my mind), as well as PS minis (where Mighty Flip Champs! DX is available). Bring your games all the WayForward!

    27. Missing avatar

      Goblin Honey on

      I spilled a whole bunch of peanut butter in my lap and I'm starting to get ants... HELP!!!

    28. Olajuwon Jenkins on

      Shantae on my Vita!
      I'm glad I did the $200.00 pledge!

    29. Joshua Dillon Veuskens on

      Wait...if I got the $120 pledge...does that mean that I get...uh...8 codes, or just the one?

      ...I'm confused, Mr. Bozon. ><;;

    30. sageco on

      Woo, this is awesome, love my Vita

    31. Thiago Giudice on

      3DS version when? Hard to believe the sequel to Pirate's Curse is not coming to the plataform which has the first 3 games.

    32. Anis on

      Ps vita tv is a huge news, a budget $99 playstation that play vita game, it's a perfect machine for indie games. I'm glad shantae finally getting vita support :)

    33. ghostie on

      WayForward, I FREAKING LOVE YOU!! <3

    34. Missing avatar

      Anthony Murtagh on

      Can I get that artwork but with a Wii U Gamepad instead? It's so adorable.

    35. DKDevil on

      oh ho ho! Shantae for Vita! I know what version I want now! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!1

    36. GuNMouTH on

      Let's see if we can use this info to push past $220K tonight!

    37. GuNMouTH on

      @Peter Pottorff That may be more up to Nintendo to allow more than anything, I think.

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kevin S. Werner on

      Wouldn't have thought that the Vita would've been a platform. Hopefully the 3DS will get included somewhere down the road.

    40. Missing avatar

      Keith Thomson on

      Awesome. I just doubled my pledge because of the Vita announcement. Personally, I think it's still a bit low. I might just double it again here closer to the end of the campaign. I want both the PS4 and Vita versions. :)

    41. Kyle Dockum on

      I am really excited for the PS Vita TV,

      Seems like a solid platform for people that do not have the money to buy the latest tech.

    42. Jerry Barrera on

      I was so bummed when I first about this kickstarter. Now that your on board with the vita support I had to support it. Thanks a lot!

    43. Antonio Gonzalez on

      @WF Holy cow! Another code every $15? Even more reason to hit those high pledges!

    44. Phil E. on

      My pledge will be instantly upped as a result of this news. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

    45. Pinball on


    46. Sarah Jesness on

      Sweet, you used tan Shantae in the picture!

      Anyway, this is great news! Hopefully an extra platform would encourage more people to donate. Personally I wish we could get a 3DS port, but it's no big deal, I'll just do PC.

    47. Gary Stewart on

      @WayForward: 0_o Dang, that's a sweet deal! But I'm good with just the Wii U right now.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tom Augustyn on

      So, for example, I donate $60. Will I be able to get 4 copies on different platforms? If not, could you explain?