Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

by WayForward

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    1. Xi The 11th Weapon

      Sigma Star Saga sequel when?

    2. Douglas Truong on

      If we backed the Wii U version but bought it on Switch after the fact, can we select the expansion for Switch?

    3. WayForward Creator on

      @Douglas - No. The switch version is not included in the Kickstarter campaign therefore is not a available through Kickstarter or to backers. This version is not include or associated to this campaign.

    4. Tom Legg on

      This DLC sounds fantastic. Just curious if there's anything (like a 4k resolution bump) planned for the Xbox One X that comes out on Tuesday.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Reusser on

      See, this is what all kickstarters need: CONSISTENT UPDATES AND CREATOR INVOLVEMENT. Seriously though, looking forward to all of this and I am glad you’ve stuck with us for so long.

    6. Niki Coppola

      Awesome! Can't wait to play this new mode. Wii U still lives!!

    7. felipus on

      Please fix the horrendous spanish translation!!

    8. Brian Gillespie on

      Finish Mario? What if we already did that..... I had a lot of time, and it was a really gooooood game....

    9. Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar

      Awwwwww, yissss! I welcome new content especially if it's free for backers (though if it wasn't, I'd have bought it anyway) also, SKYYY!!! Awesoooommmeee!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ariel Herrera Morera on

      Just one thing, you're the best of best, thanks for everything, I'm very proud to be a backer for this game and count with in future projects.

    11. Cyber Shantak on

      Awesome that we'll be getting this soon! Great picks on the voice talent for these characters.

      Cherami Leigh has definitely played a lot of roles, including Plutia from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Steen on

      Wow you guy's snagged Cherami Leigh for Rottytops? Definitely looking forward to her performance as best girl!

    13. SIMIFU on

      Darn as Douglas already asked, I was hoping I could get it for the switch version. I already own it on pc and was planning to pick up the physical version for switch cause I want it on the go. No worries though ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      Hippo on

      more content! you guys are awesome... :D

    15. Francis Tourigny on

      Any news about the color swap and Drifter Blade DLC? You said that it was ready last august. That being said, I'm happy that gameplay related content gets the priority.

    16. David Weise on

      Thank you for the update on the physical rewards, I'll continue to be patient :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Howard Hamilton Whittle on

      This looks like it's going to be a great mode! Showdown with Nega-Shantae? YES PLEASE! And Rotty is definitely best character :p

    18. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      ...just one mode for all three now? I guess that's not so bad. I'd rather that and some more unique content than three more iterations of the Risky mode reskin, at least.

      I presume the physical rewards are all planned to be shipped out in one wave, including the coin which wasn't mentioned in this update?

    19. Meshal on

      Sounds great!

      This has been the smoothest and most well-organized Kickstarter to date. Congratulations!

    20. Vince Vazquez

      Awesome! Everything here sounds radical and that's a heckuva cast. Can't wait to leap into this... again, but on a different platform :P I haven't played this since I beat it "vanilla style" on Wii U. I really gotta get it again on PS4 or Steam, and dive into the sweet, sweet DLC expansions y'all are cranking out!

    21. Trevor McDoctor - Day 0 Shantae Fan on

      How-how how did you know I was glued to Mario Odyssey?? I-it's not like I like Mario games or anything, b-baka.
      Yeah so this is amazing, the dreams of playing as Bolo and Rottytops are finally coming true! This is an incredible gaming year! Thank you for this awesome update!

    22. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool update, definitely the best character :-)

    23. Darmin Hadzic on

      Pretty excited for this! I enjoyed the base game, the hard mode, and Risky, and this looks like it'll be fun to play as well.

    24. WayForward Creator on

      @Francis - All DLC not released yet is currently in production.

      @Miraglyth - We plan on shipping all the physical goods together. We will include the extra artwork and music from "Friends to the End” and “Costume Mode” thus everything is delayed till we can add everything to the Artbook and the CD.

    25. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! But can we expect to see this game series on GOG?

    26. Francis Tourigny on

      Thanks, keep up the good work!

    27. Michael St. George Matatics

      Wow, all three of those characters sound… simply the best! But let's not forget Shantae—once she is liberated from the incumbent disorder of being stuck in the abominable state of "Nega-Shantae", she will be good as new (if not better!) Remember, Shantae is definitely the best character!

    28. Mister-Nep on

      Friends to the end just reminds me of Chucky.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sergio Silva on

      Yeah, that's great and all, looks good, but... what about the deficient translations in other languages? For what I know not only the Spanish traduction is very poor, The French and Italian ones are very poor too, aren't you going to fix that? I think it's a shame, when I backed this game I was expecting quality in every way, and instead of that, I got a very deficient translation. Which is odd, because with Pirate's Curse it was OK, it wasn't excelent, but it was decent. I don't know, it's up to you, guys, but in this particular topic I'm very dissapointed with you.

    30. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      @WayForward Thanks for the clarification. I'll assume that means the coin too.

      Can't wait for this to be ready, it's been a while since the announcement.