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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Xbox One Codes are Here!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Happy Friday, Backers! Our Xbox One Backer Codes for “Friends to the End” have just arrived for all regions, so we’re sending those out… RIGHT NOW!!

Watch your inboxes, or refer to Kickstarter Update #94 for a quick reminder on how to claim rewards. You should see those within the hour. 

We’ll post again when Nintendo (all regions) or Sony (North America) codes arrive!

Again, thanks for your patience as we serve everyone!

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    1. WhattheFnu on

      Oh, never mind. The code is listed as "Comp FttE Steam Code (PS4 NA)". That's...confusing, but I understand now.

    2. WhattheFnu on

      Wait. It says I got a PS4 code, but the "Redeem codes" section only takes 12-digit codes. Mine is 15 characters long. How do?

    3. Missing avatar

      FX102A on

      Unfortunately my initial platform selection was a case of backing the wrong horse. Went for Wii U, a platform I barely use, after the game's delay and the Wii U's premature end. Now all my backer codes just lie dormant likely to wait till expiration. Especially since I'll be picking up the physical Switch edition next year.

      Should have chosen Vita.

    4. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      Can’t wait for ps4 codes to start rolling out ): me this close to buying on psn store x) me wants!

    5. Henry on

      So I just got My wii u code but it's for steam fore some reason. It even says steam code (wii u eu) on the backer kit. Obviously I can't even try it because it's 15 characters long and wii u codes are 16 characters long. I hope you will fix it asap so I could start playing it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeff Conser on

      So where's my Wii U backer code for this DLC?

    7. Clint Parker on

      Well the DLC has been released to the public but hey the backers who MADE backed the project, what do they get? Sorry nothing. This is the 2nd time, the same issue happened with the last DLC, you would think you would learn from that? Nope, you did not.

    8. Matthew Bowie on

      Wayforward, how could you release the DLC to the public and not get the codes out to everyone in time for all platform? Unbelievable!

    9. Missing avatar

      jose manuel flores miranda on

      the codes are already arrived? because the mail said friday 8, and is already monday 11 and nothing in my mail

    10. WayForward Creator on

      @Scarlet - Unfortunately we do not plan to open up a system for DLC to be purchased/obtained by backers in the future for other platforms. The release of the game has been a very big endeavor for us and we do not currently have the means to take on such a task.

    11. Scarlet Panda on

      Love the game and have bought it for 2 additional formats. The switch version is my favorite (and just beat it tonight) but sadly the dlc is coming to my ps4 version. Any chance to trade for a switch code. For the dlc?

    12. Kevin Roman on

      This was a great Kickstarter with something for everyone. Just wish people who didn't back could get a break too given steam reviews griping it is too expensive.

    13. Matthew Dillman on

      Saw my name in the credits! I’m so happy!!

    14. DeafTard on

      I wish I could marry Wayforward! To this day, Wayforward is still my favorite game studio out of all of the other studios (sorry naughty dog or insomniac games or Suds 51, etc) because no other studio can match the joy of playing wayforward games. Heck, only Wayforward can make a great video game from movies since all other movie based games are just flat out terrible. Just look at The Mummy: Demastered game! The movie ended up not being good but the video game is actually awesome and better than the movie Lol! I highly recommend buying and downloading The Mummy Demastered on the Nintendo Switch, it's actually fun and Awesome!

      I can't wait to play the new Shantae DLC!!! Keep kicking ass Wayforward!!!