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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Greg Mason on

      No Wii U code for Risky yet...I've checked both of my email addresses just to make sure, too.
      I'm gonna give it a few more days just in case before contacting support.

    2. Raphael Oliveira on

      Just got an email from backerkit about my DLCs but I'm in same boat as Zaein: I have a PSVita and got two "Comp Steam Code (PSVita NA)" which can't be redeemed at PSN.

      On side not, I still cry everyday that I chose psvita instead of ps4, I barely touch it lately while I'm all day on ps4 :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      ...okay, I'm curious. I have two new codes in my backerkit, and I have no idea what they're for. What are "Comp SHGH Steam Code (PSVita NA)" and "Comp PQQ Steam Code (PSVita NA)"? I'm pretty sure PSN codes are 12 characters long, and these are 15. Steam codes ARE 15 characters long, but I already mysteriously had a PQQ code for Steam in my backerkit, so I'm not sure why I'd get more of them.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua Soto on

      I STILL haven't gotten my backer code yet. I'm hoping I do soon before the 29th.

    5. Marusame on

      That probably means they dont have the xbox one codes either, ive also been refreshing the page throughout the past couple days frantically hoping the code will be there.

    6. Kineticmedic on

      So heard back from their support. It sounds like they don't have the codes yet for the console releases, at least the PS4 ones, which while vaguely implied in this update was not well spelled out especially since they want us to play and hype up the dlc release. So next time guys, be more specific in the status and platforms for the codes. I'm not upset about waiting but I would rather not scramble looking for a code that may have been lost when it wasn't even available yet vs. sitting tight and waiting for it to arrive :)

    7. Marusame on

      2 days down pretty much and no code, im not ungrateful but it does seem console codes are always the last to be issued.

    8. Kineticmedic on

      Still waiting on PS4 code...

    9. Missing avatar

      David Paradise on

      Was going to ask if all the codes have gone out. Looks like I'm not alone in still waiting, but it'll be worth it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt Svedlow on

      just got trolled by backerkit >_<
      got a newsletter from them instead of a code

    11. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      Why did I get a Steam code? My copy is Vita.

    12. Marusame on

      Seems pc players are still getting their codes. Sorta wish PC would get pushed behind its always annoying that pc gets these WAYYY earlier than console players for these codes. Hopefully Ill get it in the next few days. I have the xbox one version.

    13. pizzablade on

      People have finished the DLC already?

      Still waiting on my PS4 code. :(

    14. Scott Seaward on

      I just finished the DLC. I loved playing as Risky! Thank you! One very happy backer here!

    15. Juan Carlos Rodriguez on

      Hmm what to do. I had since traded my Wii U Shantae game for a Vita version to have it on the go. Is there any chance to have the Wii U code changed to maybe PS4 or Switch version? I haven't redeemed the code yet just wanted to ask.

    16. Marusame on

      Another day passes, I was hoping to do a video on it. Hopefully I get it before the 29th.

    17. Vitor Cunha de Freitas on

      Still waiting for that sweet Vita code.

    18. AJ Ferolie on

      Has anyone gotten the PS4 codes yet? I gave my Steam code to a friend, and don't use my wii u anymore, so PS4 I want to play the risky mode on

    19. Missing avatar

      Jean-Pierre on

      No one got the code yet on Xbox One. Also, if you check on TrueAchievements, only the tester guy at WayForward completed it 3 weeks ago, so you can be sure that no one got it yet.

    20. Marusame on

      Havnt gotten mine for xbox one.. maybe the console ones are going last?

    21. Ryan Palacios on

      I have not gotten my code for the xbox one

    22. Marusame on

      havnt gotten mine yet but im still hopeful ill get it before it goes to the open public

    23. Cyber Shantak on

      I'm playing the Steam version of Pirate Queen's Quest.

      Risky's gadgets (like the spreadshot) seem to be bound to the 'Enter' key, rather than whatever key "Magic" is bound to. Is this a bug?

    24. Missing avatar

      Philip Bloom on

      Is the PS4 codes going out too? *sees the PC one but not the PS4 one*

    25. Rurounin on

      Died a few times at the second boss and decided to quit, i'll pick it up again when it's not in the middle of the night, it is pretty hard if you don't (or can't in my case) pay attention.

    26. Marusame on

      I have the "Xbox One Code" But i think that was just my xbox one shantae code. I assume itll show up underneath

    27. Missing avatar

      Calvin Dang on

      Got my code and started playing! Thank you!

    28. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update!

    29. Josef Blom on

      @Joe Tennent - After I input the code, I had to go to Steam's downloads page. There was an update for Shantae: HGH queued up, so I told it to download and was able to play as Risky after it finished.

    30. knightriderx25 on

      Very nice! Shame I don't have a Wii U anymore, and that was the platform that I backed it for (kinda wished I changed it to PC).

      Oh well, hopefully the DLC is not that expensive on the Switch.

    31. Missing avatar

      Joe Tennent on

      Hey, so got the code, redeemed it, but there's no option to install the DLC. In-game, it keeps telling me that I need to buy the DLC, which takes me to a blank storefront in Steam. I know the release is next week, but the latter half of the post makes it seem like it should be playable?

    32. WayForward Creator on

      The link does not seem to be working in the post unfortunately. We're sorry for the error.

      Update #94:

    33. WayForward Creator on

      @David Weise - All of your codes have been sent to you. Please check update #94 posted above to find out more on how you can find your information.

    34. David Weise on

      I'm still waiting for my package so I can actually play the game :/

    35. Missing avatar

      Johnnyq3 on

      As a backer of the WiiU version, I was wondering if there could be a way to change the platform as I have not really touched my WiiU since I have gotten my switch. Thank you for your time.

    36. Josef Blom on

      If my situation is anything to go by, you'll get your code on your Backerkit page before you get an email for it. Check there first.

    37. th8827 on

      Yay! I can't wait to get my code! I'll keep an eye on my email.

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Krzeminski on

      I received my backer code (PC), yet I cannot find where to use it. Please advise.

    39. Marusame on

      Im assuming this is through backerkit?

    40. Juan Tron

      Anyways to get this as a Nintendo Switch code? I'll rebuy the base game even.

    41. Missing avatar

      Paul Rascher on

      There's a problem with the link for the Update #94 on finding my code for Risky Boots.

      I would like too mention I have not found or received my code for the Tinkerbat dance

    42. Josef Blom on

      Dang, guys, I just checked my Backerkit and the code's already there. Nice work!

      Now I don't have to worry about Risky time interfering with Sonic Mania time.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bryan Quinto on

      Any word on the status of the Physical rewards? I'm really itching for that artbook.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nick Jones on

      Very excited for this update. Any word on the DLC being available early for Switch if we've moved on to that console from Wii U and repurchased the game?

    45. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      My Wii U decided to come up with an 160-0130 at the weekend. From what I can tell, a save file has corrupted the system memory. So I got to send it off to Nintendo UK repair centre tomorrow, the same week the Risky DLC will be sent. Just fantastic...

      Nothing against WayForward. Just very bad timing and upsetting I can't play the DLC early. Enjoy to those who have working console.

    46. Missing avatar

      Steven White

      Yeah, yeah, sure that's wonderful RISKY HAS LONG HAIR!? Was there ever art of this fact before this?

    47. Missing avatar

      Gun Hog on

      My phone's music app decided to play the song from Hypno Baron's Castle at the SAME TIME I got the email about this update! Very pleasant surprise! I never got to try Pirate's Curse, but I know I am going to enjoy playing as Risky! In some cases, Risky is actually more successful than most villains - She gains something even when defeated!

    48. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      Thanks guys. Can't wait to play it.

    49. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      Thanks guys i will post about it on both my twitter accounts cant wait for my code! Thanks for making sure your backers are taken care of first (: