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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

Ultimate Reward!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

The “Ultimate” Thank You Present!

To say that we appreciate you, our Backers, is an understatement. You funded this project, participated in its design, promoted it, and displayed amazing patience and good will throughout a very long and complex development process during a major console shift. In short, you’ve been awesome fans and partners and we will be forever grateful!

Development on Half-Genie Hero is starting to wind down, and we have our sights set on a new version of the game, called “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition”. After all the time we’ve put into this together, we’re sure that you’d want to have a copy of your own.

After discussing this with our publishing partners (Xseed/North America, PQube/Europe, and Oizumi Amuzio/Japan), we’ve all decided to give EVERY Backer a free Steam code for “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition”. We hope this will serve as the perfect time capsule for everything you’ve helped to create. We can only offer Steam codes for this version, and are unable to offer substitutions. But as always you’ll be free to give this premium priced game code to a friend, or barter and trade as you like to get the platform you’re looking for! We’ll distribute these codes to you when the game launches in the Spring.

This is our way of saying thank you for everything!

Ultimate Edition: What’s included?

For those who are hearing about the Ultimate Edition for the first time, let us explain! It is an “all-inclusive” version of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. It includes the main game, and every additional mode such as Pirate Queen’s Quest, Friends to the End, Hard Core Mode, and Costume Pack all accessible from a slick new central menu.

But wait... there’s more!

During summer of 2017, we asked Backers to give your thoughts on whether to remove the exclusivity from certain DLC, or to keep it “backer-only”. The majority of Backers who responded via the KS forums and support emails were generally the same, asking us to keep it exclusive for a time, and then release it to the public so that anyone (including Backers who’d shifted consoles) could purchase it again.

In the spirit of that request, we’ve decided to include the “Backer Exclusive” content in Ultimate Edition. By the time Ultimate Edition launches, the Tinkerbat DLC will have been exclusive for nearly a year, and Color Swaps about half of that time. We hope this will make Backers happy, while observing a fair exclusivity period for those who backed at $55 and above. Best of all, now every Backer can enjoy these features!

Costume Pack Status!

We know what you’re thinking… if “Ultimate Edition” contains the Costume Pack DLC, then the costumes must be getting close, right? That’s correct! Development of Costume Pack is nearly complete, and soon you’ll be playing brand new modes as Ninja Shantae, Beach Shantae, and Officer Shantae!

We will be ready to submit this new DLC content to Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Valve next month, which means you’ll be playing these modes sometime late winter/early spring! As always, this content will be free to Backers, and paid DLC for the general public. We’ll be taking a closer look at Costume Pack next update. See you then!

How To Get Ready for Physical Reward Distribution!

We are planning to ship out physical rewards (shirt, poster, coin, CD, and art book) in late winter/early spring. But before we can get started, we need some help from you. Read on…!

Verify your shipping info by Feb 28!

We’ll be taking the month of February to make sure everyone’s shipping information is up to date. Unlike digital codes, a box full of physical goods will not be easy to replace! So please do us a favor by logging into BackerKit and make certain your name and shipping information is correct. We’d hate to send your items to the incorrect address!

To check and/or change your address, log into your BackerKit account and click "Edit Shipping Info" under your address.

Then click "Next" to reach this screen:

Click on "Place My Order" to save your changes. The button in the image above is the confirmation button for changing your address. Don't worry - you're not actually ordering anything!

If you have trouble logging into BackerKit, or if you can not change your shipping info form some reason, please contact Please include the e-mail you have associated with your pledge.

Thank you!

See you next update!

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    1. WayForward Creator on

      Please send all your questions to our staff.

      If our Kickstarter Update is from a while ago, we do not get notified of comments left on the update. Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      Separate comment to ask a hopefully simple question: Will backers who pledged for multiple copies of the game receive multiple Ultimate Edition keys, the same way they received multiple copies of all the DLCs?

    3. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      I'm late to this party but I have a simple question: Why is an Ultimate Edition with a separate SKU necessary, exactly?

      To my understanding, every platform supports the practise of DLC now, so wouldn't it be simpler to publish the Kickstarter exclusives as DLC for the existing game and make the new physical version contain the existing game and all DLCs?

      The consequence of using a separate SKU is that all non-backers (and even some backers, if they avoid PC gaming or don't have access to a Windows 7+ PC) will need to buy the entire game again now to get all of the content.

      As one of the first backers to speak up in favour of making the Kickstarter exclusives available to all, this seems really unfair to people who weren't backers but supported the game post-release since they'll need to buy the entire game again now to get everything. I really hope this wasn't the purpose of the Ultimate Edition...

    4. Missing avatar

      OmegaVile on

      Awesome, but I have a few questions.
      1. Just to clarifiy; while the free codes will be for the steam version, the ultimate edition will come to consoles right? (Looking at Switch, PS4 and the latest Xbox here)
      2. Will there be any way to upgrade a previously purchased HGH to Ultimate edition or am I going to have to buy the Ultimate edition seperately?
      Either way I'm going to buy the Ultimate edition for the Switch if I can, as an upgrade or an entirely new game.
      Because you didn't have to add the backer exclusives into it, you could have slacked and just make it a DLC compliation and call it a day.
      But you did add the exclusives, you didn't slack off, and I will show my approval of your decision by buying the Ultimate edition of Shantae Half-Genie-Hero. . . as soon as I save up enough money.

    5. Darmin Hadzic on

      I have a question in regards to that.

      We will be receiving a code for the ultimate edition at some point, but the codes we have used for the current edition will not give us access to the blue swimsuit?
      If the blue swimsuit is not functionally different from the red one, then there is no problem, but is there a way to gift a friend the copy and still get access to the extra content?

    6. WayForward Creator on

      The Blue Swimsuit is exclusive to people who get the Ultimate Edition. All backers will get a copy of the Ultimate Edition on Steam.

    7. Sarah Jesness on

      Will the blue swimsuit be for everyone who backed, or just the $55 backers who got the Tinkerbat? I only paid $15.

      Using the full game code is tempting, but it still feels like a waste for me to use it solely for the Tinkerbat and blue swimsuit.

    8. WayForward Creator on

      The Ultimate Edition will be SHGH with all the DLC (Pirate Queen's Quest, Friends to the End and the upcoming Costume Pack DLC) plus it will include previously exclusive backer DLC (Tinkerbat Transformation, Blue Shantae, ect) and a Blue Swimsuit (a red swimsuit is in the Costume Pack DLC). The backer exclusive DLC and the blue swimsuit will ONLY be available in the Ultimate Edition.

    9. Sarah Jesness on

      Oh, so it sounds like Ultimate Edition will include the Tinkerbat DLC... Does this mean that the Tinkerbat transformation will be available for the current version of the game? I don't wanna use a code for a whole new game just to get the transformation, lol.

    10. Sarah Jesness on

      So, Ultimate Edition isn't gonna be any different from what I currently have, the game itself with all of the DLC? Guess I'll be giving the code to someone else, I know someone who has been wanting to try a Shantae game.

    11. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Any chance to see "Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition" on GOG?

      I'm a backer. But I've never tried this game. I haven't steam and I would like to have a DRM-Free version on my GOG account. Please give us a real gift - GOG version! :)

    12. Darmin Hadzic on

      You guys have done a great job with this project.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eric F on

      I already purchased the Switch version and the DLC, after backing the game, fully understanding that it was not part of the campaign. However, now you’re telling me that despite already paying for the game on Switch the ONLY way to get the formerly backer only content is to purchase the new stand alone Ultimate Edition for full price? That seems pretty dirty. I’m happy to pay for the content, but not selling it as DLC to existing customers feels dishonest.

    14. Blackmore on

      Should have added this to my than you comment but any chances we can get Ultimate Editions that are DRM free? If not, I understand. Steam is a necessary evil.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Levy on

      To clarify...I don't really have that much of an issue with the general public getting our exclusives. I get it, it's an incentive to buy the game again. But to then put an exclusive on that ultimate edition and not make it available for people playing on various different platforms just seems really scummy. WE helped fund this game and we should have access to everything the game has to offer. Hoping that this can be resolved with a download code for the costume on the original platform we chose.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Levy on

      So I just saw that the ultimate edition comes with an exclusive blue bathing suit costume. Are you seriously giving an exclusive to people who aren't backers while giving all our exclusives away to them in the ultimate edition?! I am not a steam gamer, I got the game on Wii U and am not planning on buying a switch anytime soon. I feel like backers should be given anything that non backers should get. Just my two cents.

    17. Vince Vazquez

      OOH; Sweet! Thanks gang - such an awesome reward for being a fan.

      That being said, I have this on Wii U and was already planning on buying the Ultimate Edition (twice! One for my sister) once it hit the PS4. I'm gonna play the heck out of it on Steam if you're gonna gift it, and then buy 2 copies on PS4 anyway because y'know, why wouldn't I support Wayforward (and seriously, I gotta get my sister needs to get onboard the Shantae train)? You guys rule. and you're more than deserving of my cashola... especially because I know the more you have in your Warchest, the more Shantae (or Mighty Force, or whatever) games y'all can keep making :D

      Thank you so much for the gift! I'm looking forward to my triple dose of the Ultimate Edition later in the year, haha (^-^)

      You guys ever head back to Kickstarter, I'll be there in a heartbeat to back you guys up!

    18. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      This is awesome guys, thanks for the free Steam version. You didnt even have to but you did anyway. Much respect.

    19. Matthew Dillman on

      On the one hand, shoot. I already got the Switch version of this game, so I might waste my money again (like I usually do anyway). But on the other hand, woot! Free Steam Version! I was torn about buying this game for another system, and you guys helped make the decision for me. Thank you!

    20. Josef Blom on

      Since I backed at the Tinkerbat level and the initial platform I selected was Steam, this Ultimate Edition is basically just a second copy of what I already have, correct?

    21. WayForward Creator on

      @Chris - Unfortunately, no. The Switch version is not included or associated with the Kickstarter campaign therefore is not a available through Kickstarter or to backers. Thus if you'd like the game on Switch with the backer exclusive content, we would recommend getting the Ultimate Edition on Switch.

      @Robert Salender - We recommend that if you've already contacted support and you still don't see your updated name in the credits that you contact them again. We were sure all names were up to date, but if they were not, support is the best person to contact to see what the issue may be. We're sorry for the inconvience.

      @Cory Clearman - The Ultimate Edition is to be a phyiscal edition on Switch. So yep!

    22. Missing avatar

      Dengart on

      Would have rather had the option to buy the tinker bat dlc seperately for Wii U, there does not seem to be a principled reason to offer it as part of the ultimate edition but not separately (and this is coming from someone who is buying the switch ultimate version anyways).

    23. Abdulrahman A. Al-shebel on

      I'm proud to have backed you guys, one of the few who kept true and honest to their goals~

    24. WiredRM on

      And here I was itching for a reason to give it another replay. :) Thanks a bunch WayForward! Excited to hear that the physical goods will hit the mail soon-ish.

    25. Jeremie Lariviere

      awesome, thanks!

    26. Daniel Chacon Limon on

      You're the best, WayForward!

    27. Weakwall on

      Thanks for everything from the beginning to the end.

    28. Sin Volvagia on

      Thanks a lot WayForward! Thank you for this game and all other great games you've been doing (especially The Mummy Remastered). I'll try to contribute more for your next project. You've been one of the few who were worth funding.

      As for the exclusive DLC go ahead and I may buy a physical version and give the code to a friend.

    29. Felipe Lins on

      Looking forward your next project guys! Wayforward is the WAY TO GO!

    30. Blackmore on

      You guys are everything the Mighty No 9 KS wasn't. Kind, appreciative & giving. I wish I put the money I wasted on that game on Shantae.

    31. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Amazing generosity, as someone who backed down to just a copy of the base game.

    32. Missing avatar

      Calvin Dang on

      Man, this is mt first KS that I've backed; and I have had no regrets. You guys just keep on giving! Very nice of you to give every single backer a free code.

    33. Spielosoph on

      Thank you.
      Very generous of you.
      The most rewarding KS experience so far.

    34. Santos on

      I have to say that WayForward is the best company out there. You are the only ones who have gone above and beyond to make everything right for backers and giving us so much free content when under no obligation to.

    35. Cory Clearman on

      Is all of the timed backer exclusive content also going to be in the physical Switch version of the game? If I'm going to be buying the game for a third time, I want to know what I'm getting.

    36. Missing avatar

      Nick Jones on

      Thanks WayForward for the generous gift, and most of all letting us backers keep Shantae alive. Given the opportunity I would love to back another Shantae game down the road. Thanks again.

    37. Robert Salender on

      And yet, in every game update, I keep not seeing my name in the credits, all due to the fact that I used parentheses initially for the username. For pledging $60, I feel something is still off, five years later.

    38. chris on

      OK so i have a question, I initially backed to get the game on wii u but I would rather have the backer dlc and stuff for switch. is that possible? or should i just wait and the the ultimate edition on switch?

    39. Desorbo on

      Best.. that is.

    40. Desorbo on

      Awesome! This is the back Kickstarter project I've ever backed.

    41. Missing avatar

      Loboss on

      I got to say Wayforward staff, you guys did a great job all around with this project. Between keeping people fairly updated, willingness to fix situations (Like giving out steam codes in the past when one of the DLC packs was late), and just being generally receptive to comments, kudos. Not every company does a good job with Kickstarter, and I feel like you guys went above and beyond and would totally donate to a future project if you decide to do another one.

    42. WayForward Creator on

      @Michael Robertson & @Eric F - Currently we have only announced it for Ultimate Edition. We do not plan on offering it for single DLC.

      @Tiso Spencer - Looking into this for you

      @Dinasis - We can only offer Steam codes for this version, and are unable to offer substitutions.

      @Everyone Asking about Costume Pack Details - There will be a future update explaining more about the DLC closer to it launch. Specific date of launch TBA!

    43. Michael Zimmer on

      So what's your next Kickstarter?

    44. Juan Carlos Rodriguez on

      Sweet! I backed it for Wii U but since I don't play the console as much anymore (It's all about Switch now for me) I'm very pleased getting a Steam copy of the game. I will, of course, buy a physical Switch copy of the Ultimate Edition to further support Shantae.

    45. Missing avatar

      Eric F on

      I understand that the Ultimate Edition giveaway to backers is Steam only, but will the formerly exclusive costumes and dance be available on other platforms as a purchase? I’d really like to have them on my Switch.

    46. Missing avatar


      Do backers who selected a console get a code for the Ultimate Edition on their platform of choice, or is the Ultimate Edition PC-exclusive / everyone gets it for PC regardless the platform they picked for their backer copy?

    47. Professor Icepick on

      Good to hear that the game's development is finally wrapping up. It's been a trip and I can't wait to see what's in store for Shantae in the future.

    48. AlexFlame116 on

      You guys are amazing! Just have to let you know that. Thanks so much for all of this!

    49. Charles Kirkland on

      I'm looking forward for this. Please don't allow Sony US to delay the release. I was force to tell people not to spoil FttE plot for me until i played through it. I can't wait how Shantae will do in new costumes. I just wish the Dancer outfit was included from Risky's Revenge & Pirate's Curse as a bonus thank you

    50. Tiso Spencer

      So how does this affect someone like me who has the PC copy and DLC? Do I just have an extra Steam copy now or is there going to be like an actual separate digital SKU?