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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Friends to the End Launch!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Friends to the End Code Distribution!

Hello Backers! We’ve got some wonderful news, along with some MESSY CONFUSION so please read carefully! You will either be A) happy now, or B) happy later!

Our second DLC Pack “Friends to the End” is ready to launch to the public on December 12th – that’s next week! That means it’s time to get all of you Backers your download codes first, so you can enjoy the game early! Serving Backers first is always our goal!

Now the snag: Although we started the code purchase requests for “Friends to the End” back in September (right after completing the “Pirate Queen’s Quest” distribution), we still do not have all of them. We’re working with our partners to sort this out quickly, and they’re doing their best during this busy season. Purchasing codes from all over the world can be tricky!

This time around, we’re going to send out codes the moment they show up. This approach will allow roughly 75% of Backers to get codes before the public launch. For everyone else, we hope you understand this decision, and will be patient while we chase those remaining codes down. Here’s what we are sending out TODAY, so please check your email!

  • STEAM, all regions
  • PS4, Europe
  • Vita, Europe

If you’re confused about how to claim your code, please refer to Kickstarter Update #94, which contains step-by-step instructions.

Shantae Development Status!

2017 was all about making DLC modes and lining up our physical rewards. We’re coming in for a landing, so here’s a summary of everything that’s left:

Friends to the End DLC: Like it says above, this is done and on the way! You’ll be playing as Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops in no time, and we really hope you love it! We’ll be watching your Let’s Plays and Twitch streams, and we’ll be all over social media as usual. This is your game, so please help promote it whenever you can! Thank you!

Color Swaps + Drifter Blade DLC: For those of you who pay attention to game patches (aka, the silent updates that download behind the scenes), we’re up to Patch 3.0 right now. Patch 2.0 added support for the Color Swaps and Drifter Blade content. Now we’re just waiting for Backer Codes to arrive!

Costume Pack DLC: This refers to the final stretch goal, which is the alternate Shantae costumes Ninja, Beach, and Officer. We’ll talk more about this in our next big Kickstarter update, but we’re nearly done with these as well! Each costume is a full arcade-style mode, not a mere “player skin”! We’ll start work on submission and code distribution as soon as we’re back in 2018, and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Physical Rewards: We’re in full production on these, and are moving on to the Art Book! We’ve been collecting all of the concepts, key poses, sketches, character designs, background paintings, visual effects, and promotional images possible. This is going to be an incredible book! Remember that the Backer Art Book is exclusive to backers, and will feature content not seen anywhere else (even when other art books become available to the public)!

That’s all for now!

Please keep an eye out for more updates over the next few days, as new Backer Code deliveries come in. We’ll be serving everyone right up until our doors close for the year towards the end of the month!

We hope you enjoy Friends to the End!

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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      I just finished the main game (boy some of the battles were tough!), and have played a bit of Risky's campaign, looking forward to this one as well.

    2. Darmin Hadzic on

      Friends to the End was really fun
      Bolo's ability was easily the most fun and I'm looking into Bionic Commando for similar gameplay. I kept forgetting that you don't need to aim the diagonal shot, though.

      Rottytop's ability was fun to use as well. Free-aiming head throws was interesting.

      Sky's ability was a little lacking compared to the other two, and was mostly used to allow the others to do their thing. I fell through Wrench far too many times due to popping the egg a couple pixels too high.

      All in all it was pretty fun. Can't wait to see the differences in the costumes!

    3. Darmin Hadzic on

      Nice! I'll give it a whirl and see how it goes!

    4. SirTapTap on

      Oh, it's a Steam code again. It's nice you give free Steam codes while the PS4 codes are delayed for whatever reason, but it's super confusing that Backerkit says they're "PS4 NA"

    5. SirTapTap on

      The PS4 key sent still doesn't work even after release

    6. Missing avatar

      Lord Malachite on

      The DLC is now open to the public yet many of us backers who made this game possible have still not been contacted with their codes for the DLC. Can you please send out an update to your backers communicating why they have to wait for content that has already been released to the public?

    7. Matthew Bowie on

      Wayforward, how could you release the DLC to the public and not get the codes out to everyone in time? Unbelievable!

    8. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      So we will never see this game on GOG? It disappoints me.

    9. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      Not a biggie, I'm in no rush.

      All of your fans should be playing The Mummy Demastered while they're waiting anyway, great music, good game (except for the grind for health) ;-p

      After my year of RE is over, it'll be the Year of Shantae as I play all of the games from beginning to the latest, so I'd rather wait until it's all ready to go anyway. Cheers.

    10. David Price on

      Is there any chance at all of converting my Wii U code to switch? I went ahead and bought the game there during the sale but at this point don't have much use for Wii U DLC.

    11. Josef Blom on

      The new mode's pretty tough, but I'm having fun with it! (I mean, they don't even have genie magic, it makes sense that they'd have a hard time.)

      Any chance we might see the new music as an add-on to the backers' digital soundtrack?

    12. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Awesome, good decision and wow.. takes long to get keys, good luck! :D

    13. Matthew Dillman on

      Finally got the response I was waiting for! Woohoo!!

    14. Matthew Dillman on

      @wayfoward I did 2 days ago! They haven’t gotten back to me! I spent over $100 to make sure this game didn’t die! Can I at least have this?

    15. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      My goodness... what on earth happened to the hitboxes?!

      I've died repeatedly now to the mermaid boss of all things because some of her attacks - particularly the laser and tail of the second form - are hitting the characters from miles away.

      I'd say this was harder than hardcore mode by some distance but honestly the distance at which the characters are getting hit from sometimes really feels like a bug.

    16. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      I put a usa flag not sure why it came up as ?marks lol

    17. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      Sorry if I’m asking a stupid question just really excited ^^ when does it come out for �� so i can set my iPhone i live for this game ^^ i love each update can’t wait!

    18. Raiiban on

      Is it really asking too much for a health refill when I get a game over so I'm not stuck on the same boss starting with 1/4th of a heart and no rottytops special?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeff Conser on

      Wii U backer code?

    20. WayForward Creator on

      @Matthew - It would be best to contact for specifics about your rewards.

    21. Matthew Dillman on

      Is my name in the credits yet? I really wish I didn’t screw it up the first time.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nick Jones on

      I saw this update on the game for Switch last week and was excited to see this coming so soon. Too bad the Wii U version won't be coming before it launches next week. Although I planned to pickup the digital version on Switch as well. Really looking forward to this update and excited for a physical Switch game release next year! Hopefully there is more in store for Shantae down the road.

    23. WayForward Creator on

      @Patrick Please contact our support team with the e-mail address you used to pledge. They can update you information for you!


      Yep! It will still work for you :)

      @Matthew - We’re in full production on the physical soundtrack. We'll let you know when we know more!

    24. Missing avatar

      patrick oconnor on

      I know it's most likely too late, but I've moved from my address I listed at the beginning, is there no way to change any of my information? I know I can't change the system of choice, (I just said screw it and bought all the things I would get on steam since I no longer have my wiiu as listed at the original time) just curious if I have to accept the same with physical reward

    25. Mikko Rasa on

      I entered the code in Steam and it says the activated product is "Shantae: Friends to the End for Beta Testing". Is the beta testing part intentional? I'm guessing it's because the DLC hasn't been officially released yet.

    26. Matthew Bowie on

      Love the update. Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soundtrack physical reward?