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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

Shantae Summer Surprise!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Jammies Mode and Blaster Master are Here!

Hi Backers!

At long last, our Kickstarter campaign for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is coming to an end! But before we pack it all up and sail into the sunset, we’d like to present with one final surprise: JAMMIES MODE!

Jammies Mode is our way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who supported this campaign! We hope you’ll accept this gift, along with our warmest and most heartfelt appreciation for funding this project. We would never have made this game if it weren’t for you!

On behalf of our Backers, and with the cooperation of our partners at Xseed, Pqube, and Amuzio, we are launching this free content update today on all platforms, all versions, all over the world, to Backers and non-Backers. In this way we hope to spread your generosity to the next generation of Shantae fans!!

Enjoy your free gift, and please pass the goodwill to others!

 Here’s a link to the Shantae Summer Surprise trailer:

Slumber Party!

In this new storyline, Shantae wants to throw a big slumber party for everyone who's helped her out on this recent adventure, and you’re invited!

Her mission: To traverse Sequin Land in naught but her jam jams, and hand out invitations to everyone she meets!

This time around, Shantae substitutes hair-whipping and dancing for pillow fighting, floating on a snoozy cloud, and deploying devastating sheep attacks! As with previous extra modes, Shantae can collect Gems to power up her abilities and lay waste to monsters! And there are bonus images for every win condition, so be sure to unlock them all!

Hand out those invites, Shantae! It’s time to celebrate!

Blaster Master Zero Transformation Dance!

But wait, there’s more! This free content update also includes another special bonus… the Blaster Master Zero Transformation Dance!

Remember when Shantae guest-starred in Blaster Master Zero? Well today the shoe’s on the other foot (err… tire’s on the other axle?). With this new update, Shantae can dance to transform into Sophia III from Blaster Master Zero!

How to get: Once you’ve acquired the Super Revive Dance from the Snake Lady salesman (in any of the main Shantae Modes), you can trade it back to her for the Sophia III Transformation Dance!

A very special thank you to Inticreates and Sunsoft for this adorable crossover!

When you can get this Free Content Update:

A quick note on how this update works! At the time of this posting, the content will be live, and should have successfully uploaded to any game device set to “auto-update”. If you don’t see the content on your device, make sure your settings allow for automatic updates, or relaunch the game and try again! If you see Jammies Mode on your Mode Select Screen, you have the Blaster Master Zero dance as well.

Be aware that not all digital stores launch at the exact same time, so it’s possible that your game system of choice might be launching a bit earlier or later than some others. Contact our support line if you have any other questions!

Thank you, and enjoy!

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    1. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      Has the Wii U (EU) update been released? Really irritating as that's the version I backed.

      The Switch (EU) did update the game fine with the Jammie mode. Hopefully Nintendo haven't abandoned the Wii U update.

    2. WayForward Creator on

      @Chris- Its built in as an update!

    3. Chris Bergeron on

      Possibly stupid question, but is this supposed to show up as a separate DLC pack, or it's just built-in now?

    4. Missing avatar

      Sylrissa Sirensong on

      With so many failures out there, you guys are all a huge breath of fresh air and a KS relief, makes me wish I could of backed you guys even more then I did.
      I have thoroughly enjoyed Shantae and will gladly back you guys again in the future.

    5. Egypt Urnash on

      How on earth are you supposed to get past that part in the vertical scrolling level with the giant worm where you have to go up a long shaft with three fire-breathing heads and absolutely no way to slow down? I just beat my head against this for like a solid half hour after having a pretty good time floating past all the hard parts of the levels before it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam Steen on

      Wow! This was unexpected. LOL and I had just uninstalled the game a week ago after having completed what i thought was the main story and all its dlc, and then you go and do something like this and make an already sweet experience even sweeter! Wayforward I've backed a lot of KS games in my time since the service launched but you guys are a cut above and really go the extra mile! Next time you guys want to fund a game on KS I'll be one of the first in line to help! Thanks so much for this and I look forward to Shantae's next big adventure.

    7. Mark Daley on

      i remember suggesting jammies mode on the live stream XD glad they decided to put it in

    8. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Thanks for all! This is one of the best projects on KS! The unpleasant thing was that there was no GOG codes for backers... so I bought this game on GOG. But it was worth it. :)

    9. Timothy Chia on

      You guys are the best!

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter De Jesus on

      This is an Awesome Update! Thanks. :D

      I really enjoyed this game so much, and I'm really happy that I backed it. Thank you so much, staffs of WayForward! Your all Awesome. *Hugs to all*

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Brown on

      I've gotten some good news lately, but this is the highlight of my entire month. Thank you guys for being so dedicated to this game, and for bringing this amazing series to life! I never would've thought I'd be so into this series when I first heard about it. I heard about Shantae before Risky's Revenge was announced, so I had to play this rare game that was apparently very fun on an emulator. I was beyond excited when I started reading about Risky's Revenge. I didn't have a DSi, so I played it on a shattered iPod touch, with the dancer outfit no less, and I loved every minute. Pirate's Curse was a day 1 purchase. And every time you guys release something new for HGH, I feel super happy to have been a backer. Thank you, Wayforward! You guys have done an awesome job!

    12. Darmin Hadzic on

      Thanks for what you do, guys. This was a great project!

    13. WayForward Creator on

      @Rebecca 'VixyNyan' Loveheart - Please send this information to our staff. Thanks!

    14. Kevin Roman on

      Best Kickstarter ever. Did not give a song and dance only to blow it on booze and belly dancers

    15. Mohamed Al Turkistani on

      I just finished the new mode, it was a lot of fun!

    16. Raiiban on

      What a way to wrap up this kickstarter, I just got my physical package a week ago and now this. I don't use kickstarter to back anything anymore but if you guys posted another I'd throw money at it immediately. Thanks for all your work.

    17. Blackmore on

      If only all Kickstarters tried half as hard as the WayForward team. You guys are the best and I look forward to your next project.

    18. Missing avatar

      Calvin Dang on

      This game was my first ever kickstarter project I backed and the main reason I joined kickstarter to begin with. I'm extremely satisfied with the end result and have been enjoying all the content you've released for this game. Thank you, WayForward!

    19. Rebecca VixyNyan Loveheart on

      I was going ahead to collect the Sophia III Transformation Dance from Tuki the Snake Lady, but at the exact point where she is supposed to spawn to the right side of the screen, the game completely freezes, makes a static noise and crashes, kicking you out to the game console's dashboard.

      I have tested this 3 times in regular Shantae Mode and 1 time in Hardcore mode and the exact thing is happening.

      It's currently happening on Xbox One, but I am not sure if it affects other consoles as well, but this will make the game unable to progress beyond that point.

      The screenshot of the exact crash point is here:

    20. Missing avatar

      Ariel Herrera Morera on

      It's a honor for me, I would desire to contribute more and thanks for this great game, be sure to count with me support for any future development.

    21. WayForward Creator on

      @Lieron All versions.

    22. Charles Kirkland on

      Sophia III Shantae is cute
      Thanks for the update

    23. Lieron on

      wait so will these be applied to both the ultimate AND regular versions, or just one?

    24. DeafTard on

      And THIS is why Wayforward is and will always be my favorite gaming studio/company. Only Wayforward could pull this off by surprising the hell out of us and making the best video games in the industry today. Thank you so much Wayforward for EVERYTHING! You and your entire wayforward family have succeeded way more than anyone expected from backing this project. Every single update was exciting to read and most of all the shantae game itself was a blast to play ever since it was first released in 2016. Its amazing that I am STILL playing this game on my Vita in 2018 thanks to this awesome yet hilarious jammies mode! I hope Wayforward is reading this because I really hope they launch another kickstarter project because I will be backing that next project DAY 1! YOU'RE THE BEST WAYFORWARD, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

    25. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool, will enjoy seeing this on my Switch

    26. Missing avatar

      Howard Hamilton Whittle on

      Jammies mode?! You guys are seriously the best~ Great work on the game, thanks so much for the physical rewards, and congratulations on the entire kickstarter campaign!

    27. Weakwall on

      Again,thank you for everything!